Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrwoman
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Sirasri is a woman in her prime, fit and healthy and with that natural charm that appeals to people. She's not very tall for a woman, but nor is she diminutive, and she's certainly not tiny in size. She is not buxom or curvaceous and she's certainly not delicate or fragile. She's a woman, with a proper womanly figure, fit but not heavily muscled, and she likes it like that. Sometimes she wishes she had that curvy form that draws male eyes, but she knows that as Weyrwoman, it is better that she be respected rather than coveted. Her facial features are even and her mouth has a tendency to curl up in a little half smile. Her eyes are grey, long lashed and intelligent and her hair is long, golden in colour and curling slightly.


There are many people who lose touch with the people at the bottom of the pile when they are elevated to the top, many who lose that perspective, and lead as though the bottom has no bearing on their choices. Sirasri is not one of those. She is careful to take the time to go out and about in the Weyr, talk to people, all kinds of people, and to listen to the stories they tell her. She cares about their lives, their families, their stories, and it has a tendency to win her respect from the populace. However there are downsides to everything and Sirasri has to be careful not to let her heart make every decision for her as there are many that would use such a trait against her. Time and experience has helped her, ten years of being a Goldrider of Ista Weyr, and she is now a much more balanced and considered leader than she was.

She can make the hard decisions, and she no longer questions herself as much as she once did. Before, she was riddled with doubt, but now, now she feels confident in her ability to make the right choices, and stick by them.

As for her stance on the Outsiders, it hurts her Istan pride that they have to call them in to help, but she also knows that they need them, at least until she and Tameketh can produce more riders for Ista, until they can fully replenish the numbers. If they don't cause trouble, and if they respect Istan ways she will leave them be, maybe she will even get to know some of them especially if they become honourary Istans, part of the family. But as long as they stay as the riders from other Weyrs, coming to save Ista's hide…she cannot like them.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.425.3.30

Sirasri was born at Ista Weyr, the daughter of a female greenrider and male brownrider. Like most Weyrbrats she had little to do with her parents, during her years in the creche but she knew they kept an eye on her, sometimes even asking the creche workers for news about their offspring. She didn't feel the lack of them in her life, she was happy enough with the other children, although sometimes she did long for affection. At the age of 12 she elected to choose to stand as a Candidate and stood for a number of hatchings. When she was 15 a gold egg was laid on the Sands and when it hatched, Tameketh chose her to be her lifemate.

Life changed drastically for Sirasri then. She was a goldrider, a gold Weyrling, and her Weyrlinghood passed in a blur of lectures and lessons. When she graduated the lessons continued, ones from the Senior golds, teaching her about Goldflights, about the running of a Weyr.

Turns passed and Sirasri grew comfortable in her life as a Junior Goldrider.

Then that terrible First Fall happened.

The Wings were decimated, including the Queens Wing, which was not equipped to handle the amount of Thread that was getting through from the upper levels. The Weyrwoman was killed, her gold having been struck by an ovoid that burst and the two of them disappeared Between. It left Sirasri as the defacto leader of the Wing, and when she got back to the Weyr, she realised, the defacto Weyrwoman as well.

Since then things have been happening very quickly. The other Weyrs sent reinforcements to bolster Ista's decimated Wings, a move which was unpopular in the Weyr at large. And Sirasri has had to step up into the Weyrwoman's position, alongside her predecessors Weyrleader. She just hopes she's ready for this.



Father: S'ras, rider of brown Youseth
Mother: Aisri, rider of green Paceth

Half Siblings:
Jossri, Rider of Green Kolth and Professional hero
Sayaka, Candidate


Caulan, Rider of Gold Miaranth, Protege and friend.
V'lada, Rider of Green Plawinth, AWLM
R'fan, Rider of Bronze Ronageth, former weyrleader and awesomedude


Former Weyrleaders
R'fan, Rider of Bronze Ronageth
L'rori, Rider of Bronze Rowlieth


M'drasen, Rider of Bronze Zogeth

Sirasri's Dragon: Gold Tameketh


Dragon Name: Tameketh
Colour: Gold
Age: 11
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr.
Weyrling Class: 8.439.3.2
Wing: Queens


Dark where some gold dragons are fair, Tameketh has the color of antique gold, a rich, sumptuous shade that well-suits her larger frame. Tameketh will gleam rather than sparkle, a sort of shine that is more subdued, more mature, more befitting a serious, hard-working gold like Tameketh. Likewise, she is built on sturdy, powerful lines; her frame may not be as long, or as tall, as her mother's, but Tameketh will have the stalwart strength and physical command to back up her authoritative personality.


Tameketh is a dragon not to be underestimated. Even at Hatching, Tameketh was serious and stern, determined to bring order to her flighty little siblings, whether they liked it or not. She will be a gold whose strength of command will never be in doubt; bringing her will to bear will be instinctive to her, and will hardly have to be trained at all. If anything, she will need to be shown that she must be wiser in how she uses it, less arbitrary, and more aware of ways of accomplishing things. Tameketh will struggle most with empathy; an entirely no-nonsense dragon, she will always be concerned first and foremost with doing what needs to be done and putting things to proper order. People's feelings are an afterthought - something to be concerned with after the fact, or left to someone else to deal with.

Likewise, Tameketh will have an obvious insouciance toward how she deals with the bronzes who clamor for her attention. Whatever they may think about her being a prize for the best among them to win, Tameketh knows that it's really quite the opposite — *they* are *hers* to use at her pleasure. If she leaves bruised egos and broken hearts in her wake, well, that's no real concern of hers. Certainly no bronze can ever hope to command her. Tameketh is soft only for other golds, and oddly enough - greens. Golds are her peers, and greens are innocent and harmless and entirely lacking in the strutting and posturing of the males that irritates Tameketh so. She will surround herself with other females, and with them she will be at her most lighthearted.

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