Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Rennitz stands boldly at 5’8” and 145 lbs. Her vivid red hair falls down to her shoulders in a messy fuss that is often pulled back into a loose ponytail. Eyes as green as Keroonian pastures sit in vulpine-shaped sockets and seem to peer out at the world with a bold dare and a sharp laugh. Slim shoulders give way to long and elegant arms with thin fingers an artist would envy. Her body developed early and it shows- larger breasts and much more round hips than usually seen on a fifteen-Turn-old grace her body. Rennitz boasts long and muscular legs and a fit body gained from aiding her father in raising and handling the animals he sold. It isn’t uncommon to see her down in the Lower Caverns or the stables at chore time cleaning the filthiest rooms or mucking out stalls, things most gold-hopefuls would turn up their noses at.


Rennitz always was a willful child and that hasn’t really changed much. She’s determined and at times rather bullheaded and arrogant. She’s not as much of a troublemaker as she was in her childhood but every now and then she’ll push boundaries, whether it’s at an appropriate time or not.. Rennitz is bold and will go places that others are often too timid to go and do things they don’t want to do. She isn’t afraid to jump up on a runaway runner’s back and ride it into submission, nor is she afraid to stand up to an unruly wher. Not that her father would ever let her, but she would do it if allowed.

Rennitz does have a caring side, though, and shows it often. Making friends is her forte and she’s the type who very much believes in love. It’s possible that in her future she may be beguiled into confusing an overly sexual introduction as flirting and thus be hurt by it, but she’ll doubtfully recognize it as such. Rennitz isn’t always the best mediator but she does like to listen to people’s problems and she honestly tries to help. Rennitz doesn’t believe in the phrase, “slow and steady” but rather has a tendency to push herself to the limit. If anyone had to name a negative trait of Rennitz's, it would be her tendency to occasionally have a volatile temper. Not quite a drop-of-the hat thing, but she could flare into a rage and end up hating someone for sevendays. She isn’t at all the type to take grief from anyone and is very much so liable to swing back.

The thing is, though, Rennitz tends to come off as a self-righteous bitch. Her caring attitude towards others wasn't welcome in the Weyr, not from an Outsider, and had her labelled quickly as a self-righteous bitch. Rennitz of course doesn't see herself that way and, with no one taking the time to tell her how she's perceived, she continues to act the same. She sees nothing wrong with trying to help, even if it does come off as motherly. Or overly mothering.


Birthplace: Ista Hold, 8.436.1.27

She was born on to two traders in Ista Hold. Her father was a respectable runner trader with several Turns of experience. Many of his runners were bred as racers and some came out champions. Rennitz thus grew up with a healthy love and respect for animals as well as draconics, as sometimes her father would be traded a rare firelizard or wher egg in exchange for a runner or two. For her tenth Nameday, Rennitz’s father gave her a mare paint-colored runner whom she named Stratus. This was with the provision that, were Rennitz ever Searched, Stratus would remain at the Hold under his care. She spent the last five Turns tending to the mare when she wasn’t with her father at his stall.

Rennitz was the eldest daughter of her parents’ eight children. As such, she had multiple responsibilities towards her younger siblings as well as in the hold. She would help her older brother teach the younger ones how to ride the older and more even-tempered runners and train them how to work in the pastures when they were older. Rennitz grew up with a strong sense of family and loyalty. She’d heard the songs, of course, about the dragons and their duties, and would play games with her siblings about who could see a dragon in the sky over their hold. She had an uncle who'd Impressed some time before to a green and the game got silly whenever they would see that color above. More than once would the group of youngsters be reprimanded for screaming "Adcoth" to the skies. Rennitz often accompanied her father on business trips to help him handle the runners he would be delivering to the Weyr and seaports, though she preferred going to the Weyr since that usually meant seeing R'zen and Adcoth. She learned through this various ways to convince someone to come around to her way of thinking thinking as well as how to barter. When another Istan dragon came to the Hold on Search for the beginning of the Pass, Rennitz was one of the few chosen to return with him to the Weyr.

