Character Type: Guard
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 44
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Sanoset is definitely one of those people who looks reasonably close to her actual age. She's in great shape, with a strong, lean frame despite her relative lack of height (she's not tiny, just a bit on the short side), but there are just enough lines beginning to show on her heart-shaped face and just enough stray grey wisps around her temples that it's not hard to guess how old she is with a couple of turns of margin for error. She actively works out to keep fit and it shows not only in her shape – she looks more “athletic” than traditionally “feminine” — but in her movements, as well. She's a good combination of strong and flexible, with a healthy dose of confidence to back it up, and she moves accordingly.

She's a bit on the pale side for a native Istan, with just a touch of brown to her skintone that's both natural and darkened slightly by spending a lot of time outdoors (really, when you live at Ista all your life you may never actually spend enough time out of the sun to know the difference anyway).


Sanoset is the sort of woman that people tend to label with unflattering and painfully sexist terms like “ballbuster” or “shrew”. It's not fair, really. She doesn't have anything against men (tends to prefer their company as friends, in fact), and nor does she want to be one (she's quite happy with her own physical assets, thank you very much), but even in the Weyr where it isn't unusual for women to be more independent, her bluntness and occasional outright aggression tend to make some people a little uncomfortable. She says what she thinks with little consideration for others' feelings and sometimes unintentionally hurts people that way. Worse, she has a terrible temper, and at her worst the hurtful things she says are deliberate and she rarely apologizes even when she's actually sorry. If she thinks someone deserves to be hit, she won't hesitate to throw a punch, and there have been a few thrown in anger that she's regretted in her life. She's very proud of her physicality, of being strong and in-shape and well-trained and able to hold her own against full grown men when necessary, and sometimes it seems almost as if she's looking for any excuse to prove that she can.

She's by no means stupid, but she's certainly not a thinker and not at all as thorough and thoughtful as her mate. She's impatient and tends to prefer direct, physical solutions to problems rather than thinking things through or pussyfooting around. She can appreciate that approach in other people (Gillander brought her around to grudging admiration turns ago); she just doesn't have the patience for it herself. She prizes efficiency, which seems to be as much a by-product of her natural inclination towards activity and impatience as anything else, and if something isn't getting done (or isn't getting done to her liking) she tends to take over the task or project herself. It means she always seems to be doing something and gets a lot of things done (and occasionally means she gets taken advantage of because lazy co-workers know she'll pick up the slack), but it also means that sometimes she offends people by just shoving them right out of their own project and trying to take control. Control is something she's very much enjoys having… in fact, she tends to get a little twitchy when she doesn't have it, anxious like a pacing watchwher, and those who know her best know that the best thing to do is pacify her by giving her something to focus on before she bites somebody.

For all that she can be loud and obnoxious occasionally, Sanoset is actually a very private person when it comes to her real feelings. She doesn't share her fears and worries easily, and can't stand to admit to anything that hints at any sort of weakness. It took a long time for her to admit to, let alone settle comfortably into, her love for Gillander, and even now she refuses to think too hard about what life would be like without him. She honestly believes he's the only man in the world for her, the only one capable of being both strong enough to handle her and flexible enough to love her the way she is without trying to force her into a more submissive role. Whenever she feels something that makes her feel vulnerable – whether it be love or fear or anything else – she often overcompensates with ferocity, usually in the form of selfishness, jealousy, and overprotectiveness. She won't share Gillander or stand for any woman even thinking of sniffing around him, and though she won't hesitate to criticize him herself, woe be to anyone else who dares to do it in her presence. Motherhood is a very complicated thing for her; the kids often stretch her to the limits of her patience, but she loves them desperately, and the only way she ever seems to be able to demonstrate this adequately is by getting right up in the face of anyone who dares to speak ill of them or cause them distress.


Birthdate: 04.04

As a child growing up at Ista Weyr, Sanoset was labelled as troublesome early on. She didn't go around deliberately stirring it up, but she was very energetic and temperamental, which made for an unfortunate combination in the creche where childish tussling was frequent and expected. She was often restless, and eagerly looked forward to the day when she would be old enough to get out of that place and be a real grown-up – which, to her as to most Weyr children, meant becoming a candidate and (hopefully) Impressing into the ranks of the dragonriders as early as possible.

