Character type: Candidate
Rank: :/
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Growing up, Sarza was always what people would refer to as a “big girl”, and she still isn’t sure whether they meant it as a compliment or not. Now, at her more or less adult height, she no longer towers over many of her peers as she once did — most of the boys caught up with her — but she’s still quite tall for a woman, and legitimately big-boned. She’s not what most folks would call plump, but she’s by no stretch of the imagination skinny, either. Puberty rearranged her assets in what she has decided is a mostly flattering way, hitting her early and leaving her with obvious hips and her mother’s rather ample bosom, all of it balancing and flowing in feminine proportion to her large build. Her light, warm brown skintone was inherited from her father, as were her big dark brown eyes; even the shape of them, and the set of her eyebrows, mirror her father’s, though it’s not something easily noticed since they don’t seem to use them the same way — their gazes are completely different even coming from such similar eyes. Her nose is straight but a bit on the large side, and her dark brown hair is kept long as a bit of a holdover from her childhood days, when it was really the only obvious mark of her femininity. She’s rather attached to it even though she keeps it pulled back for practicality’s sake most of the time, and she’s aware that if she Impresses she’ll probably have to cut it at least some to be able to fit it under her helmet.


Sarza has always been a bit too serious for her own good. It’s not that she can’t laugh or enjoy herself — she can and does, frequently — it’s just that she tends to dwell too much on things, focus too hard, and forget that not everything is as critically important as it might feel at first. She’s very driven, ambitious in her own way, and has a strong desire to achieve, to perform her best, both physically and mentally. She’s very athletic, though she tends to get frustrated at the disadvantage she has against some of the boys now that she and her peers are near-grown and the boys she once tussled with easily are now bigger and stronger and faster without even really trying too hard. She makes excellent marks in her classes, but it’s not because she’s particularly brainy — she just studies really hard and takes good notes.

She calls herself a realist, and that’s true to an extent, but she also often tends towards outright pessimism. It’s the curse of people who plan ahead religiously: they can see everything that might possibly go wrong, and being the sort of person she is, she dwells on the negative. She’s critical of herself, and critical of other people, perpetually unamused at their antics — or feels obligated to be unamused, anyway, since that has become her identity and it’s a comforting thing to have. She’s often pushy, sometimes downright bullying, and speaks her mind frequently and with no sensitivity filter whatsoever; Sarza is just painfully blunt and sometimes says some really awful things.

Unwound, and in the safety of her personal space (such as it is), a few other traits reveal themselves. She’s a little more easily sexual than people might suspect, and she greatly enjoys physical contact, both intimate and non. She’s not usually the one who comes up with great jokes, but she enjoys them (so long as they’re not at her expense) and likes the social aspect of being a part of a group who’s having fun and perhaps even being rather naughty. Being serious doesn’t mean she’s straight-laced or a goody-two-shoes, after all — she thinks for herself, is often selfishly motivated, and is as critical of rules and regulations as she is of everything else. Rules make nice guidelines for people who are too stupid to know how to engage in risky behavior without hurting themselves or going overboard. They don’t always apply to her, clearly. Similarly, she has great respect for dragonriders, and for the hierarchy of the Weyr, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to accept someone’s word as law just because they’ve got the rank. She’s very sensitive to how she’s approached, and can have a bit of a spiteful streak that makes her want to buck authority even if said authority tells her something sensible, if it’s in a way which wounds her pride or insults her intelligence.

Birthdate: 06.27


Sarza was born at Ista Weyr, nursed by her kitchenworker mother alongside a young (and similarly-proportioned) Jalnahvi. Nursed together, weaned together, cribbed together, and frequently playpenned together, they spent their infancy and toddlerhood kickitykicking at each other, fighting over boobs, drooling on each other, and later teething on each other. When their personalities became more apparent, they ended up being fostered together, too — joined soon afterwards by Dakaren, who may have been slightly less challenging to chew on.

As a child, Sarza became used to certain patterns. She outsized the vast majority of her agemates, and spent her daytime, socially, pushing the other ‘brats around and just generally being a big annoying bossypants. Kids either scrapped with her, or let themselves be swept along either because she was bigger than they were, or just had a stronger personality. She and Jaln and Dakkers ran about the Weyr, playing and fighting and getting into and out of trouble as kids tend to do. At home, she had the patient guidance of Fostermum, who didn’t force things on her charges unless it was strictly necessary for their safety or development — she preferred to let them live and learn on their own, make their own mistakes, and then nudge them gently when necessary. At night, Sarza had the warm safety of her bed, asleep in a heap with her two fosterbrothers and at least two stuffed animals — a happy place of snuggling and storytelling and secret chats and planning mischief, of shutting the outside out and just living suspended in time, in their own little world.

It probably shouldn’t be any wonder that, as the carefree days of childhood turned into the slightly-more-complicated days of adolescence, she continued to take comfort and refuge in the same places she had always known it before. Wrapped up in each other, and in developing who they were separate from their duty to the Weyr, she and the boys didn’t claim their right to Stand for a few turns, finally joining the barracks crowd together at age 15.



Father: G’zark, rider of green Fruxburth
Mother: Sambra, kitchen worker
Half-brother: Sachian Runtybutt Damp-pants, probably others




Title Date Characters Summary
Down By the Jetty Month 3, Day 3 Sarza, Jalnahvi Sarza and Jaln commiserate over their failure to Impress.
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