Character type: Brat
Rank: None
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Not sure yet.


Sander is a scrawny little thing for the time being. He’ll never have a solid bulk, his build tending more towards being lean and wiry, but he’s got signs that he’ll have a decent height to him one day. He’s got a childish scrappiness to him, being too high strung to hold onto his baby fat despite the fact that he’s also terribly lazy and works only just as hard as he has to.

There’s a bit of a wild look to this boy. He’s so darkly tanned that its hard to imagine he ever spends any time indoors, which he doesn’t really. If he can be outside, he is at all times. His hair is a deep chestnut with natural sun-bleached highlights and seems pretty much untamable. There’s curl in there, just enough that his jaw-length locks seem to be *everywhere* at all times. He refuses to tie it back if he can help it, preferring to just deal with the wind blowing it around and being in his eyes.


Sander is a whole lot more of a clever kid than he lets on. He’s smart, good with numbers, learned to read early… the whole nine yards, but he doesn’t like people to know it. Mostly because he’s kind of a lazy little turd. Smart people get put to work and have responsibilities. Neither of these things are appealing to him at all. He’s he guy that will do his own homework wrong so that he doesn’t run the risk of being given extra or put in charge of helping others.

And really, the last thing he wants people to think is that he’s some kind of nerd or kiss-ass or try-hard. He’s not, damnit! There’s a very particular view of the kind of person he wants to be and being a dweeb doesn’t fit in with it. Sander wants so badly to be one of those casually cool and tough kids that everyone adores. Unfortunately this doesn’t come very naturally to him. He’s not really built for strength the way he wants, though he’s a lean and quick guy. This is some he could capitalize on if he were to realize that its not all just about brute strength.

Really, he could do pretty well for himself if he were to focus on his strengths. His smarts could go a long way in tactics, for example, but he pushes this stuff away. It doesn’t help that his own mother, who he looks up to alot, puts more emphasis on brawn than brains. And what he doesn’t realize is that he has a bit of inherent coolness when he’s on his game — when he’s in tune with his real strengths. Its when he tries so hard to be what he’s not that he struggles and gets awkward.

By Faranth he hates being awkward or feeling out of his element. In these situations the easiest thing to do is fight. There’s alot of cruel words that can come out of his mouth when he’s embarrassed or pissed off, and he can goad alot of people into a fight when he wants to. There isn’t much of a hard punch in him, but he opponents might have a hard time hitting him. Well, that and he fights as dirty as possible. Its all about the win, right? Not getting your face punched in? What’s honour got to do with it?

The funny thing is that Sander is alot like his father in that he gets people. He enjoys trying to figure them out, to understand why they do what they do. Which for a kid like him isn’t really the greatest quality because he will goad anyone just to see what sort of reaction. He doesn’t seem to get bored of riling people up. Perhaps they’ll react differently this day? Are people more ready to fight in the morning or afternoon? How does this person react to something that hurts, like being tripped in the Dining Hall? Its all in the name of research. Well, and its pretty entertaining.

Of course Sander loves his brother. In fact he’s quite severely attached to Girittan but this is far from apparent. Anyone observing the boys will tell you that the two hate each other with some sort of fiery passion. They bicker and fight almost constantly, each ready to egg the other on for no apparent reason other than they’ve been quiet for too long. A moment is not complete without them sniping at each other. Occasionally they will unify in the face of a threat against either of them (because don’t you DARE touch my brother. I can punch him, but you can’t) or causing some sort of collaborative trouble. Its almost like they can’t stand each other, but don’t be the person that tries to separate them.

Birthdate: 11.17


It seems very likely that if the twins were Gillander and Sanoset’s firstborn children then they would have just stopped there. From the moment they could… well do much of anything they were at each other’s throats, getting into everything and just generally making their parents lives miserable. Their favourite game was always tormenting their older sister, which was almost a nice relief from the terror they caused each other.

Their behavior became well-known across the Weyr, though very few people could ever call them to task. Every so often they would come through and show their potential to be awesome kids, but these moments rarely lasted long.

And now they are coming up on the age where they can get out of the creche and do whatever it is they want to pursue (FRICKIN DRAGONS!) and they don’t realize that their father has a bit of a nasty surprise up his sleeve for them. See, Gillander gave them plenty of time to chose to be good, dutiful members of the Weyr, and now that they’ve proven they can’t do it on their own he’s more than prepared to beat a little responsibility into him. Once they’re twelve they OWE him.



Father: Guardcaptain Gillander, Mother: Guardsecond Sanoset, Sister (+2): ___, Twin Brother: Girittan, Brother (-10): Grindley

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