Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: ???



If he wasn't always *moving* somehow, and if he didn't always have all the tell-tale signs of dirt, torn clothing, and new scratches and bruises of a boy running about really getting into all the fun adventures of true boyhood learning, Ravelan would be almost completely unremarkable of an individual.

He's not very tall, but has a long sort of look to him that all teenage boys do while on their growth spurt. Brown hair, brown eyes, a tanned body that goes to show how much he enjoys the outdoors, and a variety of scars from who-knows-what venture, he's like every other teenager out there.

His clothes just-barely fit him, and probably won't be fitting him for long if he doesn't acquire some new ones, but it's quite prudent of his Uncle N'drov to both see if he can scavenge any hand-me-downs off of Ravelan's two older brothers, or to wait until his appearance is downright disgraceful to get him anything new. Ravelan isn't gentle on his clothing, and it'll probably look as bad as the rest before a sevenday could be finished. Only then it'll actually fit him. Ravelan doesn't care. He throws on whatever is convenient, doesn't cause TOO many people to wrinkle their noses, and appropriate for whatever idea he has in mind for the day.


Ravelan is a true little trickster spirit, full of playful, childish energy and eager enthusiasm. He loves to pull peoples tails, to turn them about in confusion, to make light of the serious and make people smile. He's not got a malicious bone in his body, and all of his tricks and games are all in good fun. Some, sometimes get taken the wrong way but he never /means/ for that to happen. People just take things far too seriously at times.

When his father died and N'drov stepped in to keep an eye on them, he became Ravelan's favourite target for his games. He knows his uncle well enough to know what will send him into a flap,…but not so much as to make him feel upset or anxious. The times he has stepped over that line have filled Ravelan with guilt and will often result in the boy turning up at the door to his uncle's weyr, contrite and sad eyed.

He's passionate though, and ferocious if someone has offended him in some way. The *quickest* way to manage it is by threatening or insulting ANY of his family (dead or alive), or his Weyr. He holds the firm belief that he has the *best* family and is from the *best* Weyr, even if Ista is pretty outstanding and was totally worth the wager of adventure to transfer into. If someone does say something to set Ravelan off, you can be sure that he will sort it out with a quick and bloody fight…and once it's done he will be more than happy to shake hands and have a drink, the matter forgotten once retribution is served. Ravelan has possibly gotten into his nastiest of fights with his best of friends even, to the inclusion of his brothers. Holding grudges is just not a thing he does. But then, he can totally be goaded into continued fights if YOU want to keep bringing it up!

Ravelan is an extremely curious lad. He is also most definitely a kinesthetic and interpersonal learner: Meaning he learns the world by physically DOING something and socially participating in matter. Accordingly, he's a restless soul, ever moving, ever chatting, ever driving caretakers and teachers to the ends of their patience. He doesn't read or write especially well, and perhaps wouldn't have learned to do until an obscenely old age if his mother hadn't sat him down with alphabetical blocks or make 3-D sand letters when he was little. But at 12, 13, and even into 14 turns, various craftsmen praised Ravelan's apparent innate ability to do catch on very swiftly in the handling of their crafts. The praise ended as he aged and never quite focused on one area. Ravelan *does* focus though: He focuses on both life itself and how people respond to it. He knows the ins and outs of the Weyr very well. He has made little experimental circles around his family members, and knows them super well. Before he left Benden, he'd made little semi-circles of experimentation around his age peers, and knew them very well.

If Pern didn't have the ridiculous expectation for a 12 turn to know what direction in life to go, Ravelan might not have missed his possible true calling in life: That of a mindhealer. But at 12 turns, and even now at 16 turns, such an occupation sounds boring and stuffy, with nothing like adventures to go on and pranks to pull.

He is growing up and maturing though. He's beginning to understand that there's a much, much larger picture. While he always knew social circles played a significant role in how people behaved, he's now beginning to understand the great *extent* of that truth. He's beginning to realize that there are other ways to manipulate people other than trying to pull out amusing reactions from them or figure out how or why or when they will react to a certain stimulus. Oh, he's always been good at the puppy-eyes of remorse, and the excitement of "life is so grand, let's experiment and play with it!" to get those around him to respond to HIM the way he likes. But maybe he can get people to respond to other things other ways too. That's a super-neat concept!

