Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Basic Info

Those stereotypes that people throw around about greenriders? R'kala hates them. The problem is that he does like other men along with women, and he's not exactly the bulkiest man in the world which instantly makes everyone assume he's weak, or emotional or well…a fucking air head. The fact of the matter is that Naluth is not particularly an emotional green, she doesn't feel the need to freak out over every little thing, she doesn't spiral into emotional crises every time she gets proddy, and frankly R'kala resents people who assume that just because she's looking a little greener than usual that they have to treat him with kidskin gloves.

He's a smart guy is R'kala, but not in the booksmart kind of way that a lot of people consider to be intelligence. No he is clever, charming, with a snarky attitude and a willingness to say what he thinks, and back it up if someone gets mouthy at him because of it. He knows who in the Lower Caverns to go to for an extra sweet treat, or who to slip his laundry to to make sure it comes out perfectly, and he makes sure these people know that he will return the favour should they require anything. He has a person to go to for his every need, and he doesn't brag about it when his laundry is done fastest or his straps fixed first or he gets the really good skin of wine because he and the vintner play cards every so often. Prior to the First Fall R'kala had few quarrels with people, and in fact got along with the majority of the Weyr quite swimmingly, charming them with his cheeky and open ways.

Ista is his home, and yes R'kala likes it, but he's not one of those people to get really upset over the Outsiders. In fact he's of the firm belief that anyone who comes to Ista and adapts to their way of life, and wants to be one of them should be absolutely welcomed with open arms! Those other ones, the ones who want power, or to change things those he has a problem with, and he really gets absolutely furious when Outsiders sneer about his home. He gets angry too when Outsiders are treated badly too for no reason and so he spends a great deal of his time trying to argue his point of view. It's led to a few serious arguments and problems between him and people that he once considered alright sorts of friends. Now however he just thinks they are being idiots, and doesn't care that they think he's a traitor.

He has a way with whittling, and often when he's bored and needs something to do with his hands, R'kala can be found shaping a piece of wood into anything he wishes it to be. Quite often its something a little more risque, which amuses weyr residents and scandalizes those from Holds and crafthalls, who might not be used to such openness about sexuality. R'kala sees no reason for people to get silly over it all, after all it's natural and right, and he quite often delights in teasing people about such things, in a nice way of course. After all…you never know when an ally might come in handy.


Former Friends

B'fadi, rider of Blue Olaboth
B'ziah, rider of Blue Inigith

R'kala's Dragon: Green Naluth

Dragon Name: Naluth
Colour: Green
Age: 19
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr


Naluth is a warm green dragon, with hide the colour of hay that has been dried a little in the sun. It's still quite green, but it has that yellow tinge to it that makes it quite a sunny colour. It's rippled, or at least has the appearance of being rippled, like a pond that has had a finger or toe dipped in it, making her quite a pleasant dragon to look at. She's large for a green, but slender, not overly feminine but rather sleek, tomboyish and leggy.


This is a steady green dragon, albiet a friendly one. Like her rider she absolutely has no problem with stating her opinion, but doesn't get angry about it when people disagree. She quite enjoys how much it infuriates her rider when she just calmly disagrees with him and refuses to get impassioned over a topic. She doesn't much like other greens, finding the ones who crave male attention annoying, the ones who are flighty insulting, and the ones who are foolish irritating. There are of course exceptions but in general she prefers the company of male dragons who like to talk and discuss things. Of course there are males that exhibit the negative qualities as well…and those she ignores like she does the greens.

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