Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual, with the occasional exception


S’vero is an good looking man with features that lean towards cute more than anything. He’s got a sweet face with big brown eyes, a smug sort of smile and just a bit of stubble so he doesn’t fall under the ‘pretty’ category. He keeps his brown hair shorter, and doesn’t usually put much effort into it. That ‘just rolled out of bed look’? Perfect. No need to waste time styling hair when there are better things to do. Like any dragonrider, he’s a fit man and he works too much to ever put on much extra weight anyway. He’s somewhat compact at only 5’7 and sturdily built, though not bulky.

He prefers plain, functional clothing though he doesn’t mind spending extra marks for clothes that are made to fit. Everything lasts longer that way and he doesn’t have to go through the hassle of shopping for new things. His flying leathers though, clearly have a lot of work and thought put into them. He likes to add little things here and there for extra functionality, like a padded pocket for his goggles or a little bit of plastic sewn into the side of his glove to scrape away char dust.


S’vero seems to have infinite patience. He’s a guy that can actually sit for hours on end working some little detail of something and not get bored or frustrated at it. He’s a clever man who truly enjoys helping others, so he’s an easy favourite for people to turn to if they need someone to help and someone who will do it with a smile on their face. It doubtful anyone’s actually seen him lose his temper or patience, and not because he doesn’t feel negatively, but he understand how to re-direct it. With an open and very creative mind he has plenty of projects or hobbies he can pour his emotions into when he needs it.

It works out perfectly that he was chosen with a dragon like Pazrielth. The brown might struggle, but S’vero has no problem spending a day doing the exact same drill over and over with his dragon until they get it right. He’s a bit of a perfectionist, sometime pushing Paz a little too hard to get things perfect, but he does it with the best intentions. He wants to see his dragon succeed, and more importantly to survive.

S’vero is a professional sort of young man, not interested in drinking or getting up to shenanigans very often; he would rather spend his time working on something with a nice glass of wine than anything. He’s a creator at heart and loves nothing more than to make *something*, especially when it can be something functional. Any craft time he can log with the smiths are pure gold to him. Learning how to put things together, how break something down and make it something else, how to take what seems like garbage and make it useful. He’s also happy to spend time with the tailors, and his hand at sewing has actually progressed decently especially when it comes to working with leather.

Its this creative mind that will help him and Pazrielth prosper. While he was never interested in in-depth thread-fighting strategies earlier on, now its a necessary study; the more he can understand thread, the way it falls and the many tactics used against it, the more likely he can keep his brown out of trouble in Fall.

There hasn’t been much time for a personal life since he impressed and though S’vero tries to ignore it, he’s gotten lonely. He’s a romantic sort with high ideals of finding that one man to fall in love with, though he doesn’t really share this private part of him. He doesn’t have very much experience sexually with either gender and tends towards being awkward around men he’s attracted to, and terrified if there’s a woman he’s attracted to. He can be a sensitive guy, not always at ease with the way other men joke and throw around their bravado and it will take him a long while to ever be comfortable enough to be himself with most folk. Being interested in men is a tender spot for him and not something he easily admits, though he’ got enough pride not to deny it completely. He was never very open about it before impressing, but since being chosen by a brown he feels like he has much more to prove and just doesn’t sit right yet.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.433.1.28

Solverol was a bit of a quiet boy, rarely causing trouble or getting into things he shouldn’t. He followed the rules, listened to those in charge without much question. As he got older he started to come out of his shell and showed a great interest in building things. Or rather, it started with taking anything apart he could get his hands on. He was allowed to work a bit with one of the more tolerant senior apprentice smiths to keep him occupied and even after he entered candidacy he spent as much of his free time as possible learning from the crafters. He spent four turns as a candidate before his dragon finally found him. He and Pazrietlh were a perfect match and though there was alot of extra work that needed to be put into his brown, S’vero couldn’t have been happier. Paz was a whole new sort of project, something that he never tired of trying to help. And poor Paz needed all the help he could get.

They struggled, but they grew through weyrlinghood and learned to understand each other. They worked hard and when it came time to fight Thread for the first time, they felt ready.

