Name: R'yel
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


With steely grey eyes, dark umber hair, and fair skin prone to tanning instead of burning, R'yel matches his dragon in more than a few ways. Just a bit taller than average, he's more lean than muscular, having long ago grown accustomed to traveling by foot for days - or weeks - at a stretch in the rough terrain of the Great Western Mountains. He keeps his hair cut shorter in the manner of most riders, though he does let it grow just long enough to cover his ears and nape to help shield them from the chill of Between and the rougher mountain winters. He keeps a bit more stubble on his face in the winter months for the same reason but otherwise is mostly clean shaven.

R'yel tends to keep to wearing either his flying leathers or those clothes conducive to hunting instead of rich fabrics or jewelry. He will be in for a rude awakening with Ista's perpetually warm climate after having spent nearly his entire life in the chillier mountains north of the island Weyr.

He has a wide, pale scar winding down the left side of his face and neck from a Thread accident, with further scarring on his left hand and forearm. While not truly debilitating, his hand has a tendency to stiffen up, and he's suffered from bouts of dizziness while recovering from the more severe head injury.


R'yel could one day become a great Wingsecond. He's dedicated, calm under stress, and will push himself as hard as it takes to get a job done - encouraging others to do the same in his own quiet manner. He quietly works toward perfection in his own ventures, putting in extra hours to practice or re-inspect his gear. But even at Fort, that was never quite enough to let him prove to the native bronze- and brownriders that he was just as willing to fight and die beside them as those who were Fort-raised.

Though he may not agree, transferring to Ista is probably one of the best things that could happen to him - second, of course, to when he Impressed Foenth. Even though he is being thrown into yet another Weyr where he will be viewed as an outsider, the atmosphere may be more welcoming once he finally is able to show just how much he - and his dragon - are willing to give to the cause and to the Weyr itself.

R'yel is more inclined to say nothing if he cannot say what's most appropriate during a tense situation, just as he would rather keep his head down and do what he's told - or what needs to be done - than try to fight the system. But when he finally does choose to speak up, he can surprise those around him who would otherwise underestimate the rider. He is carefully discerning of people and their motivations, taking his time to quietly observe them before sharing with them his own opinions, suggestions, or complaints. While he is able to quickly assess a crisis, unless he feels confident that anything he says or decides will have the backing of those around him, he will defer to whomever else speaks up first.

R'yel will follow the orders of a Wingleader who does not hold his respect. However, he will still silently hold a grudge toward him and slowly work toward a way out of that situation - or a way to remedy it. Earning his respect does take time, but once given, he'll likewise give that person his unwavering loyalty. While not overly generous, he shows kindness toward those he feels are deserving of it by virtue of their own actions. In such things, a little says a lot in terms of a gesture of respect and gratitude.


Birthplace: Unnamed minor hold north of Ruatha, 8.424.9.6.

Ruhiel was one of three children in his family and a brother to his two sisters. He followed eagerly in his father's footsteps, learning the ways of a hunter and trapper. By the time his mother died in childbirth with her second daughter, Arel, Ruhiel was nearly twelve and a capable hunter in his own right. The elder sister, Lailah, quickly took to the housekeeping duties and managed the brunt of rearing their youngest sibling while Ruhiel and his father spent long hours - and even days - away from the hold, tracking, trapping, and hunting for food and pelts to trade and sell. When their father suffered an accident while on a winter trapping run - nearly dying of hypothermia after a misstep on a river that had not fully frozen over - Ruhiel became the primary breadwinner of the family, providing for a crippled father and two sisters while not yet even a man himself.

Furthering his skill in the craft, Ruhiel continued to provide for them well after Lailah married a minecrafter from Crom. She and her new husband took in little Arel to ensure that she had a more appropriate environment in which to be reared. Ruhiel made a habit of regular trips to the various holds in the region, bartering the best of his pelts and spoils at gathers and making a name for himself as a seasoned outdoorsman. Some of the wealthier holders would even hire him to track and lead them on hunting excursions for the more prized and elusive game.

It was by chance that Ruhiel was at Fort Weyr to trade and sell his pelts when there was a Hatching. Invited to watch, it took everyone by surprise that one of the last dragonets hatched made straight for him in the audience instead of toward the remaining boys on the sands. Nothing in his life had prepared him for the wonder that was Impression.

His future irrevocably changed, R'yel remained at Fort with brown Foenth to train as a dragonrider.

