Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


(Played-by: Finn Jones) If R’lanis had the height and breadth to match his personality, he’d be a true force to be reckoned with. As it is, he’s of slightly below average height for a man, and has no appreciable bulk to him. Oh, he’s developed plenty of muscle for women to ogle and other men to be jealous of, but it’s less likely to be noticed when he’s covered with clothing. If moving to Ista brings about a change in his typical style of dress due to practical considerations for the heat, he won’t think twice about whether his appearance may serve as a distraction or not— he’s more likely to note slights aimed at his height than anything else.

As far as clothing goes, he aims for comfort and practicality over impressing anyone or sticking with the current trends. Dark colors hide dirt and layers are easily added to or removed as the temperature allows. He _might_ show a preference for blues when given the choice, but he’s just as likely to accept brown, black, or gray. His leathers are always in good shape, well-cared for and replaced as necessary— R’lanis knows the protection they provide is well deserving of respect, and aims to make them last as long as possible so as not to be wasteful.

What may serve as another mark against him in the eyes of some of the older, or more imposing, riders is the fact that this particular bronzerider looks younger than he is. By virtue of genetics, he’ll carry his age well for Turns to come, though he curses his appearance when others fail to take him seriously enough. His short, curly mop of blonde-brown hair that always appears carelessly rumpled seems to only emphasize an assumed carelessness and probably cockiness. His blue eyes, though, belie all the rest, intensity and intelligence shining through for anyone who cares to look closely enough.


Contrary to what his young and boyish appearance would suggest, R’lanis is fairly serious. He works hard, and is always willing to do what is necessary to get a job done— and get it done right. He won’t put up with incompetence, in himself, or in others, and will take his suggestions to someone higher in the ranks if he believes the current level is doing nothing to fix a problem. This didn’t win him friends among his weyrling classmates, nor does it now with his wingmates. There are those who might respect his judgement, however, as he is more often than not correct in his assessment of a situation.

Practical and fair, he wants only to ensure the safety of his wingmates, the other wings, and those they are tasked to protect. He is willing to provide the knowledge necessary to help someone else correct their mistakes, though he doesn’t always impart said information in the most tactful way possible. He is also willing to put himself on the line, though, either to take charge, or to perform a task he feels is necessary— he won’t ask someone else to do something he’s not willing to do, and he takes full responsibility for his actions and those he requests of others.

R’lanis isn’t power-hungry like so many bronzeriders are. Not in the normal sense, anyway— he’s not ambitious just for the sake of being ambitious, nor is he aiming for the fame and popularity a position of power could bring him. No, his desire to make sure everything is done right is what drives him to take on leadership roles as necessary, and bring his ideas to those in the chain of command. Not that he would turn down a wingsecond or wingleader position if he was offered one— it would mean one less incompetent leader he’d have to deal with, and would give him the means to enact any changes he’d like to see in the wing without having to get permission or bring his ideas to someone with the ability to deny them.

Though he has the drive and knowledge to become a good leader, older or more experienced riders might overlook him when considering promotions unless they’ve dealt with him previously and know he isn’t the young, inexperienced, and careless bronzerider he appears to be on first glance. He’s older than he looks, and despite his size, he’s no weakling. He can also pitch his voice to be heard with the best of them, something he learned while apprenticing with the miners— though the tunnels might echo, a voice had to carry to truly be heard over the noise of the men at work.

R’lanis’ romantic (or not-so-romantic, flight-aftermath type) relationships don’t always last long because he sees things mostly from the practical side. He’s willing to pursue someone he takes interest in and cuts directly to the matter at hand most of the time, which may surprise some. He’s not all take and no give, though, despite the lack in the romance department. And as far as actual friends go, those who have earned his respect and loyalty will have his in return. He realizes relationships of all sorts will come and go, and if someone isn’t willing to take him as he is, he’s not going to cry over it. That doesn’t stop him from feeling lonely from time to time, though— he just hides it better than most people.

Common Knowledge

— R’lanis is short and looks fairly young— those who don’t know him might assume he’s barely out of weyrling training, not the seasoned rider he is (or thinks of himself as being.)

— Those from Telgar will likely know of some of the times he’s gone above or around someone in a leadership position to make sure the right person hears what he has to say about a situation, and how it negatively affected his relationship with said leader.