At 16-turns, Ravelan has never been anything but kind. A bit difficult to handle, perhaps. A passionate little bugger who'll defend family, friends, and the defenseless, perhaps. But the thought of initiating any fights, or causing any discomfort to others? Not Ravelan. But he IS only 16-turns, and so his own psychological make-up is perfectly malleable to any soul who sees the potential in the boy, and who finds a way to properly redirect them in the path s/he wishes him to go.


Birthplace: Benden Weyr, 8.436.9.12

Being the youngest sibling, with a born personality that everyone described as "happy" and "social," Ravelan learned before he could talk that life was the most fun when surrounded by others. In direct contrast to his middle brother's silence and perfection-complex, Ravelan has always been a loud, bubbling sort who laughed at his own and everyone else's mistakes, and met such barriers as authority telling him "no" about things with a grin, shrug, and near-mantra, "That's okay. I'll find something else instead." He's an unshakeable optimist and eager explorer.

Even before Ravelan could talk, he was learning a great deal about people. Each of his family members were so incredibly DIFFERENT from one another in what they encouraged, tolerated, or couldn't handle. But he learned that everyone liked smiles, grins and gurgles: A bubbly personality was the way to go! When Ravelan could walk, he learned how very much fun *exploration* could be, and how hilarious it was to manipulate his environment and watch family members react to it. Hahaha, Ned can't figure out what happened to his favorite toy! As he and his age-peers grew from toddlers to children and so learned to play and reason together, Ravelan full-blossomed into one that never met a stranger, always had a friend, knew how to charm the adults, but was also perfectly mischievous and under-handed when authority's back was turned. It was all fun and games, Ravelan never meant for anything else. If anyone was to get hurt or truly angry, he was quick to burst into regretful tears. At his youngest, it was fear of punishment. As he aged, those tears turned into true remorse and sorrow that SOMEONE was THAT angry or hurt. And it had the added benefit that it usually softened the punishment blow. However, just as adults know when children are truly upset or not, Ravelan also possesses an experienced understanding of when he's pushed someone too far. When adults are really just laughing behind their anger, Ravelan's tears were made for getting out of trouble. And so everyone got a long.

Most of the time. There was a time in Ravelan's life that he learned that violence sometimes really IS the answer to a problem. He learned that at a very young age when he witnessed Urvalen jump a couple of kids who'd teased Nederan to tears, and because then his big brother was getting pounded on, HE jumped in too, but really just to try to separate the fight and make everyone be happy again. The creche folk were all super angry, but when Mom-Nerida came to pick them up, she'd been all angry with THEM, and then Daddy had treated them all three out to a special trip the very next day! Ravelan never, ever forgot the adults' joint-view on such matters: You always stuck up for family, and you never, ever let someone hurt or bully someone else. Ravelan also never, ever forgot the fact that those kids grew such a respect for the fighting brothers that they even were friendly right after that. Such has become his own model of behavior. Swift fists for the right occasion, and a chosen time for laughter later, if the others could handle it. And if they couldn't, well… That was their problem.

Ravelan even learned how to affectionately deal with "THAT" family member. That family member was "Old Man Benden" (or, to his face, Grandpa Benden). This was a bronzerider and wingleader, and Daddy's Daddy. Old Man Benden was almost never around, and for that reason, he became a source of grandiose stories. Somehow, Mom-Valenda's soothing to Dad that Grandpa was just so very busy turned into Grandpa being the very founder of Benden itself, and his dear dragon being the Grandpapa of even Faranth, the original dragon who fell from the sky as a star, made the crater that was Benden Weyr, and in his great proportions, clawed out Benden Weyr as a playful weyrling. Ravelan still isn't sure whether or not "Grandpa Benden" enjoys such tomfoolery, but it is still by far one of his favorite subjects to continue to embellish on. By now, Grandpa Benden has gone on dozens and dozens of impossible adventures, and carved out most of the land masses of Pern.

