Red Tide Wing

The Red Tide Wing is traditionally the Wing of the Weyrleader and therefore its leadership is subject to change depending on the results of the Weyrleadership flight. The Weyrsecond, if not a Wingleader in his own right, will be elevated to the place of Wingsecond to the Weyrleader in the Wing.

Since the Weyrleader is responsible for not only his own wing, but also all the wings, as part of his duties as the martial leader of the Weyr, the Weyrsecond or senior Wingsecond will be expected to step up and take over a lot of the slack in the day to day running of the Wing.

T'berli and Brown Mondagarth
Predecessor Term
M'drasen of Bronze Zogeth 1
L'rori of Bronze Rowlieth 1
R'fan of Bronze Ronageth 1
T'rian of Bronze Bayleth 1
Pass begins…
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