And for many of her peers, it happened. Some went off and did other things, but many of them became candidates alongside her. Some Impressed immediately, some had to wait much later. Sanoset was one of those who waited. And waited. It was tolerable enough, especially once she became close friends with Gillander, a candidate who had arrived from outside the Weyr. But all the waiting turned out to be fruitless. The last hatching before her twenty-third birthday came and went, and suddenly she found herself with no dragon, an undecided future… and Gillander, whom she hadn't really been ready to admit she wanted so much until it seemed that he was the only thing she had left.

It was Gillander's idea that they sign on with the Weyrguard. He had been a guard at his former Hold, and it was his recommendation that convinced Sanoset that she might enjoy the job more than she would any of the other options still available to her. And he was right. More importantly, she realized that maybe she didn't really need a dragon at all. She took to guard work immediately, and found a lot of satisfaction in it – and in Gillander himself, who seemed her perfect partner in so many respects.

Of course, things are never that simple. She knew that Gillander sometimes tended to drink pretty heavily, and that he was gambling, but it didn't seem like that big of a deal. She did a fair bit of drinking herself – for that matter, many of the guards and riders did – and gambling was a time-honored Weyr pasttime, after all. Even when it seemed like it might be getting a little out of hand sometimes, it was so easy to be angry in the moment and then just bask in relief and enjoy the normalcy when those moments passed. And when it started to feel like maybe, just maybe, Gill had a real problem, she did what she always did with problems: gritted her teeth and resolved to fix it herself.


And then she found out he'd been caught stealing from the Weyr, and others, to pay gambling debts. It hit her like a runaway watch-wher. How could he do this now, when they were just beginning to really have a good life together? How could he do this, period? How could she not have known? Was it partly her fault? Were there signs, hints, that she allowed herself to turn a blind eye to because it was easier? She couldn't answer any of those questions. She could ask him, either – she couldn't even bear to look at him. For the first time in her life, she was so angry that she couldn't even throw a punch, or a tantrum. All she could do was walk out, and spend the next two or three days avoiding him completely, drowning in her own anger and misery.

Being without him, though, made her realize how much she still wanted him. She wasn't willing to make apologies for a drunkard and a thief, to spend her life with a man she couldn't trust… but she wasn't willing to give up on him, either. Once she'd managed to stew through the brunt of her anger, she went back to him with a list of non-negotiable orders: he was going to take his punishment like a man, he was going to clean himself up, and she was going to be right there with him the whole time. If she wasn't willing to live without him, and she wasn't willing to live with him as a gambling drunk, then the only option was for him to stop being a gambling drunk.

And he did. It took a few turns of being sober, of staying squeaky-clean and working his ass off in restitution to the Weyr, but Gillander did get himself straightened out. He even eventually got a second chance as a guard. It took time before their relationship was healed, too, but it did eventually heal, and Sanoset likes to think they're stronger for it now.

Even once they worked through all those troubles, though, she was still a bit hesitant about the idea of having children. On the one hand she knew it was pretty much invitable – they couldn't exactly be careful forever, and she didn't really relish the idea of begging a ride between every time they had an “accident”. On the other hand, she wasn't sure she was cut out to be a mother at all, for many of the same reasons that she suspected caused her to be rejected by the dragons. Worse still, she'd have to be all fat and waddly and completely out of shape for months – how was she supposed to do her job like that when she would much rather spend that time continuing to excel as a guard?

When she finally gave in, though, and it happened, she found that pregnancy was not nearly as bad as she expected it to be. Oh, there were moments when she hated it and regretted it, but somehow the life growing within her managed to win her affection without ever doing anything except living and kicking occasionally. And by the time their daughter had been born and was starting to sleep through the night most of the time, she found herself already entertaining the idea of having another baby. Except of course that one baby somehow ended up being two, and having a set of twins on top of an over-dramatic toddler was enough to convince them to call it quits for a while. Long enough for her to get back to work, anyway, and climb the rank ladder the way she always wanted to. Since then they've had one more child (thankfully less difficult than their first three), and Sanoset has reached the rank of lieutenant. She might have been irritated by being passed up for captain when the position came free had Gillander not been the one selected instead. At least she knows she can work with him smoothly, and she'll readily admit that he's far more suited to politics and people-management than she is.



Mate: Gillander, guard captain, sexy beast
Daughter: NPC (14)
Sons: Sander (11), Girittan (11), Grindley (2)

Father: N'bret, brownrider
Mother: Delassa, lower caverns baker
Half-brother: D'gulas, rider of brown Heremith
Possibly other half-sibs

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