Writer: Aaron

Character type: Candidate
Rank: Apprentice
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


While Iskander closely resembles his father as a boy in most respects - his gold-brown eyes, his curly, brown hair kept just long enough to cover half of his ears and threaten to get in his eyes, and his compact, muscular build, he has none of his father's height. His hair, though black, gains something of a reddish tint in summer when lightened by the sun, and it is soft and silky.

Taking after his mother's family, he remains only five feet, one inch tall, and no amount of hoping has seen him hit another growth spurt. His complexion, an easily sun-darkened olive tone, tends to be darker than his father's by quite a bit; his mother was much darker still. There is very little in the way of body hair to grace Iskander's skin. His chest, back, tummy, upper arms and thighs bear almost no hair whatsoever, and what little he has elsewhere is sparse. His attempts to grow facial hair have been so far embarrassing at best, so he is sure to shave at least once a sevenday to avoid accumulating peach fuzz. He has a tenor voice that no longer breaks.

Iskander's face is not quite what one would describe as handsome, as he still retains too much of a boyish look to evoke a strong sense of masculinity, muscles aside, but neither is he ugly. Iskander is best described as cute, adorable, perhaps cuddly.

Iskander prefers to dress as lightly as possible, going stripped to the waist when he can get away with it. Whether he is attempting to show his body or is simply hot-natured is anyone's guess, but the truth is a combination of both. He favors blue and green clothes in addition to the standard browns and earth tones. It is nearly impossible to get the boy to put on a pair of shoes, and his mother and fosters had to hold him down to get socks and boots onto him and frequently gave up when he simply had them off again in a matter of minutes. The seams of socks and the rigidness of hard leather drive Iskander batty.

While his coebling talent might be limited, he wears a blue braided leather cord bracelet, which he wove himself, around his left wrist. He can almost always be found with a stick of rock candy in his mouth, and his lips are often stained with the food dye.


Iskander has a quick wit and a sharp tongue, both developed as a defense mechanism when teased about his height, along with quick feet and sharp fists that developed when his mouth got too big for his breeches. He is a loyal, dedicated friend, quick to come to the defense of his family, friends, and those in his "in" group, but he can also be hotheaded and ascerbic even to friends when insulted and is especially sensitive about his height. He generally refuses any offers of help that imply he cannot do something because he is too stort or cannot reach.

Iskander, despite his profession, is dismal at cobbling. He never wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, but he found himself apprenticed anyhow out of a strong aversion to disappointing the man. His best feat of leatherworking consists of a hobby of making braided leather bracelets, which he often gives to his friends. He has never enjoyed being cooped up inside and tends to become restless, anxious, and fidgety when unable to venture out, and due to his height and reluctance to ask for help in reaching high things, developed a strong urge to climb things, be they trees, rocks, or shelves.

Iskander is as sexually promiscuous as they come. Things like "genitalia," "attractiveness," and "age" never get in his way, and he has eagerly pursued sexual liaison with both boys and girls his age and older men and women regardless of whether anyone finds them beautiful or uglier than sin. He has yet to encounter love.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.436.6.17

Iskander was the first born son of a cobbler and a clerk, both in the employ of the Ista Weyr lower caverns. He was his father's pride and joy, and he grew up under the shadow of a constant assumption that he would follow in his father's footsteps. To Iskander, his father was everything he wanted to be - tall, strong, ruggedly handsome - and he assumed just like everyone else that to be like him, he would have to do what his father did. The trouble arose in that Iskander hated shoes. Not only was he horrible when it came to making them, he hated to wear them! The feel of sock seams against his foot and of shoes or anything else restricting his toes drove Iskander to fidgeting distraction. Despite this and his complete lack of interest in the trade, he stubbornly continued to pursue it in hopes of one day impressing his father.

Iskander, like any other weyrbred boy, was expected to Stand when there were eggs on the sands, and he eagerly fulfilled that expectation. Impression, he thought, was the only way to escape cobbling without becoming a disappointment to his father.



Father - Anderet, +28 Turns, Master Cobbler
Mother - Karisse, +26 Turns, Clerk
Siblings - Open







S'kand's Dragon: Green Danuath

Dragon Name: Danuath
Colour: Green
Age: <1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: SunRunners


From the moment she hatches, Danuath will be a lovely little green. Everything about her seems warm, soft and comforting. There are no hard edges, no firm lines. Her face is softly rounded rather than angular, her body is well fleshed, not tubby but certainly not heavily muscled, and not rail thin either. She’s large in size for a green, one of the largest in this class of dragons, but unlike others that might charge their way with bulk, Danuath is simply a warm presence.

Her hide also makes her quite unique. The predominant shade of green over her smooth hide, is a soft pale shade, almost blurry, like the hide underneath is fuzzy rather than sleek. Down her spine is one long stripe of dark green, from between her headknobs to down to the tip of her tail, and curling from it are branch like tendrils, in all the shades of green you can imagine, with little shapes almost like leaves sprouting from them, making her a very distinctive little green. And one that blends in very well around trees.


Somewhere in this clutch of passionate and combative personalities, there surely had to be someone steady, and it seems that Danuath is that dragon. The instant her feet touch the ground she is the voice of common sense and of reason. She is the dragon who points out the hole in the plan, the reckless foolishness it holds and she is the dragon who very much thrives on pointing out the practicalities of the world. And she is very practical.

This is not a dragon of whimsy, not one to lose her head in the clouds or in a panic. No this is a dragon of strong earth, sensible, level headed, intelligent, and calm.

She will always have a fascination with the lower caverns and with the crafters of the weyr, finding their work completely intriguing, and her rider should be prepared for her to bring a whole slough of ideas home to personalise their home, first their wallow and then their weyr. In her mind the place they live should be a home, and while it doesn’t have to be perfect, she does want it to feel like it is theirs, and only theirs.

You will not see Danuath lose her temper, in fact you may wonder if this lovely little dragon even has one. She will be fierce in fighting thread, protecting her home and the people she considers her family. But most of the time she will be calm, steady and strong, unhurried and unruffled. But that also means she will form strong attachments. Her clutch and then her Wing will be her family, she will love them, and protect them with her life. Her rider will very likely have to stop her from spiralling into despair with every loss sustained during their years as a fighting pair.


Craft: Leather (Cobbler)
Rank: Apprentice

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