Location Ista Weyr
Position Candidate
Birthdate 8.435.4.1 (18)
Birthplace Tillek Area
Sexuality No
Played-By Alan Tudyk
Aliases Radek
Player Siarna

Radek is an average looking guy, and if it wasn’t for his obvious ‘Outsider’ pale skin and blond hair, he might never be noticed at all. He’s average height, thin and wiry, with barely enough muscle to get him through candidate lessons (he particularly struggles with the physical exercises). He’s thin, down to an long oval face and high forehead that suggests a future of early balding. He likes to push his hands through his hair, so it often sticks out at odd ends, up and away from his face.

It’s easy to forget about Radekzlen. He’s small, unassuming, and sort of a pushover. He’ll let the bigger, sturdier men take all the spotlight; he’d only make a fool of himself anyhow. He offsets T’vren with his natural warmth, the sweet, shy smile and the soft twang to his speech that just proves he’s from some eastern backwater- not to mention these weyrfolk still cause harm to his holder sensibilities.


Radek is constantly looking for a challenge, and perhaps that’s what initially drew him to T’vren. The other candidate-turned-weyrling is insufferable and arrogant, and the two argue like an old married couple over just about everything. While Radek’s knowledge and methods are respected by the Harpers (so much so that they would much rather him give up this candidacy nonsense entirely), T’vren hardly ever acknowledges it, even when Radek is undoubtedly in the right. It’s drives him absolutely nuts.

He’s most at home in the Weyr’s archives, working to preserve the history and culture of Ista. He loves to learn; he much prefers the theory and studies during candidacy than the actual, physical work the role entails (the sun, it burns). He’s smart, and passionate about the knowledge, often getting excited about things that others find boring. This often transfers into candidacy, and although it takes him time to open up and express his ideas, he enjoys the rare time when the group listens and his suggestions turn into successes. One day, he hopes to implement these things into wing formations and threadfighting as well. One can only argue with T’vren about proper formations for so long before you want to bash your head against the wall. He needs to be able to prove himself right, and getting a dragon and shoving it down his throat might be the only way to do it.

Radek’s problem is that he’s naturally nervous, anxious, and awkward. He’s scared of messing things up. He’s scared of ruining something or causing someone injury. He’s terrified of betweening and heights and even more terrified that someone will find out and kick him out of candidacy.

Common Knowledge


Radekzlen grew up in a small fishing hold in Tillek territory, with several older siblings and a few younger ones. His family were fishers as far back as any of them could remember. It was a hard life, being a fisher in stormy northern waters, especially for a small, skinny kid like him. He was particularly nervous, too, more content to staying indoors. A harper came by a couple times a turn, and for those few sevendays Radek was allowed to abandon his duties mending fishing nets or gutting fish and help the Harper with whatever he needed. It was a welcome reprieve.

When he was fourteen, a little green dragon (it was ENORMOUS at the time…turns out, not so much) came to his hold on Search. Him and an older brother were picked and were unceremoniously packed up and sent to High Reaches to Stand. His brother was excited. Radek was not. He didn’t want to go. He’d heard the Harper talk to the adults about Weyr culture and while the dragons were big and awesome, Radekzlen was too small and too nervous about all the responsibility was involved. His parents, however, forced him to go. It was dishonorable to deny a dragonrider of potential candidates. Even if a dragon didn’t pick him, the Weyr would give him an apprenticeship or something better suited to him than fishing. So off he went (and soiled himself somewhere along the Flying and the Betweening).

His brother walked off at the hatching with a handsome dragon. Radek was left on the Sands and that suited him JUST FINE. The Weyr allowed him to pick up an apprenticeship with the Harpers. While his skill with instruments and singing are nothing special, the boy took a liking to the archives and took to the work it involved almost faster than he learned to read. He stuck with candidacy because he felt he owed the Weyr. They were the ones that gave him all these opportunities, after all. A few turns late into his Journeyman status was well worth the price of having it.

When Ista called for riders, his brother was all too happy to volunteer. Radek argued with him, but ultimately, decided he needed to go with him, if only to watch out for his brother and his young dragon. And so Radek pushed himself back into candidacy. This turned out more or less for the better; on the one hand, he loves Ista and her maritime culture. On the other hand, he met T’vren. He’s learned that he wants to defend his home (with/in spite of T’vren). That is, if he can get over his fear of just about anything draconic.



Unnamed Rider brother (ADOPTABLE)


T'vren, green Lulaboth, MAKES HIM SO MAD
Tayva, candidate, sister of MAKES HIM SO MAD

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