Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: ?


(PB: Theo Frilet) These days, Sachian is growing into an attractive fellow, with his father’s careless sandy brown hair and boyish good looks, complete with button nose and big hazel eyes. He didn’t hit his first growth spurt until later than most of his peers, and seemed to be growing double-time to catch up for a while. It left him skinny and gangly and awkward, without the height of most of the other boys his age. But he’s finally filling out a little, growing into his limbs and figuring out how to use them without looking quite so ridiculous. It remains to be seen whether he’ll hit another growth spurt soon or not.


For the longest time, Sachian has been the kid that just tries so hard… and yet never seems to come out on top. Though he was always willing to lend a hand, his attempts to help seemed to do nothing but result in a mess. When he tried to do all the same things the other kids were doing, bad luck would strike, leaving him either the recipient of angry shoving and name-calling, the butt of mean jokes, or the one left to clean up alone. He’s never been a deliberate troublemaker by any means, though he often ended up with extra chores and punishments due to mishaps. New Candidates were always offered a welcoming smile, regardless of where they came from, but the other kids always threw his reputation back into his face and told him to go away before anyone took him up on his mention of a tour— he’d likely just end up getting them lost.

For the longest time, Sachian tried to stay positive, despite constantly being torn down by his peers, who never let him forget the problems he’d caused, or the stupid things he did when he was younger. He was patient with anyone struggling with a task because he knew exactly what it was like to try and try and just not be able to get it right. He was genuinely interested in helping others, even though he tended to make a mess of things. He never complained about tasks being too hard, or too boring, like a lot of the other kids his age, and was receptive to taking on the tasks he could handle without problems when the adults who understood his limitations assigned them to him.

But lately, he’s wondered why he bothers, why he should try so hard. Most of the adults have given up on him, and he hardly has any friends. Most of the kids he grew up with— and likely some of the newcomers, due to their interference— think he’s an idiot. He’s still trying to live down the reputation he gained when he was young, and to overcome what people think of his father. He doubts he’ll ever be able to make them see beyond those things, though he’s still holding out hope for Impressing sooner rather than later. But if a dragon never looks his way, he doesn’t know what he’ll do. Maybe he’ll just leave the Weyr… and never come back.

Most people likely assume Sachian has the same problems his father has, in terms of learning— though he tries hard to hide it from the other kids. He does have some form of dyslexia, which makes it hard for him to get through the Candidate lessons that involve a lot of reading and writing. But if he eventually makes it through, the lessons stick. If he ever does Impress, hopefully the Weyrlingmaster will figure this out early on, and come up with some method to help him get through the lessons more easily, otherwise he’s going to continue to struggle.

As if to offset the disability, Sachian has an eye for detail, and a great memory for the little things— so much so that he’s able to sketch people and dragons from memory fairly well. Obviously, this ability would help him greatly if he had a dragon, especially for learning to go between. But without that, it’s fairly useless, unless someone is asking him to reproduce a map or create a portrait, or remember who he saw doing what and where.

Common Knowledge


Birthdate: (August 22, 1997)
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

It’s hard to kick a reputation you got as a child when most of your current peers are the same kids you were born and raised beside, and who shared cribs and beds and toys with you in the creche. Growing up, Sachian was a bit of a runt. Not sickly, no, but small and wholly unathletic; the sort of kid who threw with a limp wrist and was almost always a guaranteed strikeout in a rousing weyrbrat game of kickball. He got picked last by teams who complained loudly that it wasn’t fair that they got stuck with him, and everyone knew he was a crybaby and a chronic bed-wetter, too. The joke was that his vigorous older half-sister Sarza (and her milkbrother Jalnahvi) got all the nourishment their mother’s breast could give, leaving Sachian with nothing by the time he came around (the implication being that Sarza was a fat selfish hog, too — the fact that the joke was used to insult them both is probably the ONLY thing they have in common other than being birthed from the same canal).

His fostermum, and several of the crecheworkers, tried to gently steer him away from candidacy and towards a craft, or lower caverns work, or even crechework — he was always good with the little ones (perhaps latching onto those smaller and weaker than himself in an effort to feel bigger and stronger) — but Sachian, despite being hopelessly uncoordinated and not particularly bright, has never been one to give up. He has a lot to prove, and Impressing is the only way he can think of to both prove himself and dramatically redefine what his peers see and remember when they look at him.

