Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.432.4.18 (21)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Heterosexual-ish
Played-By Phoebe Tonkin
Player Steph


One look at Rellkarnya and it becomes quite obvious that she inherited her mother's looks. Unlike her towering father C'tark, she is a petite 5'4” with an athletic frame and delicate features. Of course she has curves where it matters in her hips and a proportionate bust but her arms and legs are gently defined with muscle. She carries herself with a distinctly feminine poise despite all lack of hesitation when it comes to getting dirty. There isn't anything Rell doesn't feel comfortable in. She could be caked in mud and torn clothes from head to toe and still carry herself with the grace of a Lady Holder in her gather best.

Rell's long dark hair tends to develop waves and curls if not brushed straight and more often then not she just ties it all back in a tail out of the way. She has her father's shade of brown eyes with hints of rebellion and curiosity much like the bronzer. Rellkarnya has an uncanny knack for looking very innocent and well behaved upon first glance but upon closer look one will notice the light faded marks of scars against her beautifully tanned skin from her many misadventures.


Rellkarnya is most blatantly put, a chip of the old block. Every bit of C'tark's wild younger turns is coming back to bite him in the arse in the form of his only daughter. She's just as brash, impulsive and over confident as her father without any hint of calming down. She's not afraid to speak her mind and comes across as very opinionated, especially when it comes to her dislike of the ever growing Outsider presence.

Rell can be a bit manipulative whether it's showing her innocent sweet side to avoid trouble or convincing weyrbrats and candidates to join in on her adventures. She's a pretty girl and she knows it, a dangerous combination at times. She takes being a bronzer and Master's daughter as a rare privilege, not afraid to throw out her father's name and rank in a pinch or run to C'tark's side in times of need but that doesn't mean she blatantly holds herself above anyone else. She simply believes she's destined to be a great dragonrider because of her bloodlines and full blown Istan pride, why? Simply because her father told her so. Rell is very much a Daddy's girl and holds him in very high regard. Sometimes she uses it to her advantage but it breaks her heart to ever disappoint to C'tark. In her eyes he and Veyroth are by no means failures or screw ups simply because an accident grounded the pair at a young age. Any who dare to question that are likely to be pummeled with her small fists.

Rell does have a temper, though most often she just rolls with the punches that life throws at her. C'tark and Veyroth are her soft spot and with the intrusion of Outsiders being her biggest pet peeve. She doesn't go out of her way to make them feel unwelcome but takes it as a personal insult that with well bred future riders like herself, why would Ista even need their help? It takes quite a bit of instigation and irritation to bring out the bitter vindictive side of Rell and more often then not she tends to walk away from confrontation with a laugh. She's not above fighting though her preferred method of revenge is public embarrassment or an /innocent/ walk to the shore to conveniently leaving her victim stranded on the rocks as the tide comes in. Faranth save anyone who does ends up on her bad side. It's an almost permanent write off with little chance of ever getting back in her good graces because she sees no need to have people like that in her life.

Everything Rellkarnya does is filled with a sense of fun and amusement. She clearly loves life and on the off chance she's bored or has free time, exploring is nearly always the first option for entertainment. She's been known to sneak out of the barracks and be found walking along the shore with a stolen skin of wine, preferably with a friend or two to enjoy the freedom with her. Rell is by no means a lazy girl or goes out of her way to avoid work. She's actually very independent and more often then not won't ask for help unless absolutely necessary. Training to become a rider has always been her dream and she finds all that comes with being a candidate easy, almost effortless. This also means she has a very hard time relating to those that might struggle through lessons and exercises. In her eyes Rell was born to be a rider so why wouldn't she preform as such. There isn't much that makes Rell flinch or become squeamish. She's perfectly happy to dirty her hands at a task and loves helping out around the infirmary when C'tark allows. The blood and guts of injuries are rather interesting to her, though she always focused on being a rider more then being the one to heal their wounds.


Birth Place: Ista Weyr, 8.432.4.18

Rellkarnya was born the only known daughter of Master Dragonhealer C'tark by way of a one time goldflight fling. Though Veyroth could never chase, that didn't stop the bronzer from indulging his urges and taking responsibility when a young greenrider was surprised to find out she was to become a mother. Rell who's name is a combination of her father, his own mother and his beloved bronze was raised with little knowledge of who her mother was, not that the girl minded. She was the bronzer's pride and joy, spoiled some would say as she grew up most often under his watchful eye in the infirmary. Often times when left in the creche's care as a child, Rell would find a way to sneak back to the infirmary where she felt most comfortable.

