Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 31
Gender: Female

Basic Information

Despite B'ziah’s insistence on sarcastically referring to her as “Laaaady Rayale” when she’s getting too uppity for his tastes, Rayale wasn’t raised to anything so grand as ladyship. She’s holdbred, true, but her family’s farmcot was nothing impressive, and if she originally came to the Weyr distant and stubborn and emotionally reserved it wasn’t because she thought herself too good, it was because she had been raised strictly, in a home where children were seen (working, typically) and not heard. Picture the most dour, practical, and plainly depressing farmfolk you can possibly imagine, and you might just be seeing Rayale’s family. It’s probably no wonder that she was a bundle of repressed emotion when she arrived at Ista, an explosion waiting to happen, and after an initial confused period of difficult adjustment to the suddenly-far-too-open-for-her-comfort environment of the Weyr, she was just finally beginning to tentatively open up… when she let herself fall prey to B’ziah’s womanizing. To hear him tell it, he’s wholly responsible for her “awakening”, as he’d put it, but that’s harshly glamorizing a nasty business and hardly giving enough proper credit to Rayale herself. After being tossed aside like so much soiled trash by B’ziah, she could have let herself wallow in heartbreak and misery, or vowed never to trust another weyrman’s promises, but instead she decided she would just beat the bastard at his own game. Letting go had felt good, after all. Even being hurt had felt good, in a strange sort of way. After so many turns of being taught to keep her emotions under tight control, it was almost exhilarating to cry, to be angry, and to realize that here at the Weyr nobody really gave two shills about her, which was freeing: she had no one to answer to but herself! It didn’t happen entirely overnight, of course, but Rayale blossomed at Ista: she let the willful woman inside herself show, growing bolder and more capable by the day, resolving to show doubters like B'fadi just what doughty farmfolk are really capable of.

In fact, she may have eventually opened herself up a bit /too/ much, because the Rayale of today, while one of Ista’s most capable greenriders, is also frequently in and out of trouble due to her hair-trigger temper and the emotional fallout that results from her tendency to entangle vulnerable lovers as she was once entangled herself. She’s made her peace with B’ziah — assuming alternate bouts of neighbor-waking fighting and neighbor-waking makeup sex can be considered “peace”. One might think she would be sympathetic to the plight of the Outsiders, as she was once new to the Weyr herself, but the opposite is true — she feels she’s earned the right to fly for Ista and be accepted into the family, and judges the newcomers harshly lest an easy acceptance of them somehow cheapen her own struggle.

Dragon: Green Kinsuinth

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