Weyr life was difficult for the holdbred girl. She hadn't expected the hostile non-welcome she received from the other candidates. "Outsider" was a filthy word and one no one hesitated to use in regards to her. Her attempts to be kind were shunned and received with scathing remarks and hatred. Unaware of her tendency to come off as a smarmy bitch, Rennitz kept on trying. Kept on reinforcing everyone's opinion of her, too.

She had hoped that Tameketh's SunRunners clutch would hold the solutions with the gold egg. There, Rennitz would find her absolution, her acceptance into Istan culture. There lay her key to understanding. She had no idea that it would have made her all the more hated. It was just that no one could have done anything about it this time. Well, whatever that future would have held, the hatchling didn't choose the holdbred girl, nor did any of the numerous greens or blues. One thing that did make her happy, though, about that Hatching, was that the insufferable, holier-than-thou, actual queen bitch Ashabel also didn't get the queen. Even better, she Impressed a green. Rennitz had to admit to herself that that was the best possible outcome, really. Yes, neither of them Impressed Miaranth, but at least Rennitz had a chance at Impressing future golds. Ashabel was a greenrider now and forever. Or until her refusal of the green drove the poor creature between. Whichever came first.

Dinner one evening had Rennitz encounter brownrider K'she with a very… interesting conversation. One thing led to another and add a wineskin and Rennitz lost her virginity. Typical of a one-night stand, she was dumped the next day without a second thought. Private talks with some of her few friends revealed this is normal for Weyrs and is really the better option for a candidate. Refreshed with this knowledge, she nodded and went about her way. A nagging voice at the back of her mind, though, whispered that she should continue to seek out sexual encounters, that they were good for her.

A free day found Rennitz a good way down the Istan beaches, deep in thought about the past few month's activities and such. The Search she'd thought would change her life for the better but didn't, the goldflight she'd locked herself away for, the gold dragon that didn't choose her, the brownrider that had awakened her libido. Her lack of attention had her literally trip into a hole caused by a firelizard clutch in the midst of hatching. Most hatchlings were dead, cannibalized by their own siblings or hadn't hatched right. The fact that it was unguarded as well as right by the water line indicated it was a green clutch and thus the redhead wasn't in danger. One egg, though, caught her attention between it's swirling gold and blue pattern as well as the fact that it was still rocking. Thinking on her feet, Rennitz snatched the egg and ran further down the beach as the shell cracked and then fell to pieces. Utilizing some of the bits of food she'd brought with her and then some fish quickly caught from tide pools, Rennitz found herself Impressed to a dark green and slightly chubby firelizard. Right after Tameketh's flight, Rennitz is grabbed in the halls by bronzerider S'dren and assaulted violently in a storeroom. He left her bruised severely and significantly subdued for some time after. Standing for the Raincallers out of spite (because FUCK M'drasen and S'dren, she's Standing for this!), Rennitz is stunned when she actually walks away with a striking green, Rorrecath. But there's just something about the dragon that Rennitz thinks will help her new cause of setting Ista right and getting rid of those bronze idiots.

At Rorrecath's first flight, she was caught by U'valen's Lurzanth, though not like there was much of a choice. Only he and G'bhardo's Malkorth chased, which infuriated the green and drove her to expend a great deal of energy and end the flight sooner than she might have had to, landing her in Lurzanth's grasp. After the flight, Rennitz woke up next to a surprisingly calm and considerate U'valen.


Name: Sira

Type: green firelizard

Appearance: A darker hide on a green will be hard to find then the one Sira holds over most of her form; dark green like a terra pine tree in its depths. It is only her wings that hold any difference to them and while it isn’t much they are a lighter shade enough to where you can tell as much. It isn’t just the shade that sets her wings apart though it is also the patterns on them namely the fact that her wings seem to be covered in feathers, or rather hold such a patterning to them that they appear as much. Sira will probably never end up to be a very large girl and usually hold a bit of extra to her form making her look like an eternal hatchling to some. It is truly an odd look over all, but she doesn’t let it bother her in any way.

