Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Fluid


Sahni has the look of a southerner, from her smooth klah gold skin to her button nose and full, expressive lips. She has a natural attractiveness, rather than any great beauty (in her opinion), although a great many would probably find that engaging face appealing. She's small for a woman, with a delicate, slight build. All of her features are fine, with an air of fragility, from her defined jawline to her collarbones, her wrists, ankles and even her fingers and toes. She makes up for this with intensity, a vivacity that shines from her round, dark brown eyes, and the slight curl of her lips.


Growing up amongst her peers as a child of the interval, Sahni very quickly took on the role of group mother. It came naturally to her, to think about the practical things that the others forgot in their mad rush of enthusiasm, and sometimes stupidity. She was the one to remember snacks, or anti burn lotion or cream for if you did get burnt. She was the one who gave out advice, and listened when the others needed her. As such she's developed a deep mothering, maternal, mothering streak and one of her lifetime wishes has been to be a mother. Sadly this hasn't yet happened for her and Sahni is rapidly losing hope that it will. Maybe she's infertile, or maybe she just hasn't gotten lucky. This is a deep source of pain for her and seeing the candidates and creche kids, fills her with deep, stabbing longing.

Sahni is an intensely pragmatic person. She's very down to earth, realistic and at times serious, preferring to do things properly the first time than repeat the process. She focuses on what is important at the time, and often has a few lists to make sure she completes her tasks. That being said she has also a great facility to let loose and enjoy herself. She believes it's unhealthy to be serious all the time, and so she makes sure she goes out, has fun, has a few drinks and enjoys her friends company. She knows the importance and difference between work and play, and somehow seems to have struck a perfect balance between them.

She is not the person in the spotlight, or the one demanding or hogging the attention. In fact most of the time she's the one providing the attention being demanded. That's not to say that she's a fussbudget or a stick in the mud. In fact she has quite a lively sense of humour and enjoys a good joke. Growing up with so many larger than life personalities has left her with a well honed sense of humour and an appreciation for a good joke.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.415.13.24

There's not very much interesting about Sahni's life to date, at least not in her eyes. She was born at the Weyr to a bluerider father and lower caverns working mother. She was raised in the creche with all the others of her age group and then moved into Candidacy with them as well. She Impressed to Blue Vaharith at age 13, one of the many babies of the clutch known as the SeaHorses. But she soon proved herself one of the most collected and mature, often looking out for her fellows and covering their behinds with the Weyrlingmasters.

She stayed close with her classmates as they bulldozed into their twenties, now full fledged riders and young men and women enjoying the freedom of their warm semi tropical weyr. She was the responsible one on the trips, remembering practical things and reminding people to go to the bathroom before leaving. Which often earned something being thrown at her grinning face.

All in all life was good.

Until First Fall came and the Weyr was decimated. Sahni's orderly and contented world was shattered in that moment and the pain of it took a long time to leave her. the Outsiders were needed, her insitantly practical side insisted, but her loyalty to Ista cried louder that they DIDN't need these interlopers who were changing everything…



Mother: Sivahni

Sister: Sahren
Half-Brother: Vrehani
Half-Sister: Kevahni

Starfish and Seahorses

Sahni's Dragon: Blue Vaharith

Dragon Name: Vaharith
Colour: Blue
Age: 23
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.429.4.14


This dragon is perfectly symmetrical. No seriously, he's exactly identical from every angle, like he was carved from lapis lazuli. His hide markings are also perfectly symmetrical as are his neckridges, toes, claws and nose. It's almost a bit eerie, but it also makes him a very attractive dragon. His deep midnight blue hide is dusted with pale spots like the night sky, and different shades of blue slide across it like shifts in shadow. Perfectly replicated on either side of his body.


Vaharith is an odd one. He has an obsession with beautiful things, he considers himself a conniseur of it. He likes to surround his rider with it, so that she can absorb the beauty and culture and serenity and be happy and content. After all she's so wonderful in his eyes, he can't imagine that his strategy might not actually be working.

He also has an obsession and acute memory for numbers. He knows the exact number of steps up to the bowl, the number of times he blinks between in a fall, the number of herdbeasts in the pen. And he can rattle any of these out at any time.

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