Character type: Candidate.
Rank: Candidate.
Age: Nineteen.
Gender: Male.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.


A trim, striking guy, Setka tops out at six feet, has honey-tanned skin, and a slightly upturned nose. His eyes are a very dark shade of blue; his hair is thick, wavy, and dark red-gold, going to the middle of his back, held by a leather strip behind his neck.

Setka's voice is pleasant and layered, and he manipulates it well, either in mimicry, singing, or projecting emotion. On the other hand, his tongue can be sharp, and when he's angry, his tone becomes sheer poison. He wears a dark gray, short-sleeved shirt with laces at the chest and matching boots; deep red half-gloves and pants; and a midnight blue belt, browband, and braided leather necklace.


Setka is a decent guy who’s usually in a good mood. He’s intelligent and observant, so he's great at reading body language and facial expressions; a fact he uses to cheat at card games sometimes. (Decent, not perfect.) He’s very loyal to his friends, good to animals and well-behaved kids, and pretty dang sarcastic at times. Not even his mother is exempt from hearing it, but Setka is always very gentle with and considerate of her anyway, and they love each other dearly.

He has a huge appreciation of and passion for performance arts. He absolutely loves singing, dancing, acting, and playing the gitar, and it shows whenever he does any of those.

Setka likes games, good workouts, good meals, good wine, good laughs, and being with his friends. He dislikes idiots, having to listen to people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket or play an instrument to save their lives, snobs, and the fact he sneezes loudly.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.431.6.17

Shasta was born in Ista Weyr and never left. She had an average life, a few lovers but no husband, and advanced well in the weavercraft. Her life changed when she was forty-three: She gave a rider relief when his blue lost a greenflight one sevenday, had a drunken one-night stand with a Harper on the next sevenday, and a farewell fling with one of her old lovers, who was moving to Ista Hold, on the sevenday after that. Not surprisingly, Shasta became pregnant, but her son so resembled her, she never could guess who his father was.

Setka grew up happy and healthy under his mother’s doting, did his chores and lessons without any trouble, and found a place as a potter when he was twelve. He was good at it, but got bored with it a Turn later. Shasta suggested he try the Harpercraft, and her son was apprenticed to Journeyman Harper Eion, whom Setka had grown up hearing in the crèche when it was story time.

Setka took to harpering like a vtol took to flight. He loved it, and Eion was an enthusiastic (if slightly eccentric) teacher who really knew how to make his lessons click. The two ended up becoming close, and as the Turns went on, Setka found himself sometimes wondering if he and Eion could be related. They were both tall, had hair the same shade, similar tastes and senses of humor, and sometimes Setka thought he could see a resemblance in their profiles. But in the end, Setka decided he was fine with having Eion just as a father figure and teacher.

When the First Fall Disaster occurred, Setka wasn’t the only one to be stunned, horrified, and mournful. He quickly pushed it aside, however, and chose to become a Candidate out of his sense of duty to Ista Weyr. While Shasta knew the ranks had to be bolstered, and fast, she begged her son to remain a Harper, which was much safer. For the first time in a long time, Setka didn’t honor her wishes. While she was displeased, she still resolved to support him in any way possible. Setka was smoothly accepted into Candidacy a few days after.

There was only one other snarl in the otherwise easy transition, and that was when a holdbred Candidate insulted Shasta when Setka casually mentioned in conversation that he didn’t know who his father was. A mere second after the insult left the holdborn’s mouth, he was thrown to the floor with one blow to his jaw. Naturally, Setka was caught and got a very stern lecture, during which he was threatened with expulsion from Candidacy if something like that happened again, given latrine duty for five days, and forced to apologize to the other boy. (Setka hated that part the most.)

But two small victories followed: No holdbred Candidates dared say anything bad about Shasta from then on, and the boy Setka decked actually apologized in turn. While they’re not friends now, they do get along.

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