In short, Ravelan had the happiest childhood up until he had 8 turns. That was when Dad got really, super sick. Ravelan was too young to know what was wrong with him. And then, just as Dad was so sick, the most devastating thing that had happened EVER happened. One of the buildings collapsed while both his Moms were inside. They were gone, just like that. No warning or nothing. At least he had had a long time to say goodbye to Dad, who died not much longer after. There was no more ideal-happy-family that he could tease the other 'brats about and use as a perfect ace card when fights became too fierce. There was no Daddy, and especially no Mommies, to help smooth matters over. Ravelan was super-scared that ALL THE ADULTS OF PERN would soon be dead, and so couldn't go to his Uncle N'drov, who'd always been an almost-second Daddy in Ravelan's eyes, for support. So he turned to his two brothers. They weren't the best sort of support to have, but they were better than the pending-deaths-of-all-adults that he otherwise could go to. Though young Ravelan soon bounced back and became his optimistic, energetic self again, to this day, his brothers are his very closest friends and go-to for all his concerns.

As close as Ravelan is to his brothers, even if they had not chosen to be candidates, he most certainly would have. The dragon-part itself wasn't exciting as much as the idea of FLYING and complete FREEDOM to go where ever he wanted when ever he wanted. He could go on all sorts of great adventures that way! Ravelan was nothing if he wasn't curious, and so he'd wait (impatiently) for his dragon to come along and whisk him into the greater world of waiting super-amazing excitements. It was tough to find a candidate more excited than Ravelan at each of the hatchings, and tough to find a candidate still standing more excited than the other candidates. He was always thrilled for his friends that impressed, and thrilled too that his brothers hadn't impressed. He knew it wasn't likely, but he liked to chatter about becoming clutch-brothers too, forever bound together in extreme brotherhood. He always told the eggs that, and if the eggs didn't like the idea, then he could wait for a clutch that would.

Then two turns ago, the Red Star decided to approach Pern and send its poo-debris at them. That's how Ravelan thought of thread, he couldn't help it. Poo was disgusting, and probably ate at the skin of anything that touched it. The Red Star was probably a gigantic…..Well, thread was falling, and dragons were not just about adventure and fun times anymore. Ravelan hadn't quite got his mind around that when Uncle N'drov announced that he was transferring to a very new and different place.

It was sufficient distraction. Ravelan was ALL OVER that most wonderful idea and promise of adventure. Without a dragon and all, he would have all the time in the world to explore a new place! It was ALMOST worth getting pooped all over by the sky. He met the idea with more enthusiasm and far more excitement than any of the rest of his family. In very little time, he had them convinced to all go together and face the great adventure that was this Ista Weyr.

What he hadn't counted on was the SADNESS that permeated the Weyr. Maybe he should have. Uncle N'drov had tried to tell him. The candidatemaster at Benden had tried to tell him too (a little more forcefully, even. The man had thought it was a downright foolish idea to go.). But it's a fortunate fact of life that very few people are associated with the degree of sadness that comes by losing half of a community of heroes, and fewer still could properly brace themselves for such things. To the happy Ravelan, this was the most difficult part of the cultural shock to be able to navigate. No one really wanted the outsiders. No one really wanted someone happy and joking. No one wanted to hear that he was "sorry" and that he'd lost his folks too. They just wanted to get on with life, build up, and do it THEIR way….. Uncle N'drov tried to tell him to be patient, and to understand that it was a Weyr in mourning. But Ravelan couldn't help it, he found he didn't LIKE these people very much, not at first.

But that was okay! There were other ways to adventure! No one could douse HIS excitement. After discovering the people of Ista Weyr were not people he got along with initially, Ravelan spent every moment of his free time exploring the Weyr, and the outsides of the Weyr too. Uncle N'drov was busier than ever before, but Ravelan was an expert sort of pest, and pestered until he got his way over and again. For someone who has only been at Ista for two short turns, he is quite well-traveled in the general area, and is able to chatter on about places with the rest of them. His conclusions about said places are not always correct though, and he certainly does not carry any fond memories others might have. He does, however, still carry an great amount of enthusiasm for all he talks about. There are so many *wonderful* things out there, after all!

