Character type: Weyrfolk
Rank: Journeyman Harper
Age: 20
Gender: male
Sexual Preference: bisexual


Rissam is tall, with a build that would be described more as lanky. He is thin and never seems to gain much weight, no matter how much herdbeast stew the Headwoman feeds him. With a height of about six feet, he is lanky, but he does know how to carry himself. Rissam's appearance is simply refined. He is always well dressed and neatly groomed, and he moves gracefully.

His face seems to fit the type of person he is—all sharp angles, with high cheekbones and a thin nose. His skin is pale, typical for being born in the far North, but it can cause some problems in Ista's warmer spring and summer. Rissam's short, straight hair is a light red color. His eyes are the only dark thing about him, a deep chocolate brown.


Rissam is a quiet, serious young man. He loves nothing more than his studies and he is extremely dedicated to the Craft. He can spend hours looking over records without coming up for air, even forgetting to eat and often staying up long past his bedtime. He likes everything to be organized just like his records room and he is a bit of a neat freak, looking down on anyone who appears sloppy. Rissam can be a touch judgmental and he has a difficult time getting along with people who have a different outlook. That includes the Outsides. He is stiffly polite to them, but it should be obvious how he really feels.

With his friends, he is loyal but still a touch distant. It takes a lot to get him to loosen up and really trust someone. He is not always intentionally cold, but he can come off as arrogant to those who don't know him well. Rissam is especially uncertain about romance, and the one relationship he had wasn't really ideal.

His fanciful side does show in his love of stories. Rissam enjoys hearing about people that have lived in the past, or just tall tales. He also enjoys music, even though he doesn't specialize in that. He has a good voice but prefers listening. Rissam is also secretly a good dancer, but it takes some convincing to get him onto the dance floor!


Birthplace: Nerat Hold, 8.430.?.?

Rissam was born in Nerat Hold to a pair of lowly fishers, Samira and Ristal. He was their first child, and was followed by three sisters each two turns apart. It was complete luck that he was born with a talent for singing. The boy quickly outgrew his lessons with the local Hold Harper. Arrangements were made for him to go to the main Harper Hall when he was fourteen to train.

Rissam's clear, high voice made him an instant star at the Hall. Within a turn, he had transformed into a shy fisher boy to an intelligent, sure of himself Harper apprentice. However, he greatly missed Ista and isolated himself from the "Outsider" apprentices.

During his teen years he was very studious and he was a bit on the edge of the other apprentices' social circles, except for a couple of near and dear friends. He did have one more serious relationship, with a young woman named Elira. However, it was mostly a friendship with physical aspects, which Rissam regarded almost as for the sake of research. When Elira walked the tables, she was assigned to Telgar Hold and they fell out of touch. Rissam still wonders if "true love" is even real.

As soon as he walked the tables, he requested to be transferred to Ista. He was assigned to Ista Weyr not long before the first Threadfall and now he is determined to do whatever he can for his beloved Ista in the time of trouble.



Mother- Samira, fisher at Nerat Hold
Father- Ristal, fisher at Nerat Hold
Sister- Rami (2 turns younger)
Sister- Arista (4 turns younger)
Sister- Miral (6 turns younger)
all siblings can be adoptable.


Craft: Harper
Rank: Journeyman

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