Character type: Brownrider

Rank: Wingsecond (?)

Age: 40

Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heteroflexible


S’kazo stands just shy of 6’8”, with broad shoulders and strong muscles from decades of dragonriding. He has dark brown skin, both from genetics and a life spent primarily out-of-doors. He’s bald - when he was younger he shaved his head, but now it’s natural. He still sports a carefully trimmed circle beard though, and often strokes it when he’s deep in thought. He sports tattoos down both arms and legs, most of them various dragon patterns. He did most of them himself, and if you catch him in a good mood, he’ll show them off to demonstrate how his skill has grown over the Turns. There is a large patch of healing threadscore across his chest from the first Fall.


S’kazo is a very hard man to ignore. Not only is he physically imposing, but he has the sort of *presence* that can easily fill a room. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s loud. He has a natural deep voice that carries, even when he’s speaking quietly. And when he’s trying to be heard? Well, there are dragonriders who’ve sworn they’ve heard him when they were on the Rim and he was at the opposite end of the Bowl.

S’kazo considers himself quite the outdoorsman and loves going hiking or climbing in the forests around the Weyr. Before the Pass started, he loved to go out for several days into the wilds, just him and Eritath. With permission of course - S’kazo would never dream of thumbing his nose at authority like that. He’s a strong believer in the Weyr hierarchy, even if it does mean Eritath’s brown hide means they will most likely never be Wingleaders like he would want.

Despite his love for the wilds, he also loves the Weyr and all its people. He may hate or dislike individuals, but as a general rule, unless you’ve annoyed him, S’kazo likes you. He’s a very social person especially with his wingmates. He’s fond of drinking and gambling, though rarely to excess. While he’s had very few long term romantic relationships, he’s fond of casual, friendly sex. Outside of mating flights he tends to prefer women, but he’s taken a man to his bed on a couple of occasions. He’s sired three children he is aware of, and does try to at least be a presence in their lives, but he doesn’t really understand children very well.

All of S’kazo’s friendliness and such is presuming you’re an Istan. While he admits (grudgingly) that the Weyr needs transfers to help fight Thread, as far as he’s concerned, they should all be stuck in their own Wing or Wings, and be shoved out again the moment Ista’s bred enough to regain its strength. He hates that T’rain was willing to promote Outsider bronzeriders over Istans, and he’s hoping that R’fan will reverse this trend. While he will work with Outsider riders - fighting Thread is more important than any interpersonal issues - he makes it a point to interact with them as little as possible. The sooner they realize they’re not wanted, the better.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.410.12.17

Serkazo was, like many weyrbrats, the child of a bluerider and a Tanner. Yes, the bluerider was his mother and the tanner his father, but other than that he was pretty much the textbook example of a weyrbrat. He dreamed of being a dragonrider of course, like most children at the Weyr, but he was also practical enough to start training with his father and the other Weyrtanners, just in case he didn’t Impress. Not as a formal apprentice though - he didn’t want to have to abandon a formal Craft if/when he Impressed. That had the consequence of him being assigned mostly the drudgery work - repairs and oiling and the like. He was a good hand with a needle though, and good at detail work. Noticing this, and having caught young Serkazo sketching designs on the edges of various chalkboards on various occasions, one of the older Tanners taught him the basics of tattooing, an art he’s continued to hone throughout his life.

Serkazo stood as a Candidate several times before Impressing. Like many boys, he’d hoped to Impress a bronze, but Eritath was such a perfect fit from the very start that he couldn’t find it in himself to complain. Weyrling training was harder than he’d thought - not physically but mentally. While he was decently intelligent, it felt like there was just so much he was suddenly expected to know and memorize. But he pushed himself, often staying up past lights out, studying with purloined glows under his covers. He was far steadier and more level-headed than a lot of boys his age, something the Weyrlingstaff was quick to acknowledge and encourage, putting him in leadership positions and grooming him for rank later in life. Sure, Wingleaders were usually bronzeriders, but good Wingseconds were worth their weight in gold.

Still, S’kazo flew as wingrider for nearly a decade. Without Thread falling, there wasn’t the sort of turnover there would be in a Pass, and thus little opportunity for advancement. But people do get older, and finally a Wingsecond stepped down and S’kazo and Eritath were promoted. And while he might have held secret hopes for an eventual Wingleadership, he knew that was practically impossible, especially with the rising population of dragons in the Weyr.

And then the First Fall happened. S’kazo considered himself very lucky to have escaped with only superficial scoring, well aware that it was only Eritath’s quick reaction taking them *between* that saved him from much worse. Like most of the Weyr, he lost many friends that day. And logically he knows that the Weyr needed to bring people in to fill in the gaps, but he really resents the number of Outsiders who’ve recently been transferred in. Especially the bronzeriders, because there had been a tiny part of him that had hoped the Weyr’s losses might give him that rare chance at Wingleadership.

He hopes things will be different under R’fan. Ista is for Istans, not these obnoxious foreigners.



Mother: Seila, rider of blue Tamoth, 62
Father: Jorkazo, master Tanner, deceased
Siblings: Probably several, both full and half
Children: Three he knows of (two boys and a girl), possibly more.

S'kazo's Dragon: Brown Eritath

Dragon Name: Eritath

Colour: Brown

Age: 24

Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.427.9.5
Wing: Windraiders


The majority of Eritath’s hide almost perfectly matches S’kazo’s skin, an even dark brown color with little variation. Well, at least until you get to his feet and underbelly. There it looks like he recently ran through a puddle of tan paint and it splashed up his legs and onto his underbelly. It’s certainly an interesting effect, if not the most attractive one.

Aside from his coloring issues, Eritath is a very well formed dragon, nearly a Platonic ideal of what a brown should look like. He’s large, with a deep chest and a broad wingspan that gives him excellent stamina. His head and neck are both slightly longer than average, and he has very pronounced eye ridges.

Even when just laying around, Eritath is always alert, his head up and looking around except when he’s actually sleeping. Other than that though, he holds himself very still most of the time, ever ready to explode into motion at a moment’s notice. He may not be the swiftest flyer, but he’s one of the fastest getting into the air.


Anyone who thinks greens have a lock on being gossipy flirts has never met Eritath. There is little the brown loves better than to sit sunning on the Weyr Rim, chatting with any and all dragons that pass by, picking up every bit of gossip and rumor currently running around they Weyr. Unlike his rider, Eritath makes no distinction between Outsider and Istan dragons - he’ll happily chatter with anyone who’ll listen. This has caused some friction between him and S’kazo, especially when Eritath will start flirting up an Outsider green. He just doesn’t understand why coming from another place would make a dragon good or bad, and he often tries to get S’kazo to explain it to him. Unfortunately, these discussions usually end with S’kazo throwing up his hands and saying “It just does!” and refusing to talk more about it. But Eritath knows the Outsiders make his rider unhappy, and he just wants to understand why.

Part of why he’s such a gossip is that Eritath has a burning desire to *know* things. Unfortunately, the limitations of draconic memory mean he often has to have things explained multiple times to him before he really internalizes the concepts. It’s something that frustrates him on a deep, almost unconscious level, but he tries to deal with it by just learning more and more.

As part of his desire to know things, Eritath is more willing than most dragons to talk to people who aren’t his rider, especially if he thinks they might know something interesting. Harpers are his favorites, as they tend to know the best stories and tend to be less skittish when he talks to them. He’s also developed a very good ear for music. He will often say it’s one of the great tragedies of his life that S’kazo is a terrible singer.

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