As time has passed, wounds have lost their tenderness, and Ravelan has both come to an understanding of how to deal with others and matured in his own thinking, he is beginning to find that there are Istans who he does indeed enjoy being around. He has begun to tire of exploring and his unceasing pestering has finally gotten to a point where Uncle N'drov just GLARES if he starts again, so it is time to jump full-force into his next adventure: Nobody is a stranger, and everyone WILL be his friend!

After all, if he and his two brothers are to impress into the next clutch, it would be REALLY COOL if everyone who impressed were all ready that super close. Right?

Grandfather: (Miranda's unnamed "Grandpa Benden" character)
Father: U'drev
Mother: Velanda
Uncle: N'drov, brown Rakuth
Brother: U'valen, brown Lurzanth
Half-brother: N'darav, green Haevath


Age: >1
Clutch: RainCallers,


Kuruzoth is, without a doubt, a very handsome brown. Perfectly proportioned, sleek and with excellent, erect posture, he has the potential to be quite regal…at least when he needs to be formal. His hide is like high quality, red-brown, hardwood, in colour and variation. Gradients of shading are all over his hide, shifting one shade of red-brown to another, so perfectly and gradually blended it’s hard to see where one ends and the other begins. There is only one exception to this, and that is on his face. Over one eye and cheekbone the colour is distinctly a different shade of dark redbrown, fanning out like a half of a mask. He is built for speed and power with sleek, strong wings and a streamlined body, made for short, sharp, devastating bursts of destruction.


Some dragons hatch from their shells knowing exactly who they are and what they stand for. Kuruzoth is not one of those dragons.

He wants to be a good brown dragon, dependable, strong, a leader and he absolutely wants to be respected, loved and accepted. He just struggles with how to achieve that, especially in his early months. He will resent and reject any kind of advice or attempts to push him to be a certain way, but deep down he will crave direction and guidance, There are moments when Kuruzoth is open to guidance, when he quietly asks for advice, or when he’s receptive to it. But choose the wrong moment, or the wrong words, and he will bull headedly go in exactly the opposite direction. Often the biggest problem with Kuruzoth is this: he sometimes confuses stubbornness with strength. He doesn’t trust himself enough to believe in his own abilities or viewpoints, and he will often compare himself to the other browns in the clutch, and try to emulate their better characteristics, all the while feeling horribly inferior. In time, and with experience leading, Kuruzoth will slowly grow more secure in his place as a brown, and in the respect of his fellows.

Naturally empathetic and sensitive, Kuruzoth is a good dragon at heart, and with the support of some loyal classmates and good teachers, as well as his rider, he could grow into a magnificent young brown. He has the leadership qualities he needs: determination, loyalty, humbleness and a deep unyielding honour. It is this innate sense of what is right and what is wrong that will always bring Kuruzoth back from being too stubborn for his own good, and it is in that honour and loyalty that dragons may choose to follow. As the months of his weyrlinghood pass Kuruzoth will settle into his role as a leader, and will prove that with trust placed in him, he can live up to lofty expectations. As a leader he will be tough and unyielding when it comes to rules and discipline, but he will be absolutely fair, to a fault. He will also care about all the dragons under his command, and his gruff, even gentle and concerned care for them could earn him lasting loyalty from his followers.

When he’s not trying to be responsible, Kuruzoth is actually a bit of a dork. He’s prone to blurting out the first thing to come to his head, or trying to tell a terrible joke, and most especially he’s the dragon to make some dry pun about the goings on about him. Dark humour is Kuruzoth’s way, dry wit and sarcasm as well as brutal honesty. But when things go wrong for him, Kuruzoth’s first reaction is to get angry and frustrated. He’ll huff and puff and bluster about it, perhaps even destroying whatever it is that defied him in a fit of pique. He’ll calm down quickly, hot tempers rarely last long, and then he will be able to look at the problem more dispassionately. He’s more than happy to express self deprecation, acknowledging his failings, when asking forgiveness of someone he may have insulted, or wronged, but if he apologises…it is always genuine.

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