Birthdate: 8.426.3.27 (?) (March 24, 1988)
Birthplace: mining cothold near Crom Hold

Riolanis was born 27 turns ago to a miner and his weaver wife near Crom. Like many young boys, he idolized his father, and wanted to be just like Meranis when he grew up. His mother, of course, encouraged him to at least try looking elsewhere, since mining was such a dangerous profession, but little Rio was determined to be as strong a man as his father was.

In his eyes, Meranis bravely led the other miners on expeditions into the unknown, where they bravely fought the darkness, took its treasure (firestone and other ore) from deep underground, and returned to the surface as heroes of the day. Of course, such was not the true life of a miner, and his father set about teaching him what really happened in the underground depths once he was old enough to be setting such fanciful dreams aside.

Safety was the most important thing to remember when mining, and it was drilled into Riolanis from the start. One had to keep his eyes and ears open for any sign of danger, and know when to act quickly to get all of those working out. It also didn’t do to send anyone into a panic— remaining calm and moving methodically kept everyone safe. Or mostly so— there were accidents, of course; misjudgements of a situation, or simple bad luck. No one was perfect, and dealing with the earth could be unpredictable. But following the rules more often than not brought everyone home at night.

When he was old enough to apprentice, Riolanis already had a good head start on his peers. His father had taught him only the basics on some of the rocks to look for, but his knowledge of safety regulations and procedures kept him at the top of his class. A few times, he questioned the methods being taught, gave his own suggestions as to what might work better, which frustrated the teachers to no end. He wasn’t shy with speaking to his elders, and if he didn’t feel his words had been heard, he’d press on, repeating them, or finding someone else with influence to hear them out. Of course, his inexperience didn’t lead to any major changes in the way things were handled, but a couple of minor inefficiencies were resolved with his help. It never went to his head, though— Rio wasn’t in it for the praise. Safety had been emphasized to him, and he wanted to ensure that his peers and himself, as well as older and future miners, would all benefit from the results.

All in all, Riolanis showed great promise as a miner. He strove to understand everything to the best of his ability, and shared his knowledge with others who were lacking. His calm demeanor in the face of problems helped keep his classmates under control, and his teachers often relied on him to keep everyone focused and on task, despite his young age.

So it was a great surprise to them when he accepted a Searchrider’s call to Telgar Weyr when he was 15. What made Rio take the chance on candidacy was anyone’s guess, though it was likely the defender in him wanting to keep more than just the miners safe. Or maybe it was the belief that it was one’s duty to accept being Searched, no matter what other paths a person had originally intended to follow. Whichever the case, Riolanis left his apprenticeship behind, with the promise that his spot would remain open should he decide to return.

Becoming a miner wasn’t to be his fate, though, as he Impressed a strong bronze at the first Hatching he stood for. Terenocth was the part of himself he didn’t realize he was missing until his head and heart were full of their bond. It was a feeling he couldn’t quite describe to anyone else, no matter that he didn’t really have a way with words; something only another dragonrider would be able to understand.

But his methods for learning, his attitude towards safety, his calm demeanor remained unchanged with the addition of the new life paired with his. He approached weyrling training the same way he had his apprenticeship, and it paid off. Of course, he occasionally annoyed his classmates and instructors with his suggestions, but they proved to be far more open-minded than some of his teachers at the Mining Crafthall. They knew his practicality and strength were an asset, something that would help him once he reached the fighting wings. At the same time, they tried to instill in him the importance of following orders, expressing that it was just as important to safety as all of the other rules they had to follow. Not that he hadn’t followed them before, but mining and flying Threadfall were two very different animals, and he needed to learn when to push, and when to back down, for his own safety, and that of his classmates, and future wingmates.

His instructors were able to curb his tendencies somewhat, though not entirely. Upon graduating, he was tapped into a wing that needed his strength at the time, but was transferred to another not long after due to his questioning a wingsecond’s actions one too many times. The new wing worked out better, for the most part. He had far fewer complaints, and most of those he had were heard by the wingsecond he was under. His wingleader was another story, but he trusted the wingsecond to move things along when necessary.

Of course, there were times when he disagreed still, and had words with his wingleader. And occasionally openly defied an order, so long as no one else was put at risk. But for the most part, he was content to learn from the more experienced bronzeriders, and put into practice what he learned or figured out a new way to apply.