C'tark indulged his daughter's need for adventure and exploration, often times bringing her along on Veyroth's back for his own outings. When around children her own age, she often times played with the boys unafraid to get dirty or took to keeping herself entertained as her independent streak started to show. From a young age Rellkarnya embraced all that came with dragon care, learning to wash and oil her father's large bronze with a natural ease. Though they were rarely needed she could strap up Veyroth as fast as if he was her own lifemate. When it came time to stand in her rightful place as a candidate, Rell joined the others eagerly. If there was any disappointment in not impressing right away, she didn't show it. After all C'tark confidently ensured his daughter that they just had to wait for her dragon to be laid and in the mean time she could learn to perfect the skills needed to be rider. It wasn't until a teenage rebellious side of Rell started to show that the bronzer worried. She was becoming more and more like him every day, from her dislike of Outsiders to her over confident nature. Rell saw nothing wrong with this development of course, taking everything in stride, certain that some day she'd be a great Istan dragonrider herself.

Personal Timeline
Date Age Event Wing/Class
8.432.4.18 0 turns Rellkarnya is born Weyrbrat
8.444.4.18 12 turns Enter candidacy Candidate 19 turns First Fall Disaster Candidate Impresses to green Quinharth HurricaneHeroes 20 turns Quinharth's maiden flight won by R'lanis's bronze Terenocth HurricaneHeroes Graduate into the Fighting Wings Seafury



Mother: Unnamed greenrider, deceased in First Fall
Father: C'tark of bronze Veyroth, Master Dragonhealer




V'rifaus of brown Kolikith


S'bran of green Chamralth

Dragon: Green Quinharth

Name Quinharth
Color Green
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate (2 turns)
Class HurricaneHeroes
Wing Seafury


Against some of her more, flashier, siblings Quinharth may well fade into obscurity. That’s not to say she’s not appealing. In fact when you look at her, she is a lovely specimen of young green, well formed, well shaped, well built. She’s just not that bold, flashing beauty. And sometimes…that is lovely all in itself. She is a dragon of bold colours and lines, her shape quartered with light and dark shades of green. It’s hardly flashy, but it is distinctive, everyone will know exactly who she is as she moves through the Weyr, and that… that is enough for her. She’ll never be a large green, but she will certainly grow large enough to pull her weight in a wing. She’ll also not be one of those bony greens. Oh no, this is a /green/ a /female/. Sure she may not be voluptuous but she’s feminine. Of that you can be sure.


Greens have a reputation for being a bit ditsy, hormonal and flighty and at first glance Quinharth might be mistaken for exactly that. In truth however, she is far from stereotypical. She is a mercurial dragon, that is for sure, full of passion. She will argue, she will fight, she will shriek at the top of her lungs about her opinions, And often those opinions will actually have basis in fact. Because despite her wildly oscillating emotions, this little green does have a brain. The kind of intelligence that sees the heart of a matter. However those brains are not going to stop her from having a damn good time! She will fix whatever problems come from that when they come around, and not a moment too soon. And she is VERY good at sliding out of problems.

The biggest problem is Quinharth’s obsessive personality. She is trusting, and easily manipulated, with plays on empathy and sympathy being particularly effective. She gravitates to dominant personalities, following them with a particular fixation. She will in particular latch on a male dragon, one that pays her the kind of attention she craves, that she believes /needs/ her. Who will love him better than her? It will take a lot for her affections to wane, but when they have… it’s only a matter of time before another obsessive love. And it is obsessive. Everything she will do will be to help the object of her affections. She will help them in drills, support them, and even foul up to detract from their own faults. Similarly with her friends, she will help them even to her own detriment. She is completely loyal…in a fixated kind of way.

But she’s really quite a nice green, somewhere underneath that. She craves love and affection, and her rider will be an incredible balm to all those rough edges. She’s playful, always joking and playing, bouncing and causing happy chaos. Her riders happiness will mean the world to her, their love, worth more than anything.

Finally she is incredibly athletic, graceful in the air and capable of amazing aerial acrobatics. She will be one of those greens able to get those really tough tangles of thread, and this prowess will fill her with pride. She will dedicate herself to it, seeing it as her calling card, her path to acceptance and love.

Her rider will have their work cut out for them to keep her wild ways in check. But the ride will never be dull.

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