Name: Sayaka
Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Sayaka is going to have one of those figures that makes men weep. At least when she gets older, right now she’s still got that gangly unfinished sort of look to her. Legs too long, just a hint of baby fat to her cheeks still… but she’s getting there. Her shining feature at the moment is her deep red hair, it is thick and long with just a hint of curl at the ends. For some reason she has the oddest of fashion sense, her usual attire is some combination of pink and red usually at the same time. More often than not its a pink tunic with a pair of red pants, the outfit completed with a pair of pale pink boots. Who she talked into dyeing that or if she did it herself is likely a mystery to anyone but herself.


Sayaka is one of those girls that is just sure that a charming bronzerider will come along one day and sweep her off her feet to his weyr. Realistically she knows it isn’t going to happen and she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t appreciate it aside from having a bit more control over her life if she was someones weyrmate. She does do a lot of thinking when she’s working at just about anything, mostly how to become someone that saves people instead of ending up the one that needs saving. Now being a woman at Ista isn’t that bad but there’s still very few ways for one to ever hold any amount of power. Maybe some day Sayaka will manage that, she just has to figure out how.

Until she’s sure that she is capable of such things she tends to keep a low profile. It wouldn’t do to have folks knowing just how smart or ambitious she is. For the most part she tends to act the fluff headed girl when around just about everyone. In fact she’s perfected a rather cute ‘I adore you dragonrider’ look that she uses most. If she does happen to enjoy the sight of a well formed male body, well what’s the harm! She doesn’t mind what people think of her in the least, its good for chattering with other girls her age and information is just easier to get when people think you’re silly. And she does enjoy information, gathering tidbits of this or that just for herself to know. It makes her feel more connected as if she’s in on a secret or little known thing and occasionally she is! Ahhh gossip. Not to mention she loves mysteries and getting to the bottom of them, its the process that usually lands her into some sort of trouble though.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr 8.436.15.11

Sayaka was born to a pair of riders, not ones that were involved in any way just a pass in the night from a greenflight. She likes to think of it as the normal way things work, it keeps the weyrfolk population up and probably it’s a lot of fun. Can’t get bored when you don’t know who’s going to win! Her childhood was rather normal, siblings came and went in the creche but she remembers them all. All her older siblings have impressed so far and she’s not wanting to let that family tradition slide, even if its a tradition that comes from both sides of her parentage, that means she’s got twice the chance! Right?! To be sure though she’s not holding her breath for it, even though she’s been standing since she was old enough there’s already been a clutch she didn’t impress at. One of her sibs did though so that’s almost as good.

To keep herself busy, and because she loves it, Sayaka can often be found trying to search out mysteries of the Weyr. So and so’s favorite trinket disappeared! She’s on the case! Or maybe someone keeps hearing odd noises down in one of the lower caverns, sure it could be tunnelsnakes but what if its a new exciting thing!? Or raiders or Outsiders snooping where they shouldn’t. There are soooo many possibilities and she just loves imaging each and every one of them. Often times it’s the only thing that keeps the sadness at bay, she may not have known her parents /that/ well but they were still her parents. First Fall took them both as well as a pair of her older siblings. She doesn’t like to think about it, keeps it buried deep so that she can show her happy face to the rest of the Weyr.

They died fighting the menace that falls from the skies, they died valiantly and to weep buckets of tears over it would be dishonoring what they fought for. One thing she won’t stand for though is one of those Outsiders to belittle Ista Weyr and the riders that died fighting, oh she doesn’t want to hurt them but she likes to think she can teach them a lesson. Does their laundry end up all dyed a bright puce green? Maybe they should think before they talk. Perhaps their klah seems to keep going sour somehow, what kind of klah even does that? Mind you she got herself into quite a bit of trouble when Yehren figured out it was her with the laundry so she won’t try that trick again.

There will be a clutch on the sands again soon though, she just knows it. It will be her turn to fight and show everyone that Ista is the best Weyr on the planet. Nature can be vicious but they won’t be caught out again. Never!



Mother: Aisri, rider of green Paceth
Father: A'tras of brown Korth
Sirasri, rider of gold Tameketh
A'rys, rider of blue Tobith
M'tras, green Sarith (four turns older)
A'mar, brown Grevith (two turns older)
(younger siblings by the dozen)
Children: None



Yehren - He’s not really /her/ enemy but she’s pretty sure she’s on his shit list for the rest of her life. Dying a rider’s laundry when she was supposed to be just helping keep the piles from stacking up? Eessh. If she’d realized just how mad he was going to be she might have come up with another plan altogether. It’s done though and she’ll deal with the consequences. Maybe she’ll even manage to get back in his good graces… someday. Probably after he starts forgetting what day of the sevenday it is.

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