Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Basic Information

S'keldri was born the second son of the Steward of Fort Hold and so from an early age he had his own version of a sense of entitlement. His is the blood that reaches back to the first Holders, he is a son of Fort Hold. How could be not be proud of that! It's not that he thinks people should drop down before him and bow (he wouldn't say no if they did, I mean who would?) but he does think that his bloodline should warrant him /something/. And not just /his/ bloodline. Others descended from high bloodlines are treated with the warmth that should be presented to an equal. Likewise in the Weyrs, Goldrider bloodlines are clearly of a superior stock and therefore worthy of treating with utmost civility. As for Bronze, Brown, Blue or his fellow greenriders, well he sees absolutely not a whit of difference between them. A green can lead as well as a bronze, and Fort's stuffiness in insisting on senior bronze and brownriders ONLY, chafed at him mightily.

He's actually kind of a dick, haughty when it comes to his heritage, proud when it comes to his dragon, and always ready with some kind of smart remark back, a trait which infuriated his old stuffy wingleader at Fort. S'keldri is still a young man supremely proud of himself, and even with the advent of Fall and the subsequent casualties, still believes himself to be infallible. He walks through life expecting things to work out for him, and when they don't, he just bulldozes through until he finds something in the situation worth claiming as a victory. He thinks the rules don't apply to him, especially the ones he thinks are stupid anyway, and somehow until now luck has carried him through relatively unscathed. Eventually however something will go wrong, and it will be a real struggle for S'keldri to pick himself up from it.

Until then he answers back, ignores rules, and thinks his lineage makes up for any flaws he might have.

No wonder Fort sent him away.

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