Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


R'sel is one of those elderly individuals that both gives the impression of a life that is still fiery and capable, but in which time has offered a gentleness only time-given experience and wisdom can give. He's fortunate in that he still has thick hair, though pure white in age. The effects of a dragonrider out in the sun most his life are apparent to his skin, also thick and leathery in a appearance, though his wrinkling is not unpleasant.

He has a polished appearance, though the secret is in it's pure simplicity. R'sel wears that which takes an effort to actually look bad. The brown-eyed rider is old enough to have the spark in his eyes that only the young and elderly tend to have, and old enough to have lost a few teeth. Thankfully not his direct *front* teeth, but close enough that gaps can be seen when he speaks.


R'sel can be a bit capricious these days. He is, at his natural base, one of those humble, kindly sorts that takes the greatest joy out of seeing his fellows promoted. He's the sort that people could have easily used as a doormat, but he never would have that. Instead of letting his back get stepped on, R'sel always offered out a cupped hand to those he saw as capable…. But the man developed a vengeful streak, especially as he aged and had both enough wisdom to know when to call BULL and enough pull in the ranks because he'd helped so many of those in power up. His cupped hand could swiftly become a backhand, and send a pretentious young hopeful spiraling back down the ranks. R'sel puts up with a lot of stuff, but he has sometimes unclear lines that are Not To Be Crossed.

All that was before.

Up until that fateful first fall, R'sel was pretty much set in his life. He was gregarious, optimistic, and had a very firm position that he preferred—-never quite making any sort of official rank, but behind a lot of the political pies. It was a comfortable, confident life, and the old man went into the first fall with an excited sort of anticipation.

That first fall. Among the many it killed were many of the older, stiffer riders—-Those he knew the longest. It included his weyrmate of nearly two decades. It included many he had mentored, given that step up, and included many that had upheld him in times of personal trouble. Snap.

His greatest joy—-seeing others rewarded, growing, gaining…Supporting them, helping to make a stronger Weyr by being a pillar of support… Gone. Maybe he could claim great pride in his own abilities, but what was his own successes without being able to share in the success of others? "We survived, congratulations!" ? No.

Visualized, his world has just crumbled around him as if the first Little Pig's straw house had just been demolished. And here, he has to look straight into the eyes of the Thread Falling Wolf as well as the Invading Alien Weyr Residents Wolf. Alone. That wasn't right. There was only one wolf in the story, and the third little pig had others to support him.

Well, he'd find ways to ward off the wolves, and he's start picking up the straws about him. Clinging to straws. Rebuilding with rubble.

R'sel is a stubborn old man, and won't just lie down and die like sometimes the Wolves whisper to him to do. And he's a proud old man, because he had proven to be a *very good* thread fighter. That was an important straw to cling to. But he's a lonely old man, with the best taken away from him, and what exactly that does to his personality is a difficult thing to pinpoint indeed.

Birthdate: 11.27


Birthplace: 8.387.11.27

R'sel was born into Ista Weyr, to some riding pair or to some flight moth or two some incapable Lower Caverns worker… He didn't know, all that mattered was that he was taken in and fostered by the best Pops and Mom and the whole Weyr. He grew up just like all the little boys, with all the great adventures and misadventures, and all the grandiose dreams of becoming the next best thing.

R'sel is old enough to remember being told as a new weyrling that he might live to be old enough to see thread coming, and that he'd certainly be among those to train those that did. He early established his position in life—-at first, as one often shoved aside by more aggressive rank-seekers, and then eventually as one who would shove back, having learned all the aggressive skills first hand, but still bunt forward *someone else.* It wasn't that R'sel shirked duty or disliked leadership, it was more that R'sel preferred one-on-one mentorship, and he had the wisdom early on to see actually being a leader didn't permit such matters.

R'sel again lived a more or less normal dragonriding life, getting into all the scraps and adventures a dragonrider got into, and always coming out the stronger for it. He weyrmated to Wineva some fifteen turns ago. She never had any children, and whether he ever fathered any children by anyone else before he never knew. He had more or less settled into a comfortable and familiar life routine before Fall came.

He flew that first fall, and has the bragging rights perhaps of being one of the few riders that didn't actually go to the healers as a result of the fall. Sure, there were the minor injuries, and there was the strain placed on himself and Mimminith that all the dragonriders had encountered, but nothing personally horrible. What was horrible was Wineva's death. And D'ero's, and M'vel's and Trelesta's and…. The list went on and on and on and…. What he had done, after getting the staggering list of who was lost and who was around, was to barely make any of his rounds. The Weyr was too quiet, the oldest of the dragonriders had had the most losses. His own weyr… Well, he kept his double Weyr as it was. Wineva's objects remain in all their same places.

He won't complain, exactly. Complaining is counterproductive, and in a world were everyone has hurts to share, there is no reason for him to add to it. R'sel has unhealthily internalized all his pain, though it constantly comes out in ways he doesn't realize. He is not the same person, and how he'll survive isn't sure.



N/A, deceased


Wineva, Dragonrider

R'sel's Dragon: Brown Mimminith

Dragon Name: Mimminith
Colour: Brown
Age: 42
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.408.2.15
Wing: Windraiders

Appearance: Mimminith is a long, lanky brown dragon that has a perchance for speed and flexibility.

Personality: Mimminith has some intelligence about him. Much quieter than his outgoing rider, but just as much or possibly more interested in social interactions, he does a lot of observing and can often come to insightful conclusions just by paying attention. He's a fast thinker, and extremely adaptable. He doesn't perhaps have the best memory of the brown dragons, but makes up for it both with his observational skills and with the great and experienced bond he has with R'sel, and the ease of "remembering" through him.

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