Character type: Candidate
Rank: senior apprentice dragonhealer
Age: 21
Gender: male
Sexual Preference: heterosexual


Grey eyed and dark haired, Sherikal gives off an exotic attraction. His brown hair is fine, slightly curly and nearly black in some places. His grey eyes are framed by dark lashes and he usually sports a stubble because he forgets to shave. At 5'10, he is broad shouldered and trim waisted. He prefers to wear greys and blacks to accent his eyes. He wears a silver ring on his right hand. His voice is a soft tenor and when he smiles, a dimple forms in his left cheek.


Sherikal is someone who is open-minded and open-hearted. On the surface, he seems like a normal guy, and, outside of a few moments of doubt, indecision or anger, he is. His greatest strength and weakness is that he's protective. He may leap into a situation before understanding all aspects of it but he's equally quick to apologize and right wrongs. Sherikal adjusts to nearly every scenario easily. He thinks on his feet, decisively. In a few years and with a bit more experience, he'll be the sort of man other people would be willing to follow, since he tries to be fair and firm. Sherikal is good with people, especially kids.


Birthplace: Fort Weyr, 8.431.12.11

Sherikal resulted from a bronze/green mating flight, born and raised at Fort Weyr. He wanted to be like his father - a Wingleader that other men willingly followed - and tagged along with his father whenever his fostermother would let him. Though quiet as a child, Sherikal showed early on that he wouldn't stand for bullying in the weyrbrat crowd and got into his share of fights defending smaller kids.

Sherikal will say he isn't sure when he got into dragonhealing but he's fairly certain he just walked into the infirmary one day and never left. He wanted to help dragons, even if he never Impressed one. Initially, Standing at such a young age was difficult when he walked away without a dragon but Sherikal learned how to take rejection in stride. He worked towards his journeyman knots diligently between Hatchings but didn't complete them because when the tragedy at Ista hit, Sherikal saw his chance to get out of his father's shadow and start a life of his own.



Father: Sh'don, rider of bronze Emorth
Mother: Akali, rider of green Ninath
Fostermother: Irannah


Craft: DragonHealer
Rank: Senior Apprentice

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