Character Name: Rysyrra (Rys)
Character type: Candidate
Sexual Preference: Bi


Rys has long brown hair that tumbles down her back in waves. It's usually sun-bleached by Istan sun. She's got beautiful soft skin, almond-shaped hazel eyes, and full lips. She's grown into a lithe young woman with enough curves to earn her male attention. Her cheeks have a soft rosy glow to them. She is practically ignorant of how beautiful she is. It's just not what's important to her. She's not awkward though, and moves with an innate grace in her form. Her sexuality is innate and almost innocent, as she's just not aware of her own sex appeal. She spends very little time on her outward appearance, and is happy to let Isi pick out her clothes for her.


Rys is definitely the older more serious sister. She likes structure and rules and finds comfort in routines and organization. She knows her abilities and weaknesses, and tries very hard to work on improving herself. She's incredibly intelligent; she learned to read before others her age in the creche and was writing before them too. She's quick and not afraid to tell others when she's right. In this aspect, she can be stubborn. She just doesn't understand why others can't see when they're wrong. Isn't it as obvious to them as it is to her? She never intends to come off condescending, judgmental, or arrogant, but she certainly does sometimes. She's a practical person, and doesn't spend much time dwelling on dreams and creative concepts, though she'll occassionally entertain philosophical arguments.

Despite the reputation she's gotten, she still loves to have fun (when it's appropriate). Her laugh is like music, rippling out in melodic tendrils. Her voice is clear too, when she chooses to sing, which is rare. She enjoys runner riding, and will often go for long rides by herself or with her sister. It's one of the few activities her and Isi both love. She feels practically hopeless when it comes to men though. Boys her own age find her too smart and too honest. So she's usually attracted to older men and tends to shun those her own age. She finds most girls silly and trivial. She always tried to hold herself apart from the usual drama, which got her into trouble sometimes in the Creche and now with other Candidates.

Rys isn't one to need others. She's very independent and self-sufficient. She knows self-defense, can handle herself and not panic when in trouble, and will be able to find a logical solution to a problem. She anticipates problems, and tries to handle them before they even begin. Still, when she lays alone at night, she often wonders if a dragon will be too big of a shock for her. She's not sure if she can handle having something so dependent on her. Despite all her independence, she's very protective of her younger sister and would be devastated if something happened to her.


Birthdate: 11.21

Rysyrra was born in the Weyr to Bronzerider R'fan and a greenrider, Lysyrra. She grew up with her older half-sister Zeffaryn and her younger full sister Isyrra. Isyrra and Zeffaryn were more alike than Isi ever was to her. And she certainly didn't take after her easy-going father. In fact, she is closer in personality to D'veld than to either of her parents. Which is funny, because Lysyrra is damn sure that she's never slept with him.
Growing up in the Creche, she often was by herself. She didn't play well with others, often just moving away from the group as they tended to slow her down in whatever activity they were doing. Her intelligence earned her respect, but it also earned her a bit of an outsider status among the children. She tended to bond more with the creche workers, or her uncle D'veld, when he came to visit.

As her sisters grew, she had conflicting relationships with them. She thinks Zeff is wasting her talents, and she's worried that Isyrra is going to do the same. She sees how her younger sister idolizes their father and her eldest half-sister. Yet, she'll always have Isi's back, and even Zeff's, to a point. She will always be there when she needs her, even if she thinks Isi gets herself into most of it. She also made friends with Tairedora, another smart girl who understood the value of intelligence. K'pen as well is one of the few guys her own relative age that she likes and respects. She looks at him as just another guy, not nearly in the same way that Taire does.

Rys otherwise had a happy childhood. She enjoyed the freedoms that growing up in a Weyr afforded her. She weighed her options in a Craft, and decided that becoming a Harper or a Healer would be the best use of her talents. She liked the idea of apprenticing with the Weyrharper to become a historian, documenting the Weyr and its people. Yet the creative aspects of the Craft puzzled and frustrated her. She thought instead to apprentice with the Healers, where her intellect would be challenged to deal with injuries. That too turned out to be a relatively boring turn during an Interval, where the majority of the work was simple bumps and bruises with only the occassional worse injury. Not nearly as exciting or challenging as she had hoped.

Instead, she opted to go do what she'd been doing since she was a kid; helping D'veld and other wingleaders keep their hides in order. At least with D'veld, she could engage in interesting conversation at an appropriate intellectual level about such things as proper wing formation, the right color mix in a wing, etc. Her sister constantly teases her that she's grooming herself to be a goldrider, but Rys just sees it as using her talents to the benefit of the Weyr.

She didn't actually have any plans to become a Candidate. But Isi decided to do it, got herself mauled at a Hatching, and so Rys felt obligated to protect her. Now as a Candidate, she feels as much on the outside as she did in the Creche. She tries to maximize her time wisely to learn as much as she can, but she knows much of what they teach the Candidates from her work with D'veld. This leaves her feeling frustrated and perceived by many as being a know-it-all and anti-social. But Isi always sticks up for her, which makes her feel better.



Father: Bronzerider R'fan
Mother: Greenrider Lysyrra (NPC)
Sister: Isyrra
Halfbrothers: Rathriel (13)
Halfsister: Zeffaryn (21), Annaca (17)



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