Aka Ren, Rendian, Adrian, Duo, whatever my AIM shows. Characters are as follows:


AIM : moc.liamg|nairdadegniw#moc.liamg|nairdadegniw
Timezone : Central Standard Time
Country : USA
Age : 25



Rank Name Sex Age Origin Birth Craft
Candidate Foylo Male 19 Ista Weyr Weyrborn Weaver
Candidate Renrillian Female 14 Ista Weyr Weyrborn ??


Rank Name Age Dragon Colour Origin Birth Wing
Wingsecond R'bor 38 Hircoth Brown Ista Weyrbred Red Tide
Wingrider L'cion 17 Tanikith Blue Ista Weyrbred Red Tide
Wingrider Rennitz 18 Rorrecath Green Ista Holdbred Red Tide
Wingrider A'lion 19 Ormondiath Blue Ista Weyrbred Windraiders
Wingrider Vofali 39 Seisilth Green Ista Weyrbred Windraiders
Wingrider F'liau 17 Mavenath Blue Ista Weyrbred Seafury
Wingrider T'mah 41 Arcanith Green Ista Weyrbred Seafury
Wingrider Z'san 19 Myriath Green Ista Weyrbred (High Reaches) Seafury
Wingrider S'dren 31 Oriniath Bronze Benden Weyrbred Stormriders
Wingrider D'cul 37 Seteieth Bronze Reaches Weyrbred Stormriders


Name Age Dragon Colour Class
R'fali 16 Brynioth Brown Judgmental Assholes
V'riu 17 Verloth Blue Judgmental Assholes
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