Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Omnisexual


Rafi is undoubtedly D’veld’s child, despite the initial confusion of his parentage. Even before he hit puberty he had sharp, mature features. He’s all angles with a long nose and a strong jaw that’s he keeps shaven clean and smooth. There’s little he took from his mother’s side and he would look just like a younger, more slender version of his father if he had same anal retentive upkeep. Rafi keeps his dark brown hair on the longer side, about jaw length and usually pushed back behind his ears. He’s tall for fifteen, though he’ll top out at just under six feet with lean muscles.

There might be a similar arrogant look to him, but his is more of a care-free cockiness and he’s got an easy smile. His eyes are a bright, cheerful green and almond-shaped, framed with short but thick lashes.


First and foremost Rafi looks out for number one, at least for the time being. He’s a selfish boy who wants to get the most out of his life, especially since the realization that he could very easily die any day was so forcefully hammered home. The First Fall was devastating for everyone, though it opened Rafi’s eyes in a slightly different way. He was always a trouble-maker, and a shameless one at that, but it was possible to bully or guilt him into behaving. Then he came to the understanding that his days are limited and he’s thrown all caution to the wind. What’s the point of going through all the trouble of being a perfect little citizen and wasting time in chores when he’s going to impress himself a dragon, fight the good fight and die in a blazing glory? He needs to enjoy his freedom *now* because it won’t always be around.

He seems like a rotten person who doesn’t give a damn about anything and that’s somewhat, but there are moments when he shows that there’s a decent person under all that. He’s got a good heart and a strong sense of duty somewhere, but those things tend to be saved for special occasions. He’s not ready or willing to face that part of being a man of Ista, he wants to be a self-absorbed brat that does whatever the hell he wants. That’s not to say that he he won’t rise to the occasion when its very important. However even this can be twisted for his gain. A friend being picked on? Well that’s a great excuse to start a fight. Someone is very sad? Well its an excellent time to rip-roaring drunk. No reason he can’t help *and* have a great time while doing. Even if his assistance can sometimes make things worse.


Birthdate: 10.27

It wasn’t until Rafivel was actually born that anyone knew D’veld was the real father. His mother had been convinced (or perhaps hopeful) that it was R’fan. Maybe it was wishful thinking on her part, but in the end it was quite clear that the child looked nothing like the bronzerider she held more than a little interest in. The only other person who was an option at the time was D’veld, so she settled for a happy medium in naming the boy and showed some mild interest in him as he grew.

He had normal childhood, though he caused more ruckus that most of the other brats put together and gave the staff more than a few grey hairs. Worse, he made sure to pull as many of others into his exploits as possible. No fun in doing it all alone all the time! He went into candidacy as soon as he was old enough and quickly established himself as the ‘cool kid’. The carefree guy that did what he wanted, when he wanted and laughed in the face of punishment. (Unless said punishment was really terrible, in which case he pretended to laugh about it to save his reputation.) Every so often he would push the boundaries too far and his guilt would get the better of him. Then there would be a period of relative quiet until he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

Some would have thought that the disastrous Fall would have knocked some sense into him, but the threat of impending doom only made him worse. Well, that and getting through the worst of puberty and moving into sexual maturity. Now he’s a thoroughly randy teenaged boy with too many hormones, too much energy and not a care in the world until he impresses.

He’s in no hurry to impress and many wonder why he even wants to. Does this wild kid really want to through himself into a life of servitude to his dragon and his Weyr? Sure he does! He’s not ready yet, but he does want to do his duty for his home. He loves Ista dearly and will proudly fly for her… eventually. Plus having a dragon will be *the* most awesome thing that can happen to him, of course. He’s totally alright with the idea of dying for his Weyr; in fact he looks forward to it. Where’s the glory in dying as an old man in your bed? No, he’s going to the greatest fighter Ista has ever seen and will happily go down with some heroic act that will be sung about for generations to come.



Mother: Greenrider Haslin
Father: Bronzerider D’veld
Half brothers: S’verian and S’vero
Unnamed half sisters


Best Friend: Rathriel

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