Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingsecond
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Saerennryll has caramel skin, dark eyes, and black hair, with a goatee on his chin. He's not short, but he's certainly not tall either. He stands around 6'3" or so. His shoulders are wide, his hips slightly less so. He has strong hands with longer fingers. His face is well-proportioned, neither too long nor too round for his size. His eyes are well placed and even. He tends to keep his coarse curly black hair very short, under an inch. He's quite particular about it when he gets it cut, since it's harder to cover up mistakes.

He's muscular after Turns of handling runners and now dragonriding. His shoulders are strong and broad, and his biceps are of good size and rippled. He runs consistently to keep trim, and as such he has very little fat on him. He's very vain when it comes to his appearance, knowing that his good looks are a part of his attraction. He still maintains a slight rugged look about him, like he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's likely to dress in clothing that highlights his appearance, but he'll sacrifice a shirt in a heartbeat if needed.

He's not much for grand gestures, being much more of a direct kind of guy. He doesn't 'talk with his hands' or anything of the sort, but his face is very expressive. A raised eyebrow here, a small twitch of his lips there. If someone learns how to read him, it's all in his face. He's doesn't have a broad wide smile, more like a grin for other people. Still, he's got one of those beautiful, mysterious and compelling smiles that simply makes him (in his own opinion) irrestistable!

He has some Threadscoring on his left shoulder.


As a youth, Saerennryll was cocky and arrogant and feels destined to be someone great and important. He knew he was beautiful and able to get most young Hold girls. Of course, when some of the holder girls didn't want him, well…they changed their mind eventually. He loves runners, and his confidence is partly due to his ability to handle them so well. Saere is intelligent and patient, two qualities that go a long way towards getting him what he wants. He does have a bit of a complex because his parents were nobodies in Fort Hold. He's decided that no matter what, that won't be him.

When he arrived at the Weyr, Saere underwent a transformation. His initial attempts to bully his way up the chain of command in the Barracks only resulted in him being more ostracized than anything. The first Hatching he stood for saw one of his few friends Impress bronze. He took to bullying another kid who impressed in the same Clutch as a goldrider Bredawn. Seeing those around him Impress but being himself left on the Sands provided the incentive Saere needed. He began to make an effort to do the opposite of what he normally would, and while some might struggle to call him 'nice', he was certainly more helpful than before and began to demonstrate traits of leadership. He refers to this time period as his "Mr. Likeable" campaign.

Through weyrlinghood, he continued to progress, mostly in his efforts to become leadership material and hopefully, one day, become Weyrleader. His close relationship with weyrwoman Bredawn also helped to shape him. He made several promises to her, and that included never bullying greenriders just because they rode green. While he still personally dislikes the idea of mating flights with other males, he has befriended those in his weyrling class. He sees it as his duty to be their strong leader, but yet to be personable enough to have them feel comfortable with him.

His attitudes towards women have changed as well. While before they were nothing more than a means to an end (his own), his close friendships with women have made him realize that they have their own merits. His ambitious goals make all three women prudent choices, as one is already a goldrider and the other are very likely gold hopefuls. He sometimes has trouble balancing his need for physical companionship with his focus on self-improvement and sometimes believes the two are mutually exclusive.

S'ryll believes in himself and in his ability to lead others to become better riders. It is this belief in his own inherent abilities that made him volunteer for Ista. He wants to be a hero. "If we do nothing, if no one comes to help Ista, then eventually this Weyr collapses. When that happens, and the rest of the Weyrs have to fly double or triple Falls to cover for it, more of my friends will die. More of your friends will die. So I can wait for that to happen, for my friends to die around me because I did nothing. Or I can do something. It may not make a difference. It may mean my death. But I can't wait and put my friends at risk because I choose to do nothing."


Birthplace: Fort Hold, 8.425.7.2

Born to two workers at Fort Hold, Saerennryll grew up like most Hold boys, getting into trouble, doing extra chores for getting into trouble, and trying his luck with the ladies.

Growing up in Fort Hold, Saere apprenticed as a beastcrafter. During one such round of chores, he found himself in the stables mucking out stalls. He noticed one runner lying on its side, breathing heavily and nipping at its belly. The master beastcrafter was quite thankful that the boy had recognized the signs of colic and apprenticed him on the spot. He later became a jockey and showed a true affinity for racing. He rarely fell off a runner, had a great seat, and a good head for split-second decisions and risk assessment. These were skills that served him well later as a dragonrider. He ascended quickly to jm status.

Saere was adamant in his determination to not end up like his parents, blissfully working low positions in someone else's hold. He wanted to make something for himself, some place in the world. Runner racing was certainly a lucrative sport with all the Lords owning and racing. If he could become a jockey for one of them…well, he might just have a chance in life.

He was Searched by a visiting rider to the Hold. It wasn't intentional on his part. He'd never considered being a dragonrider. But the idea, once in his head, took root and grew. Saere set his sights on being Weyrleader one day…the Impressing of the bronze and the winning of the necessary flights only a matter of time. So he left for the Weyr with barely a goodbye to his parents.

Saere has now stood for 2 Hatchings and been left at both of them; his ego and confidence tells him that his bronze simply hasn't Hatched…yet. He managed to piss off several people during his last Candidacy. He also made a deal with the new goldrider Bredawn. He's learning that being the outright bold and commanding figure he'd been at Fort Hold isn't going to get him as far here at the Weyr, and he's actively working on changing his perception.

