Location Ista Weyr
Position Weyrling
Birthdate 8.432.11.05 (21)
Birthplace Mining Hold, Telgar Protectorate
Played-By Jason Momoa
Sexuality Bisexual
Player Siarna

S'rindal is a big man. Part of this is genetic, from his Smithcraft family that had broad shoulders and barrel chests. The rest is from being on the move or working in the Smithcraft. He is a man that loves physical activity, loves to work for the sake of feeling the burn of muscles working. He works himself hard, both in his craft and in his spare time, and it shows in his muscles. His skin was fair when he first came to Ista, but after three turns in the sun it's darkened appropriately, and burned much less than his pale comrades. He's has a single tattoo, a set of geometric shapes located on the inside of his left forearm, running from just under his elbow to his wrist. While it's not necessarily a proud part of S'rindal's life, he hides it less than he likes; he still finds it too hot to wear sleeves in any season. He'd much prefer if nobody mentions the silly thing.

S'rindal is the guy with a smile on his face and twinkling eyes, always ready for a laugh. His face is broad with a heavy jaw and brows, with his dark brown eyes peeking out from underneath. His hair is thick and dark and with a decisive curl. He's grown it out over the past turn and a half so it falls down his back, though now he mostly ties it up into a runnertail or a bun. He's thought about cutting it, but he loves running his hands through it. Although he was so gung-ho on growing a beard, he swings between shaving it and growing it out, leaving him in a natural state of stubble.


S'rindal is a ridiculously likeable guy. He’s super suave and charismatic and has a way of making you want to be his friend, even when you think you want to hate him. He’s laid-back and not easily goaded into confrontation and he works to diffuse situations, rather than create them. The key to all of this is to make people feel special and important, to try to help give them *value* because that’s all anyone ever wants, right? He wants to help people, make them feel like they matter. He’s patient and forgiving, but it’s possible to get on his bad side. He doesn’t lash out, like others. His need to avoid confrontation isn’t just to diffuse situations; it’s to ignore them completely. If he’s actually turning you a cold shoulder then you’ve really done something wrong, something so very awful that even this forgiving guy can’t stand you.

Despite being hesitant at first, he’s really grown to love Ista and all of the people who live there. It’s become more of a home to him than Telgar ever had and he’s really grown to respect the locals. They actually are a tougher and hardier bunch, in his opinion and he’s not shy about letting them know. There’s a pride in having worked his way to earn the trust of some of the candidates, bonding with some and proving to them that his loyalty is 100% with Ista. Screw Telgar, screw his idiot, loudmouth sister and screw their new dickhead Weyrleader. He can clearly see the trouble M’drasen is causing and is the first to renounce him. He wishes, wholeheartedly, that the other Istans might accept him, although he's found his own family among the other outsider kids, particularly B'salen and L'fer.

Impressing Simodoth could be the best or the worst thing that could happen to S'rindal. The first few months will see a variety of emotions; ecstatic, ashamed, angry. Ecstatic for finally Impressing, ecstatic that Simodoth is here and real and oh-so-His. Angry that everyone stares at them like they're both deformed, that he must explain why Simodoth came out of the egg like that, how he Impressed a useless dragon that might not even be able to Fight Thread. He's ashamed that he cares so much about what people think. Despite his flaws, despite everything, Simodoth is his perfect blue, and how dare anyone even suggest otherwise or take advantage of them. He's teetering on the edge of emotions, and he's going to be high strung enough that any slight, any perceived insult, is going to send him off the edge.

Common Knowledge
-He and L'fer have an interesting relationship. He's not sure what that is yet.
-He is ashamed of his sister Sorley and her antics. He loves Ista but he can't believe he came for her.


S'rindal’s family owns a small mine that is particularly famous for their high yield precious stones. It’s actually turned into quite the bustling hold, as his family hired smiths and miners and began to bring in the marks and trades. They made jewelry, knives, pretty baubles, and trinkets that catered to Pern’s economic elite. He was doted on as a child, but as the middle child of seven children, he was often just one of many. His parents were hidebound to the point of backwardness, and driven by strict rules of propriety. While this was usually geared towards their perfect little girls, S'rindal found himself chafing under his parents’ rules as he grew older.

Being a middle child, his family didn’t think too hard about his future. The eldest son was being groomed for leadership. The daughters were being strategically married off to crafters or holders. The middle sons were being apprenticed to crafters or finding wives in nearby holds. S'rindal hated the idea, but he was too young to be Searched when the dragons came calling the first time. He grudgingly resigned himself to an arranged marriage and crafter training.

S'rindal always adored his big sister Sorley and looked up to her. When her husband died, it tore him apart to see her in such grief. The dragons coming back on Search brought him more joy than just seeing the dragons: she brightened in a way that no one had seen since the accident. When the dragons came calling again, his family grudgingly let him go. Just to keep an eye on Sorley, he assured them.