When word came of Ista’s devastating losses, R’lanis didn’t jump at the chance to leave like others did. He knew his wingsecond was going, and hoped for the chance to move up in the ranks himself, to be in a better position to make the changes he desired when he wanted to. His wingleader had hinted it would happen, though the man had never truly promised. When the time came, it was clear he’d simply been blowing smoke, as another bronzerider, slightly older, but with far less leadership capabilities, was promoted mostly due to his position as good friend of the wingleader.

R’lanis tried to remain objective about it, telling himself it was simply because the other man had more experience. But it was hard, when it was clear the newly promoted wingsecond was more interested in his own rank than in the safety of the wing. He made some questionable calls during drills, and R’lanis knew it was only a matter of time before they followed through to Threadfall.

When they did, he resisted the urge to say ‘I told you so,’ and request a transfer to another wing. Instead, he stayed, helping pick up the pieces, keep everyone as calm as possible, when a well-liked bluerider was killed due to the wingsecond’s incompetence. R’lanis unofficially took over part of the position when several of his wingmates seemed to be looking to him for guidance— not all of them listened to him, but there was a clear divide, one which he encouraged them to mend, as separation wouldn’t do the wing any good. Instead, he relayed the orders when they made sense, gave slight modifications when necessary. All for the good of the wing, to keep them all safe.

Dealing with such stress, as well as the arguments with his wingsecond and wingleader started to wear on R’lanis. Requests came from Telgar’s Weyrleader for new volunteers to transfer to Ista, to help fix the problems among the other Weyr’s wings, and he seriously considered taking on the task. From his understanding, the Istans were lazy, and thus safety was likely a major issue. Something that couldn’t be allowed to continue, or they would suffer major losses once again.

Knowing he wouldn’t move up if he stayed at Telgar, and wanting a fresh start, as well as a chance to help where he would likely be useful, R’lanis responded to the call for volunteers. What awaits him is anyone’s guess, and whether he responds to adversity with his usual calm remains to be seen.



Father: Meranis, 62, sr. journeyman miner
Mother: Riolara, 60, journeywoman weaver

Siblings: Laran, sister, +3 turns
Merio, brother, -1 turn
Merlarin, brother, -3 turns
Nisara, sister, -5 turns






Likely his wingleader and wingsecond back at Telgar…


Dragon Name: Terenocth
Color: Bronze
Age: 12
Weyr of Origin: Telgar
Weyrling Class: 8.441.7.5


Clearly built for strength and endurance more than speed, Terenocth is a larger, muscular bronze. He started off bigger than his clutchmates, with an extra long tail and wings that were always getting in the way, but he’s grown into them quite well. Any queen (or green, for that matter) should admire his stature, as it’s be obvious he can easily outlast his opponents. (Plus, he’d sire many fine bronzes himself, if given the chance.)

Drawing the eyes of the females even further, his coloring reminds one of the sunset, or perhaps a warm fire lighting part of a room and fading into the shadows. His hide is paler on his underside, with warm reddish tones, and gradually darkens as it climbs his sides. The darkest coloring, more brown than red, is all along his back, though it’s hard to see the gradient in most ambient light— the eye is tricked into thinking it’s from his shoulders on up to his spine. The coloring on the outside/ top of his legs and forearms is mostly somewhere in the middle, though the undersides fade into a lighter shade not quite as pale as his belly.


Terenocth is far less serious than his rider, and encourages R’lanis to play more often. He doesn’t usually get anywhere on that front, though, and so chooses to have fun on his own. Swimming is one of his favorite pasttimes, as is flirting with the golds and greens. He considers himself quite the ladies’ dragon and is always willing to give chase (when his rider lets him.) He’ll care not which Weyr they originated from, because he’s the best bronze they’ll ever meet.

Despite his preference for the female dragons, Terenocth will really talk with just about any dragon. He loves to hear the latest gossip and regale others with tales of his own prowess. Self-important as he is, he will actually listen, though he’s more likely to encourage or sympathize with a female than a male. Because, clearly, the males just aren’t as good as he is.

Terenocth is actually capable of buckling down to work, regardless of how carefree he appears to be most of the time. His rider might have to bully him into it at times, but he’ll eventually go willingly, and put his best effort into the task. He has to prove he’s not all talk and no action, after all— otherwise, why would any of the greens or golds choose him to be their mate?

Common Knowledge

— Terenocth is social and a flirt. He’s not stingy with his favors, either, and will happily (attempt to) chat up (or chase) any female dragon regardless of what others think of them (or what the gold or green thinks of him in return.)

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