During his last round of Candidacy, he began tutoring a girl in exchange for sex. He began to develop feelings for her, but still kept her at arms length. He's overly concerned about keeping on a straight path for his future, on focusing on the training needed to become a Wingleader, and one day Weyrleader. A serious relationship, he feels, will only divert his attention. Yet he went back to her once his weyrling restrictions were lifted, even making romantic gestures that might hint at more underlying feelings.

His relationship with Bredawn has also changed. At one point, he pledged to be her brother, but that pledge has been forgotten at her own request. He sees her as the key to his future as Weyrleader, figuring that by the time he's ready to assume the role, she may very well be Senior Queen. Still, he attributes his change, and thus his dragon, to her influence. He loves her, but in a patient way, one that doesn't need to be her mate quite yet, for the same reasons that he doesn't want to get serious with the girl from Candidacey. But he's protective of her, perhaps to his own detriment.

He finally Impressed on his 3rd times on the Sands. Vastolth, a bronze, is the most amazing dragon to his rider of course. The bronze fits with S'ryll in a way that the younger version could never have imagined. They push each other, yet Vastolth is as unique as his rider in his own crazy ways.

He'd also been spending time with one of Fort's Wingleaders, hoping to learn from the older bronzerider. They'd met during Saere's Candidacy when he helped the Rider bathe his bronze. He respects him and hopes that by learning from him, he'll further his own goals.

While still a weyrling, his girlfriend became pregnant. S'ryll supported her desire to be a Candidate in the next Clutch and took her between. Part of him resented the abortion, wanting the child as his legacy. The loss of the child, and girl's later Impression to a greendragon, slowly undermined their relationship until it deteriorated beyond repair.

He was in a relationship with Bredawn for several Turns after weyrlinghood. Their relationship was one of degrees and extremes. Bredawn constantly searched for her own place in the Weyr and her duties to it. The two were both too similar in their dedication to the Weyr, and too young in their positions, to be successful in their relationship to each other. It ended recently with both parties hurt and feeling betrayed. In truth, this played greatly in his reasons for volunteering for the Ista project.



Father: Renoll, Fort Hold
Mother: Saeri, Fort Hold





Former Lovers

Bredawn, Fortian Goldrider
Unnamed Female Fortian Greenrider



S'ryll's Dragon: Bronze Vastolth

Dragon Name: Vastolth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 5
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr
Wing : windraiders


To call an adult Vastolth a giant would be the complete truth. Being near what's considered largest for his size he doesn't merely loom above the smaller dragons, there are bulky muscles sculpting his form to appear even larger. All his musculature is decidedly meant for use and his proud stance, with snout raised in condescending manner over his lessers, makes it seem he'd take an insult personally. At Hatching however he will seem small, and rather round, but during his first few months of Weyrlinghood he will bulk up and out into a giant of a bronze. His lower jaw's set somewhat forward and in his mouth are sharp teeth, almost as narrow as needles waiting to puncture their prey. Though when he's smaller they're prone to breaking on mouthfuls that're too big, that's something he'll outgrow within the first Turn after hatching. Across him, however, a bronze coloration stretches verging on paleness so much he stands in brilliant contrast among the weyrwalls surrounding Fort, more odd is the fallow bronze markings scribbled over his wings. They crisscross written like distorted letters piled one on top of another to the point no one could read them.


If ever there was an embodiment of the Fort's strict traditionalism it is Vastolth. He knows he is the top dog of the Weyr, knows that he is one of ‘the’ Bronzes, and he acts accordingly. He might not be the most intellectual dragon ever produced by Fort, but his bulk and physical presence make up for the lack of smarts. To him blues are nothing, browns are handy backup and greens are only good to flirt with. Only the golden queens will earn his respect, and his charm. In his mind he is a worthy mate, the most worthy of them all, and should he be rejected in anything, it could get ugly.

It is strange that a Bronze should be so narcissistic; normally it is the territory of the flighty greens. But to Vastolth he is superior and he will make sure to let everyone know just how incredibly awesome he is. He is Fort’s favourite son…at least in his own mind and his rider will have his work cut out for him, trying to restrain this very large ego.

Yet despite these natural tendencies, he tries for his Rider's sake. He's made friends with several other dragons of lesser colors. He cracks jokes with them (he is relatively funny, but not always on purpose) and shares ledge space. He has his pet greens. But Bredawn's gold, Amanacerth, is the true sun for him. She sets the tone for what he believes a gold should be, despite her later rejection of him.

He tends to have insight into his rider at times when his rider's judgment may be clouded. He's brutally honest. He's quick to criticize when it comes to wing dynamics. But it's never malicious and always given with the intent to improve. His compliments are less frequent, but always given when deserved. Yet he does not dilute their value by giving them out too often.

Vastolth is smart enough to realize that he's not the most intelligent dragon, and smart enough to rely on Saere to help him make up for that. He's also got a protective streak for those he cares about. His physical bulk means that he'll be the muscle when that's what his rider's needs, and he's slowly learning to extend that same protectiveness to his Clutchmates. His size means that he sacrifices agility, but he has surprising endurance given his weight. He's not the quickest starter, taking several wingstrokes to get going.

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