Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


S’verian has always been tall and lanky. His growth spurt surprised him at age twenty and he still hasn’t quite recovered. He’s constantly hitting his head on shelves and low cut doorways because he just shouldn’t be that tall. His footsteps are easily heard coming down the hallway as he lumbers with all the grace of an injured burdenbeast. Eventually, he might grow into his body, but it really doesn’t seem likely considering he’s had three turns to try already.

Before his late candidacy and subsequent impression, Salverian let his fine blonde hair grow out simply because he forgot to cut it. His mother used come in and hack it off while he had his nose in some hide that he just couldn’t put down. For the most part, he simply ignored her. After impressing, S’verian began to take more notice of his surroundings. He actually manages to cut his own hair now, but more often than not it’s still pretty shaggy.

The weyrling actually has rather pretty eyes although there’s been no one to tell him that. Not that he’d take such a comment very well anyway. His hazel eyes are framed with long lashes that most girls long to have. They can be hard to see past the hides or charts he normally has in front of his face though.


Salverian has always been a bit of a geek. His apprenticeship to the Master Archivist only magnified that. He quickly grew a love for the stars and any hides or charts that mentioned them. The archives became his home away from home. He sometimes wishes he could return to them. Talking to people is HARD. A bronzerider can’t run away from his duties though, no matter how much he might wish he could.

The young bronzerider’s sense of humor is severely stunted. That comes from spending his time in the company of books instead of people. It will take him some time to get most jokes and he’ll end up laughing at the most inopportune times. A good portion of jokes will simply fall on deaf ears. He just doesn’t understand why they’re funny.

Since his Impression, S’verian has become somewhat arrogant. He really doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he feels like he’s supposed to. His answer to this is to just bluff his way through. Whenever he’s put in charge of anything, he tries to bulldoze his way over other people’s opinions and do it his way. He isn’t strong willed enough to follow through on this though. S’verian normally capitulates to the first strong objection. If he is ever promoted to wingleader, this will cause him and his wing some serious trouble.

S’verian doesn’t have much practice in knowing when he’s being lied to. He’ll likely assume that the first person to start complimenting him is his friend or wants to be his friend. He doesn’t have much of a head for politics, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try his best to get involved. His “friends” won’t be much help in that area. Really, they won’t be much help at all. They’ll fill his head with ridiculous advice and he’ll listen to them. Because they’re his friends, he’ll think they’re very smart and will have trouble listening to anyone talking against them.

Unlike some of the newly Impressed, S’verian has definitely let the heady power of Impressing go to his head. He’ll have difficulty listening to the sound advice of anyone. He Impressed bronze after all, shouldn’t that mean something?


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.428.2.15

Salverian didn’t officially apprentice to the Master Archivist until the proper age of 12, but he could often be found lingering around the archives. Once he proved he wasn’t going to destroy anything out of childish glee, the master let him access a very limited amount under strict supervision. When his fascination didn’t decrease by the time he turned twelve, the master approached his mother with the offer of apprenticeship.

Salverian thrived in the archives, but only mentally. He was often coaxed out by his brother Solvero to see some new contraption, but never for very long. He spent a good portion of his life in those archives. He didn’t neglect himself nutritionally, but emotionally he suffered. He didn’t learn to socialize the way he should have or any of the little contacts that make life enjoyable.

Salverian didn’t meet many girls in the archives When he was fifteen, he met a girl who was fascinated with the archives. They had a brief fling that ended in a few moments of sex that was so awkward and uncomfortable Salverian wasn’t sure if he wanted to try it again. He did try again after much time had passed, thinking the next time might be different. Each time was so awkward that he was a little more afraid to try again each time.

When Tameketh and Miltoth’s clutch lay on the Sands, something made Salverian ask to Stand. It might have been the nagging of his mother, it might have been some subconscious desire to serve his weyr. Whatever the reason, he did stand. He never expected to Impress. A part of him thought he was too old, that he could make a show of solidarity and return to his dusty archives.



Mother: Soleni
Father: D'veld, rider of Bronze Menorth
Brother: S'vero, rider of Brown Pazrielth
Half-Brother: D'koi, rider of Brown Yorvandth
Half-Sister: Devella, rider of Blue Caeruth
Cousin: Z'rain, rider of Brown Glossith

S'verian's Dragon: Bronze Oteth

Dragon Name: Oteth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11
Wing: Red Tide


Oteth has always been just a little bigger than his clutchmates. Before he could fly, he lumbered around just like his partner, S’verian. Although it wasn’t true, a few of his clutchmates swore they could hear his footsteps shake the ground. If Thread isn’t falling, he tends to take his time with everything. A simple meal could take an hour or two. He’s gotten a reputation for just being slow. While he is a bit slow, there’s definitely nothing slow about his mind. He normally sees things a few steps ahead of everyone else. The big dragon might not see a reason to share his thoughts, but they’re definitely there.

When Oteth is sleeping, you’d swear he’s just a statue that’s been left in the water a little too long. All around his edges, he appears to be turning a bit green from all the water. He’s definitely a flesh and blood dragon though. If you’re not sure, just give him a little poke. He wakes very quickly given the right circumstances.


Oteth really doesn’t see the sense in taking two steps when one will do just fine. He’s unlikely to get himself into many fights unless someone takes offense to the lack of movement. He doesn’t understand why everyone else insists on all this movement. Everything he does takes twice as long as normal. Except for fighting thread. He’ll move just as fast as any other dragon during the battle. During thread, he’ll prove to be a good leader and a good strategist.

Oteth’s mind is almost always active. It’s one of the reasons he seems to be slow. He’s constantly thinking. His actions tend to take second place to his thoughts. This has gotten him into trouble before. Going on auto pilot in mid flight or walk can only lead to trouble. He’s run into his fair amount of trees. Thankfully he was never going fast enough to damage himself, but someday he just might make that fatal mistake.

Other than thread, Oteth can be seen at full speed for one other occasion. Women. He’ll move his big bulk fairly quickly in order to be one of the first for a mating flight. For the moment, he can only stare and wonder. Soon, he promises himself. Soon the world will know of his sexual prowess. Unlike his rider, he doubts he’ll have the same problems with the ladies. After all, how could a dragon so obviously perfect fail at such a task?

Oteth also has a large ego. If anything goes right in his general area, it’s obviously because he was there. He’ll be more than happy to let everyone know how lucky they are that he was there. He’s generally too distracted in his own mind to notice the other people, but once he does…

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