It’s a double shame, then, that he still seems to be a born loser at almost everything he tries despite how much effort he puts in and how positive he tries to stay. It's chipping away at him, slowly but surely, little by little, and soon there may be nothing left.



Father: P'chian, rider of green Sulith
Mother: Sambra, lower caverns

Half-sister: Sarza, candidate
Probably another half-sib or two on Dad's side





Dragon Name: Morakath
Colour: Bronze
Age: Hatchling,
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr


Morakath is a dragon that hatched. Poorly. That does, unfortunately, set the scene for a lot of things about Morakath at first glance. Aren’t bronzes supposed to be bigger and bulkier? Can bronzes be that thin? That looks awfully small to be a bronze. Morakath, unfortunately, didn’t hatch nearly as big or as bulky as a typical bronze. He’s all angles and limbs, from long legs and overly-long wings that he has a tendency to trip and tumble over. He’ll take his time growing into his body because his body keeps outgrowing him, as it rushes to catch up to his bronze and brown brothers. He will even out to the size of an average bronze. Eventually. It will focus on the height before he packs on any real weight, leaving him looking surprisingly thin for his colour for most of weyrling training. And of course he will be just getting used to his lanky body when his body starts developing muscles and gaining weight and it will be back to the drawing board all over again.

He is a very dark bronze with not-so-subtle hints of green, which will certainly be detrimental to him should any of his classmates suggest that his small stature and smaller rider look particularly greenish. Morakath isn’t afraid to fight them. He will do it. Just see if he won’t.


He is a dragon who knows what he wants and is determined to get it. He knows he is a bronze. He just knows that he is meant to be a leader and he doesn’t give a flying fuck what the others in his class think of him. He knows the capabilities of his colour and what is naturally expected of him: he is the boss of his ragtag bunch of babies and he will not let anyone else assume otherwise! Unfortunately, he’s starting out rather small and gangly and (let’s face it) weak, and even the blues and greens will be able to dunk his nose in the sand for trying to boss them around. He’s going to need to try extra hard to get them to listen to him the way he feels they naturally SHOULD. It doesn’t help that he’s naturally a very headstrong and stubborn dragon, intent on doing things his way and charging off without taking the time to stop and think about whether it’s really the right thing to be doing. His ideas aren’t always bad, either, which may make this tendency harder to tame. He doesn’t like to stop and consider, because that might mean that the other loud voices in his clutch might second-guess him or worse, dismiss him entirely.

Like his rider, Morakath isn’t a very verbal dragon. He speaks plainly enough, certainly, to both his rider and to other dragons. He comes in loud and clear in his body language, in the verbal sounds he makes, in the emotions he transfers through their bond and projects to his peers. He’s not stupid, and that is clear to the dragons that interact with him; he can use words when he wants to, when it suits him to do so, when an emotion or an action just can’t quite convey what he wants. Words take time, and why should he bother trying to form words and sentences to convey meanings when he could send a feeling? He will learn, eventually, that communication is a key point to leadership, but like everything, it will take time for Morakath to realize that. It will only make those first words more poignant, more necessary, and more likely to be heard above the clamour of such boisterous personalities. Unfortunately for his rider, he’s not all that good at visualizations. Partially because he’s very often in the midst of being somewhere or doing something that he probably shouldn’t be doing, and the least he knows the better it will end up being for him. His rider doesn’t need to know that he’s hidden behind a very large rock, ready to pounce on Jomurnth THE SECOND HE LULLS HIMSELF INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

Despite his headstrong and willful tendencies, Morakath is still just a baby. He doesn’t quite know how to pick his battles just yet, which might lead to some tantrums and a lot of sulking, but he will just as likely be gung-ho to wrestle and play with his clutchmates when the opportunity arises, and just as likely to join or suggest a group nap in the sun. He is still a social creature, whether he or anybody likes it or not, and he might one day have that special charisma that a true leader might have.

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