Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


R'zen is somewhat tall, around 6 foot-1 inch, with muscle that're elegant and slender…the arms especially make it clear that he's related to Rennitz. Even his face with it's prominent cheekbones, square jaw and dimpled chin just scream elegance to anyone that actually takes the time to notice them. There are short, thick brunette curls that're laid against his head, their color seeming rather complimentary against the golden-tan skin and hazel eyes. However, the greenrider keeps those strands brushed back so that they're tucked behind his ears but each tip pokes out curling around to hug said ear's cuff. He often carries charcoal and sketch paper around with him too therefore staining his fingers darker tones sometimes during free-time.


That smile and bright expression seems to be R'zen's natural state. He'll face the world cheerfully…it won't matter whether he's not cheerful because, with so many sibling, he realized his family wasn't needing more stuff for them to worry about. So rather than trouble someone else he'll take his charcoal and paper off somewhere where he could/can sketch alone until it'll have taken the anger and/or sorrow off his mind. Everything he's drawn, even the way he acts has a somewhat innocent tone…even when he tried sketching dirty pictures outside the Seahorse wallows it came out rather tame. The 'mean, nasty' sketchs were somewhat childish too back then. Despite being a greenrider, despite being over 30 turns old, he still won't flirt much beyond meaningful, innocent compliments that won't ever turn into anything sexual-oriented…not from him. He prefers showing anything sexual in actions…that're in private unless they're happening during a Mating Flight.

If someone needs protection he'll jump into that situation head first. It won't matter whether they're family members or not, it won't matter whether they're Istan or just Outsiders that've jumped through enough hoops to earn his protection, he'll protect them either way. Those Outsiders, however, must jump through far, far, far more hoops than any Istan before he'd ever accept more than "please pass the sweetener" from them. Nor would R'zen hold any grudge against those who've earned his trust. Despite that openness toward others he was too family-oriented during his childhood and followed them into Beastcrafting. His sketching talent was always greater than his Beastcrafting, but he could at least ride a runner no matter how much, or little, they've been trained. In fact riding them was the one activity he loved as much as sketching. That former preference disappeared when Adcoth entered the equation. Now whenever not riding/spending time around Adcoth, he is actually rather easy-going, preferring to not hurry through topics but doesn't take it so far as to be considered lazy.

Anyone calling him soft-hearted wouldn't be far off. There is little about him that is negative except for the fact he keeps his own problems private…even mysterious to those looking for secrets.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.413.12.21

Erzten was the second youngest of 5 children. From birth Erza was an easy-going person and never cried unless he'd made some mess that needed cleaning because it was getting on himself too. Then he started sketching once he got hold of his first piece of charcoal…but he was young enough that sketching on the walls seemed like a good idea, after which there was paper always kept in his reach. As he grew, he became more active for no other reason than to keep up with his older siblings. It was a loving environment, both toward animals and family, though Erza soon discovered he couldn't handle breeding the animals, his talent more lay with training or riding.

Rather than pursue his sketching he instead Apprenticed with the Beastcrafters. He hadn't been about to break from the line of Beastcrafting for something like art, not until an Istan Searchdragon decided he'd make an excellent Candidate. After becoming a Candidate he'd spend his free-time sketching scenery from around the Weyr and would send those drawings back to his family, so they became familiar with Ista Weyr through pictures. That routine lasted for almost 1 Turn until the fuzziest-looking green he'd ever seen innocently told him that There can't be anything wrong, Erzten, no matter what my siblings say. We have each other, they have each other. Right? The Impression was made in that moment making Erzten become R'zen. Not too long after that Hatching, the 'Seahorse' clutch also hatched joining the 'Starfish' Weyrling class in Weyrlinghood. It also birthed a bit of a rivalry between the classes that R'zen took part in… Meaning the Seahorses often had frowny/meanie faces drawn outside their wallows.

The Weyrling dragons got older, the classes learned more and soon other greens from their class were rising. Adcoth didn't though. Months went by, with an occasional mood swing that made some people wonder if Adcoth was about to become proddy, but nope, she showed no signs of rising until much later. Just as the Starfishs are graduating Adcoth finally rose…only to be caught by a Seahorse Weyrling. Once graduated, and the flight was over, R'zen had a fairly quiet, sheltered (thanks to Adcoth) life.



Itzeron (brother)
Rennyon (sister-in-law)
Rennitz (niece)
7 unnamed nieces/nephews
1 unnamed child (flight baby)


unnamed Seahorse Weyrling (from Adcoth's first flight)
unnamed female bluerider (R'zen child's momma)

R'zen's Dragon: Green Adcoth

Dragon Name: Adcoth
Colour: Green
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.429.2.19


In appearance, Adcoth is almost a fuzzy-seeming green. The mix of colors across her hide meld together in such a way that it'll seem that she *must* feel furry whenever you touch her, so much that you could be easily imagine fur. Of course it's just hide but it seems fuzzier than that whichever direction you're looking from. However she'll always be a young-looking green, small and that brightness across her hide will keep her looking as though she's only just out of Weyrlinghood, even after the first decade or more. The exact colors are harder to identify, though it seemingly includes asparagus, lawn, malachite, mint and spring green.


Some greens seem desperate to take their flirting beyond sweet innocence. In contrast, Adcoth was one green that didn't want to grow up…as such her first-time waited until it'd interrupt her class's Graduation from Weyrlinghood.

Given her 'we're not meant to grow up' attitude it made sense that she'd Impress R'zen, a young Holdborn child, someone with an innocence she protected from aging too fast. Anyone that flirted with either before they finished Weyrlinghood was always met with pointed reminders that they weren't ready for that yet. Even fellow Weyrling that *did* attempt anything beyond the bar of innocence before they were meant to, were met with shock and immediate tattling to the WeyrlingMaster. Those reservation carried over even after her first flight and she won't rise that often, nor will she seem noticeable proddy other than her brightening coloration. Whereas R'zen's reaction would take a more drastic turn. That part didn't win her the most friends…however she never showed if that ever bothered her.

Instead she'll be uncomfortable in discussions about flights, turn her back whenever anyone other than her rider is changing and expect others will do the same for her rider. While she eventually grew used to the idea of flights she never became a flirty green and especially not with dragons that're younger than herself. She would work hard to ensure any younger charges, human or dragon, never get in over their heads where romance, or unwarranted language is concerned. Those that won't remember her innocence will remember her bursts of mental static whenever someone said a bad word.

She doesn't really judge another by more than their age. The whole Istan vs Outsider thing never bothered her, never even popped into her mind unless someone else fusses about someone being an Outsider. If she did it would've been too much…so she'll leave the whole Outsider issue for others to deal with.

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