Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Technically bi, but she can't stand partners who are overly submissive


On the shorter side of the family with muscle behind her, Renrillian is the opposite of her cousin Rennitz (that pretty little do-gooder). She inherited the familial red hair but keeps hers cut short around her face and the nape of her neck instead of letting it grow long. Attire is kept to a minimum but not for revealing purposes even at her current young age- clothes get in the way of hard work and sweat makes them cling. That’s gross and she’s not having it. Shorts with a belt and a tank top are her outfit of choice and even if she Impresses leathers will never be bigger than they have to be. Makeup has no place on Renrillian’s face unless it’s in the form of mud, dirt, or char, and then it’s likely to be everywhere. She’s not a clean person and will never be for very long. Sure, she bathes regularly because she’s not gross, but she just gets dirty so easily that it doesn’t even bother her.


Whether asked for or not, Renrillian will make herself known and heard. She won’t back down from a challenge on her own and she will NEVER turn away from a fight. Ever. More than once, she’s been sat down and reprimanded about fighting, but she always comes back with something along the lines of, “Istans ain’t cowards”, “Istans gotta protect themselves”, and things similar. She is difficult to get along with and to make friends with but, by far, the best way is to kick her ass in a fight. If you beat her in a fist fight and prove a good sport about it after, then you’ve just got yourself a friend for life. As far as leadership goes, she’s not one for it unless it’s one of the tried-and-true Istans. R’fan, T’berli, G’bhardo (old bastard), D’veld, that whole lot, she’d follow them into a crazy Fall whooping and you’d best get out of her way. Far as Outsiders go, their place in Ista is to lay in the Infirmary, recover from their wounds, and go home. She’s not hot about them in her Weyr’s wings, but if T’berli’s tolerating them there, then she can’t say or do nothing. One thing that Renrillian never really understood, though, is why Caulan got Miaranth. Sure, when the gold hatched, Renrillian wasn’t old enough to stand, but just barely by a Turn! She still could have found a loophole if Miaranth chose her. Hell, anyone could have got her other than that girl. What’s Caulan even doing on the political stage, anyway? Nothin’, as far as Renrillian can see. If she was a real goldrider, in Renrillion’s mind, then Caulan would be up there with T’berli or Sirasri doing stuff. Not… wherever they were. Nevermind that Caulan is probably actually doing as much as her rank allows, but since Renrillion doesn’t see her out doing “stuff”, then to her, Caulan’s sitting on her butt all day.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.440.11.14

Born and raised in Ista Weyr Lower Caverns, Renrillian was proud to be safe in the strong and secure structure where the dragons lived and protected their precious island. Especially when the option was living out in the open or even Way Over There in the Hold where it took time to get a dragon. No, here in the Weyr, there was always someone to help you. Not that she ever needed help, mind, for Renrillian was usually always on top of her self-defense classes even if she wasn’t acing her academic ones. What did those matter anyway? One and one was two and you kept going until you got what you needed or had, and dragons would always fly Thread when they had to. Did she need to know what the Star Stones were for? Not really. If she ever Impressed, she’d learn then because it’d matter then. Sure she planned to Stand when she was old enough, what Istan with balls wouldn’t? But until then, there’s work to be done ‘round here!

When Renrillian was twelve, she stood for Tameketh and Zogeth’s clutch for the first time and had no particular feeling one way or the other if she Impressed or not. Her cousin from The Hold Rennitz was Standing, apparently, though Renrillian didn’t even know why the girl was even there. She should have gone back to The Hold with Uncle Itzeron instead of staying but nope there she went with a green dragon. Eh, oh well. At least that meant that there was dragonrider blood in the family veins and that someone from the island got the green instead of someone brought in from another Weyr.

Oh well, not her problem, really, and in the Turns since, Renrillian has been working to find her niche with the tougher candidates, kicking butt and taking names and definitely not doing it when anyone important was around. Did she like M’drasen? As much as she liked runny dragon shit but even a wild canine knows when not to bark. Speaking up would have probably seen her kicked out of candidacy if D’veld’s whipping had anything to show for it. Does she look forward to T’berli’s new rule? As much as she would stumbling across a million marks.



Rennitz, cousin
R'zen, uncle probably

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