Except nothing could prepare a person for a battle they’ve never even seen before. Dragons were dying all around them, and Pazrielth was not handling it well. Even steady S’vero was fighting to keep control of his terror and panic. They made it nearly halfway through Fall before something happened. S’vero, who had picked up very quickly that he needed to direct his dragon where to flame next, lost his focus when he got a face full of char and the next thing he knew one of his classmates was screaming in pain. Pazrielth had flamed one of his blue brothers before realizing that it was not Thread that he was attacking.

They were pulled from that Fall and after recovering from the guilt and shame they set to work. Thread would not stop falling and they were not going to end up a detriment to the wings! Now that S’vero knew what was required of him things would start to get a little easier. It was certainly squarely opposite of the idea that a rider just sat along for the ride while the dragon did all the work.



Father: Bronzerider D'veld
Mother: Laundryworker Soreni
Brother: S'verian, rider of Bronze Oteth
Siblings: Open!
First Cousin: Z'rain, rider of Brown Glossith

S'vero's Dragon: Brown Pazrielth

Dragon Name: Pazrielth
Colour: Brown
Age: 2
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11
Wing: Stormriders


Many thought Pazrielth’s egg would contain a small green at most. So it was with great surprise and even a little worry that this lanky brown unfolded himself from the thing on hatching day. And many blame the brown’s oddities on being contained in a shell that was clearly far too small. Even right from hatching its very obvious Pazrielth isn’t a very typical brown. He’s big enough to qualify as the colour, though only just but he’s almost disproportionately long. Everything about him is long and lanky with though without quite looking underfed. His face is also long, though quite blunt and squared at the end with eyes that are just a bit too close together.

Paz is an odd mish-mash of colours with almost tabby-like splotches of shades of brown that vary from very pale tan to sort of ugly orange-browns to bits that are such a dark chocolate colour that they almost seem black. He’s a neat, eye-catching sort of fellow if you like that kind of thing, especially when you get a look at his face which is bisected with the orangey-brown and the pale one with little bits of the darker shades here and there.


Pazrielth is a bit of a spastic creature, far from the stoic and dependable dragon a brown is supposed to be. He eats every meal likes he’s been starved for a sevenday, wolfing down his food as if it will be his last, occasionally fast enough to make him vomit a little. He gets almost aggressively defensive about his meals and if not controlled will get to nosing about his neighbor’s dinners as well, in case he can bully them away.

Despite his appetite he only just carries enough weight to be healthy as all of his calories seem to go to sustaining his antics. He’s always on the go, always ready. Ready to fight, play, eat, race, compete… whatever. He’s just ready. Yet, apparently he’s only ever ready for one thing at a time. He has an uncanny ability to focus on one thing at the exclusion of all else, to the point where even his rider sometimes feels like he’s yelling at a brick wall. Which makes it so much fun to scare him. Because Paz’s is so single-minded he’s easily sent into comical fits of panic when something sneaks up on him or, Faranth-forbid, moves too suddenly. Its a wonderfully entertaining and consistent reaction. It works pretty much every time because Paz has the memory of a green. Short, simple and very easy to distract. Whatever has his attention *right now* is what exists and everything else is out the window.

Its was a huge relief to everyone when it turned out the little brown could even be taught anything. It took a monstrous amount of patience and painful repetitions, but Paz learned and once he had something down it was his. As long as he practiced it fairly regularly, of course. He’s not a clever dragon by any means, but he can follow directions well enough so as long as he’s been told specifically what needs to be done he will come through. His greatest success is his ability to hunt. He’s fast and agile with some of the staying power of his brown brothers. That ability to focus and ignore distractions comes in handy: once his prey is selected it stands little chance of survival. This transferred well enough to thread-fighting, though it will take time to learn to broaden his focus. Going after one single thread at a time won’t cut it. S’vero will also have his work cut out for him piloting this deadly machine and is learning quickly to be one step ahead of his dragon at all times. Whatever thread he’s aimed at will be caught almost without fail, but Pazrielth doesn’t have the tactical ability or smarts to know where to go after he’s taken a patch out. Rather he tends to get himself worked up and attacks whatever is closest (this not always being Thread either). He might survive Fall without his creatively brilliant rider strapped to his back, but he could end up as a serious detriment to everyone else. He and S'vero put every meaning into the word teamwork.

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