Personality: When hunting Sira is one of those who hates to see suffering in her prey and takes it out as quickly as she can. In flight she is graceful as any are, but there is a fierceness to her that says that it would not be good to get in her way. She will be one of those who early on realize the threat of thread and wants to be in fall even if her pet isn’t. Her main quirks though will be: her love of insects, if they are small and fly she will want to try and keep one with her; and her love of flowers namely small red ones of which Rennitz will probably find more then once in his cot.





K'she (first)
S'dren (assault)
U'valen (first flight)



Just plain doesn't like



Father: Itzeron
Mother: Rennyon
Uncle: R'zen

Rennitz's Dragon: Green Rorrecath

Dragon Name: Rorrecath
Colour: Green
Age: 1.5
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Red Tide
Clutch: Raincallers


Tall and strong even as a hatchling, Rorrecath will eventually grow into a superb example of a fighting dragon of any color. Her limbs are long, her body noticeably muscular without being too bulky, her neck and tail solid and powerful, her wings broad and supported by a bunching of well-developed muscles that will give her a staying power in the harsh Istan winds that any dragon would be happy to have. Her muzzle is long but not at all thin; solid and somewhat blunted at the end, it holds a mouth that cuts further back into the face than most dragons and turns up a little at each corner, giving her a toothy ever-present smile that can seem both comforting and frightening in turn. Though primarily a bright grass green, Rorrecath's belly, palms, and the soles of her feet are a much paler, pastel shade, and her wings go gradually lighter from front to back in bands that blend so little at the edges that they're nearly distinct strips of color: first the same color as her body, then a moderately lighter shade, then ending with that soft pastel color along the trailing edge.


Rorrecath was hatched with youth and strength on her side, and she knows it. She's enthusiastic, brash, and extremely physical in her interactions, and the pure joy she takes in her duties as a fighting dragon will be obvious from the first moments of training. She can be temperamental, easily hurt and easily angered, but there's also a side of her that will always be full of wide-eyed wonder, exultant in her own body, in the sky, in the world around her. She can fly, she can flame Thread, she can travel wherever she wants to go – why, she can do /anything/!

She wants to do the right thing. She wants to learn to be even better than she is. She wants to be the greatest green – no, the greatest /dragon/ — at Ista Weyr. She even understands, on some level, that patience is a virtue, and that following is just as important as leading, and blah blah blah… but the trouble is, she just doesn't usually have the patience to make it quite that far, or think about it all that hard. She's strong, she's ready /now/! She'll pick up on physical training easily, and her muscle memory is excellent, but anything that requires patience or study to master is going to prove more difficult for her… and when something seems too difficult, she'll be prone to giving up a little too quickly. She couldn't learn it? Well then it must be unnecessary, or the technique is wrong – she'll figure it out herself in her own way, whether you like it or not. Thread is falling /now/, and it can't wait for her to figure out some stupid chart or map!

No matter how much you try to reason with her, she'll always be in danger of going off half-cocked – making snap judgments with her heart instead of her head and then rushing right in unprepared. She doesn't always read situations very deeply before making up her mind about what's going on and who's right or wrong, and she may make superficial judgments based on something as petty as someone's appearance, or the way they treated her in the first five seconds of meeting her. You don't really get a second chance to make a first impression with Rorrecath – her mind /can/ be changed later on, but it'll be an uphill battle.

Headstrong and far too stubborn to ever admit that she can't do something, Rorrecath will remain full of fire and youthful vigor even into her old age – assuming she manages to live that long. The sad truth is that, in her brash overconfidence, and in her innate, almost desperate desire to do good, she is a dragon with a bit of a hero complex, and that rarely ends well. She can't just sit by when her wingmates are in peril, even if she isn't the closest or best-equipped to handle the situation, and she'll throw herself into danger without pausing to consider the consequences. Someone has to help, and she will always believe that the responsibility falls on her shoulders. She'll take the death or injury of her friends hard, even when she wasn't present to help – she'll believe she somehow /should/ have been there – and an injury to herself, should it ever ground her permanently, would be the most awful thing she could possibly bear. Fighting and flying is such an intrinsic part of who she is that she can't separate herself from her job – without it, she would no longer know who she is.

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