Character Type: Dragonhealer
Rank: Senior Apprentice
Age: 21ish (8.432ish)
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, weyrborn through and through

Basic Information

Seinah is hilariously similar to Sudaje. They don’t look alike, not really; Seinah’s frame is more willowy, and she’s not as strong nor as broad as her mentor is, but she’s dark skinned and dark haired (generally styled similarly, pulled into a sensible bun). So that at first glance, or if someone is in a rush, the two get mixed up. Sudaje is flattered that she’s getting mistaken for someone over ten turns her junior, but Seinah is secretly unimpressed. She doesn’t look that old! Sudaje has, however, rubbed off on her over the turns. She’s got a smart mouth on her, and a little abrasive. She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind- which is exactly what got K’vrett into his mess, and gets her into a bit of trouble too.

She’s been a Dragonhealer apprentice since she turned twelve, despite her weyrbrat upbringing and the pressure the kids had to join candidacy. She’s scared of heights, scared of flying, of which is only eclipsed by her fear of between. She will not ever be caught on a dragon that isn’t grounded, thank you very much. As a dragonrider, she would have been completely useless. As a dragonhealer, at least she can help the cause of those who can. And she’s good at it, certainly. She’s done well in all her classes, enough to earn a special apprenticeship at fifteen. She’s been given her own work, her own set of patients to attend- with only basic supervision necessary- she’s expecting to walk the tables soon, within the next turn or two. Sudaje has been rather ‘up front’ about it. She’s been asking Seinah all kinds of questions about which patients she’d like to take on full-time, what kind of research she might do for her Mastery, which apprentices might be more qualified to fill her boots. It’s been a long time since Sudaje saw her as an apprentice and not as a peer. It’s almost time to make that official.

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