Living in the Weyr was like finally returning home. He thrived in his candidate lessons, met new people and experienced new things. His parents crossed his mind a few times (though it was to think that he could never tell them what he was doing). He thrived in Weyrlife more than he ever thought possible, like a giant weight was lifted off his shoulders.

When hatching came and went, Sorley walked off the Sands with a little blue named Kasheth. Their parents were furious but there was nothing they could do about it. While S'rindal didn’t walk off the sands with a dragon of his own, the hatching finally pulled the pieces together. He was meant to ride a dragon. The dragons had Searched him, whether his family like it or not, and they returned to their hold without either of their children. S'rindal didn’t see much of his sister after the hatching, between Weyrlinghood duties and later Wingrider ones. He still looked up to her, despite her gradual shift in personality. She was getting over her husband’s death, he told himself. She was growing back into that happy girl he remembered. It took a few turns before he realized the change in his sister, and by then it was far too late. He still looked up to her: after all, SHE was a dragonrider. She had more privileges than he. How was he to know how dragonriders acted?

One Gather, when S'rindal was 17, Sorley convinced him to get a tattoo with her. He was a little drunk, and even more determined to earn her affection, that he let her pick out his design. The symmetrical shapes didn’t mean much to either of them (it looked ‘cool’, she said), and he toughed it out despite his nausea and the pain. He’ll never do it again, but it rests as a mark of pride along the inside of his arm.

It took a ton of petitioning to have his transfer to Ista approved. Unlike Sorely, he wasn’t as much of a trouble-maker and Ista wasn’t overly keen about accepting too many of these foreign candidates, but eventually S'rindal was given grudging permission. While he promised to go help keep his sister in line, he found himself quickly ashamed of her behaviour and did his best to distance himself from her or any other Outsider. He didn’t want to be lumped in with them, not when he instantly fell in love with Ista Weyr and her people. This wasn’t some weak Weyr, they were strong and proud and were suffering from a grave tragedy and he wanted to be part of that.

It took work, but he managed to work his way in with a crowd of locals that were kind of a big deal in the barracks and it broke his heart to see them fall apart. A couple impressed away, their leader fell ill and recovery was slow (though S'rindal suspected that it was more than that keeping Varuxan away) and the group became distant. He’d never been an overly strong leader and he had no hope of stepping up to fill that role as an Outsider. He was a good support, but nothing more, so when Varuxan returned to rally the banners S'rindal was overjoyed.

The Strike ended as quickly as it started, with Miannae fading away to the Healer Hall and Varuxan parting ways again. S'rindal forged new friendships, both with the Istan candidates and with the Outsider ones. He's overly fond of his friend L'fer, though he's unsure exactly where the tentative relationship is heading. Now that he's impressed his Simodoth, he doesn't exactly have the time to think on it.


Sorley of blue Kasheth


L'fer of brown Cavarith
B'salen of green Pyrikoth
Zeff of blue Murumbith


Color Blue
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate (hatchling)
Wing DreamChasers

Simodoth is a dragon which attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. The color of his hide is a sickly, pale blue grey, with just enough color in it to prove to the world that yes, he is a blue. But that's not what will garner the most attention. Immediately it will become apparent that something very wrong happened to him while he was inside his egg: there's a large lump of bone and muscle at the base of his neck that's caused his shoulders to be permanently hunched. As a result he walks with a limping gait, feet shuffling in the dirt as he moves along. In the air this won't prove to be a handicap against him as he can fly and flame like the best of them.

His left eye ridge is also noticeably pronounced, engulfing his eye as though swollen. This will be the only obstacle he has in Threadfall as it limits his vision considerably. Lastly, the tip of his nose is flattened, as though smashed against glass, which does little else than make his breathing sound labored. His mindvoice is soft, normally murmured or whispers, as if he's intruding on His' thoughts by simply being. It's light, too, though decidedly male, which contrasts against S'rindal's deep, almost gruff-sounding voice.


The first thing most people notice about Simodoth, ironically, is that he's hardly noticeable at all. He has a penchant for lurking in the darkest fringes where he can quietly observe, partly out of habit and partly out of a desire not to put himself in the limelight. Even as a fully grown dragon he will take to shying away from the center of the room, as it were, leaving his rider the one to be beneath everyone's eyes. Well aware that there's something wrong with him, he doesn't want people to see him if he can help it, which will be quite the challenge for his rider from the very start. The world seems so very far away from him, taunting him with a happiness that he'll never truly obtain because he had the gall to be born differently.

However, there is a definite kindness in his heart. Simodoth feels no resentment or bitterness toward the world for its normalcy, putting every ounce of energy he has into charity and small acts of kindness that might brighten someone's day. He will never envy anyone nor want more than his lot in life. This is a dragon who will have no trouble speaking to other people and may someday develop the talent for Searching, especially once he learns that the world isn't so cruel after all. He will need a lot of encouragement from his rider to get past the crippling emotional barriers that hold him back.

The only thing that will really get his goat up is bullying. He cannot sit idly by and watch anyone be mocked or tortured for who or what they are — though as soon as the attention is turned to him, he may very well turn tail and run.

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