Unfortunately, he already had a first strike against him in the eyes of nearly every Fort native - he was an outsider and not even an intended candidate, 'stealing' one of the more prized brown dragons from them. He quickly found that no matter how hard the pair trained, the Weyrlingmaster (and later his various Wingleaders) constantly found fault in his accomplishments. Foenth's devious games with the other dragons didn't help matters any, nor did the dragon's lean form that was better suited to green and blue flight tactics than the standard by which browns and bronzes were measured. They were one of two weyrling pairs held back from graduating for an extra two months of training, and ever since then R'yel has been treated as an incompetent rider with a substandard dragon.

Were it not for Feonth, he would have gladly left the Weyr long ago. Yet R'yel took the insults and cold shoulders in stride, taking comfort in knowing that he and Foenth truly did fly well. As the turns passed, he started to develop friendships among some of the riders and weyrstaff. Some even gave him a small amount of grudging respect for the way he continued to trap in his scant spare time only to send the marks he made back to his aging father and younger sister.

And then Thread returned. R'yel's wing was one of the hardest hit in the Weyr during the first fall. In a poorly executed sweep of the mountains north of Fort, a Wingsecond died and R'yel - and Foenth - were severely injured and grounded for nearly a month. To be fair, the flight techniques demanded of them by Fort's extreme regimentation were not appropriate to the brown dragon's frame and strengths, and those tactics contributed greatly to the cause of injury. While the Wingleader never blamed R'yel aloud, he never had to; R'yel felt the accusation in the way a chill settled over the rest of the wingriders whenever he encountered them in the days and weeks following. That was the second strike against him.

Eager to prove that he was still loyal to Fort, R'yel hid that his injury was still not fully healed and flew again once Foenth was ready. It was another disastrous flight for the pair. Their Wingleader was furious. The Weyrleader was doubly so. His third strike against him, R'yel was informed in no uncertain terms that he was being transferred to Ista Weyr to 'help' the decimated force. Once he was able to fly long enough to travel, R'yel and Foenth departed for Ista, not entirely hopeful for having to start all over again as yet another unwanted outsider.



Father- Jael
Mother- (deceased)
Sister- Lailah
Brother-in-law - Varuzin (minecrafter at Crom)
Younger sister- Arel

R'yel's Dragon

Dragon Name: Foenth
Colour: Brown
Age: 7
Weyr of Origin: Fort
Wing: Unknown


Long and lean, Foenth is on the larger end of the brown scale, although his size comes more from his exceptional length and wingspan than muscle mass. Built more like the swift blues or greens, he can be mistaken for them when seen flying at a distance and in the right lighting - especially when he practices those aerobatic twists and turns usually reserved for the smaller dragons. In spite of his impressive wingspan, the breadth of his wings is narrow and his chest and body are barely half as bulky as the smallest brown.

His coloration is not intense, almost more grey than brown - much like the hue of weathered planks left out for too many sweeps in the coastal holds where salt and sun mute and darken the most vibrant of woods. From his crest and down the length of his spine to his tail tip, Foenth darkens to sepia and umber, with thin bands forming striations outward along his limbs in a pattern reminiscent of stripes. Most striking, however, are twin brassy streaks that run down the sides of his muzzle and across his cheekbones, just beneath his eyes.

Foenth already has scaring from Thread, most prominently in the form of a series of thick keloids on the shoulder of his left wing where he was injured too greatly to fly for almost a full month. A more recent scar from his second Thread flight has left part of the trailing edge of his right wing tattered. It will heal, and he can already fly on it, but it does need a bit more time and care.


If Foenth could be described in a single word, it would most certainly be cunning. Quick of mind and of body, the brown is more intelligent than most dragons and he knows it. And he knows how to use it to his advantage.

Much like his rider, Foenth practices the art of saying nothing until what he does say will have the greatest impact - be it to help sooth over a conflict, react to a crisis, or subtly sow discord among the ranks. Unlike his rider, he is much more willing to incite that discord, which increasingly became a point of contention between the pair on how best to handle the Weyr politics. Foenth honestly believes that R'yel's more honorable and suffering tactics are not in his rider's best interests and is not above taking the initiative to 'fix' a situation.

Although not a nervous dragon, Foenth is rarely ever still. He prefers to spend most of his time wheeling or gliding through the air instead of resting. Even when on land, it is difficult for him to settle down. While he has mellowed since his hyperactive weyrling habits, he will still repeatedly flick his tail tip or flex his claws while waiting. Foenth is a deep sleeper when slumber finally takes him - and woe to any who are near to him when he's quickly roused from sleep. The initial rush of adrenaline with the typical disorientation upon waking spikes strong in him, and he's liable to leap onto anyone who is unfortunate enough to be standing nearby.

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