Writer: Rendrian
Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider (Grand Moff Douchenozzle)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Officially hetero, but gets what he wants


Surely this is a hero, right? He must be, with those flowing if short locks the color of Igenian deserts, that broad chest and strong shoulders. Those arms that bulge seductively with muscles that assures protection from Thread and man alike. Yes, this is the heroic bronzerider S’dren of Benden. His eyes match the color of the deep sea surrounding the island of Ista and, when conducive to getting a pretty little lady into S’dren’s furs, can be made to churn with the appearance of deep and passionate emotions. Of course, whether or not he *actually* feels those emotions is anyone’s guess(hint- he doesn’t).

When it comes to his attire, S’dren prefers thick leather pants that show him off but don’t look so… greenrider-y about it. His shirts are a manly sort of tight that make the ladies swoon (if men swoon he’d rather not know about it thank you very much… freaks). His own manly scent is accented usually by a custom scent he has made for him that bears the scents of vanilla, sandlewood, and musk. Yes, he’ll gladly show off what Faranth gave him as much as a bronzerider should so long as the only ones hanging off him are beautiful woman, preferably women of rank but hey, you can’t only fly the senior queen, right? One thing you’ll never see hanging off him or bundled in his arms would be one of his numerous children. Not one for children, is S’dren.


Think of the most entitled, selfish, self-important, vain person you can and you might get close to S'dren.

He's the son of a bronzerider, and all down his paternal line they have all been bronzeriders. That is his legacy, to be the latest in that great lineage to achieve bronze. As such he just sees himself as just plain better than the rest of the riders around him, even his fellow bronzeriders, although he treats them more like colleagues rather than lesser beings. He was always meant to Impress bronze and join their ranks, and then when the time was right it would be his duty to lead them, as his father has done, his grandfather…and so on. At a Weyr like Fort, which is all about pedigree and lineage, perhaps this would have been more impressive to his fellows…at Benden however everyone just quietly thought him a bit of an ass.

Because S’dren doesn't just think he's superior, he acts like he is, like you are less than him. He expects women and men to just sleep with him should he decide he's interested (and men had better not blab about it). He expects ranks when he wants them, and mating flights too. And he's perfectly willing to tell you how lucky you are that he deigned to lavish you with his time. When it comes to his family, the only ones who matter are bronzeriders and maybe, *maybe* brownriders. Depending. Blue and greenriders are insignificant, especially females of either. His dragon can’t chase the greens and female blueriders of his family… just no. His children are treated the same- ranking colors or you’re not his.

Underneath all this however is a man who is terrified of being no one, of failing, of having nothing and no-one. This drives him to be ridiculously competitive desperate to be number one, even if he pretends not to care or try. This makes him actually a pretty fantastic wingrider, even if his successes make him ever more intolerable.


Birthday: 8.423.6.20

Senedren was his father’s firstborn son and the first of many children. He was taught of his lineage early on and grew with the pride of it deep in his heart. Crecheworkers tried to work it into his head that Benden didn’t put much stock into pedigree and he could easily find himself a Weyr worker instead of a rider and that’d be just as fine as a rider himself. Senedren snorted at that and carried on with his belief in his heart that he’d Impress to the biggest and best bronze that Benden had ever shelled. There wasn’t a shred of doubt in his mind that he’d do as his paternal line had done probably since the first bronze was ever shelled.

He didn’t disappoint… eventually. When he was twelve, Senedren stood as was expected but didn’t come out of it a rider. He felt like he’d let his family down but his father was quick to pull him out of that particular line of thought. Senedren was firmly told that just because he didn’t Impress his first time, that didn’t mean he would never Impress. In fact, it was probably better that he didn’t Impress so young- that way he could impose his rank easier once he did. That encouragement carried the boy though the next two Turns that he had to wait before his dazzling and brilliant and… probably far too sweet Oriniath. The important part was, he was a bronze, and he was S’dren’s.

Weyrlinghood was a gas, to say the least. S’dren finally had his promised bronze and was firmly on top of the world. His classmates were treated as his subjects and the other two bronzeriders as his advisors. He had to be called to task numerous times but each time it got too serious, his father would step in and smooth things over before the Weyrleader had to be involved.

When the call came from Ista, S'dren was called in and 'asked' to go to Ista. It was actually an expert piece of manipulation, making the young, arrogant bronzerider think they were sending him to a Weyr that was clearly useless and hopeless because clearly he was the man to fix them. In reality they just wanted him gone…and he is gone…thinking all the while that he is the only great hope for this backwards tropics Weyr.

S'dren's welcome at Ista was a very far cry from the parade with flowers, booze, and women he'd expected, downright cold and hateful when you really looked at it. He didn't really pay that much notice since the silly natives would have to have time to adjust to his altruism after that poor accident. The bronzerider stood by his thoughts that Ista needed all the help she could get if her riders would let that happen. S'dren sent Oriniath up after Tameketh but loses the flight to M'drasen. At first he resents M'drasen for his cheap tricks (even if just because S'dren hadn't thought of them himself), but those thoughts are immediately wiped away when he's named the new Wingleader of Seafury, his wing.

S'dren's Dragon: Bronze Oriniath

Dragon Name: Oriniath
Colour: Bronze
Age: 14
Weyr of Origin: Benden Weyr
Wing: Stormriders


Oriniath is a lovely looking bronze, long and strong, well muscled, really actually kind of perfect, with a coffee bronze look to him, or coffee that is with some honey and milk swirled in. He's very handsome, with a softness to his features as well as a friendly body language. He's in proportion although leans more towards long and slender rather than bulky like other bronzes.


Some might wonder why such a doll of a dragon chose such a dick as S'dren as his rider, because Oriniath is a sweetheart of a bronze. He's friendly to everyone he sees, he's approachable, loves talking to the candidates and is playful when engaging other playful dragons. In fact he's the perfect chameleon, smart enough for the bronzes and golds, playful enough for the browns and blues and friendly to the greens, while still assuring them that when it comes time to chase he will lavish them with his romantic attentions.

Unfortunately for Oriniath…he's just plain unlucky. Somehow he will always get himself into a fix, or injure himself, or get in the way, not because he's incompetent but because his luck is just that rotten. He's had more injuries than the rest of his wing put together, and sometimes he takes other people out with him…although he is always mortified when he does.

In S'dren's eyes though Oriniath is perfect and deserves only the best. And Oriniath loves him for that.

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