Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


The Turns have been kind to this young lad. Always having been a tall child, puberty hit R'fali like the proverbial freight train. At sixteen, he stands at 5'11" and weighs 170 pounds of developing muscle, especially in his legs. The black hair he inherited from his mother falls straight down to the nape of his neck at its longest and, when his mother decides it's time to cut it, is usually a smooth almost buzz-cut. His green eyes sparkle with his retained child-like mirth as well as a newfound sense of mischief. He has his father’s full lips, but other than that, he is his mother’s son (which makes Vofali happy). R'fali has developed into quite the runner, running messages for people who don't have the luxury of firelizards.


R'fali has been able to maintain the free spirits that bloomed in his childhood. Even as a baby he would always laugh, crying only seldom. Very aware of the fact that he is now old enough to Impress, he fires question after question off to his mother's green about what it's like to be a dragonrider. He has become more aware of what his mother wants him to do around their weyr and helps out as needed. R'fali love for shiny objects has morphed into a fascination of the deep and mystical. He has become incredibly fond of nature and has an ever-growing respect for dragons and their kin. His curiosity for the world around him has gotten him into trouble more than once for wandering off chasing a particular bug or creature. While still not settling into an actual sexual attraction for anyone or any particular gender, R'fali does find both to have their merits.

Now that he's old enough to understand Weyr politics and what's going on, R'fali has begun to understand the quagmire of a mess that his home has become. Ista was not the happy utopia he'd always thought, but rather a wasps nest ready to burst. He was aware of M'drasen's rule and his mother's utter fury over it, but as a mere candidate, there was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was watch as wave after wave of strangers were brought in to change his home however they wanted. Unable to ask his mother for fear of her brimming wrath, R'fali made his own decision about the Outsiders. Ista had plenty of riders, they didn't need these people. They should go home.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.438.2.14

Resofali was conceived when a rider took advantage of his mother at a Neratian Gather. They’d cornered her well away from the crowd and assaulted her before her sleep-dazed dragon could wake and sound an alarm. By the time she was found, it was too late. The baby, Resofali, was born two days before the healers said he would be and was healthy. His name came from his grandfather’s name combined with his mother’s. Vofali was torn between passing him to the crèche and being on her way and keeping close to him as his mother. Her decision was made when it was pointed out that, unplanned or not, the boy was still half-Istan. Resofali thus had his mother firmly in his life when she wasn’t busy. He frequently spent time with Seisilth, who had become the perfect nanny.

At the First Fall, Resofali was scared to death when the keening started. Had Seisilth… Was his mother…? But no, the greenpair returned safe much to the boy’s immense relief. Their strength (and immense luck) encouraged Resofali to sign up to be a candidate, which he did right as soon as everything calmed down. He worked hard throughout the Turns to become a rider Ista could use and tried his best not to take it personally whenever a Hatching passed without him Impressing.



Vofali, mother.
Unnamed Outsider rider, father.



Suspicious Of





Tayva, because WHAT THE HELL, MAN???

R'fali's Dragon: Brown Brynioth

Dragon Name: Brynioth
Colour: Brown
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: JudgementalAssholes


It is obvious from even the very first glance, that Brynioth is a very striking brown. The base colour of his hide is a lovely soft shade of brown some call fawn, and this covers him from tip to tail. Then all over his body are swirls and curving lines of very pale brown, almost cream. These markings seem to have no rhyme or reason to them (much to his ongoing displeasure), winding up around his legs, all over his body and along his tail. They even decorate his face, like some kind of ancient tribal war paint. As far as size goes he’s just slightly on the larger side of average with a strong, build. He’s built like a true brown, as a stayer, with endurance and bulk to hold his place in formation even in the harshest winds.


If there is a word that Brynioth hates, its compromise.

As a baby he will already very decided about what he wants. He wants to be a warrior, he wants to be one of the best thread-fighters on Pern, he wants to accomplish great deeds and have songs sung about his exploits. Unfortunately one does not go straight from egg to hero, and it will take a little while for the little brown to adjust to all he has to learn before becoming a hero. Slowly things will change from ‘I want to be able to do this NOW’, and furious temper when denied, to focused determination towards completing his objectives…with furious temper when things go wrong.

There will be no doubting Brynioth’s dedication or his focus. Unfortunately he does have a tendency to be a bit excessive in everything he does. When he practices, he does it harder, for longer, than most of his other classmates. When R'fali studies he will force him to stay until every last problem or project is complete, along with comprehensive reading ahead. In class, he will insist that he, and everyone else, repeat an exercise until everyone can do it as competently as possible. He’s a perfectionist, driven by the need to be better than he was the day before.

Many perfectionists can be cool, calm and restrained, preferring a clinical approach. That is definitely not Brynioth. He has a short fuse temper, and opinions, as well as his ego and belief in becoming better. This passion will drive him for his whole life, but with every turn he grows up, he will have more control of that famous temper. That doesn’t mean that he will lose it, he will still rage when he feels justified, but he won’t be as indiscriminate in lashing it around as he was when he was a baby.

Deep down, there is a deep insecurity to Brynioth, even if he determinedly believes there is no such thing. He is afraid of love, of being so dependent on another being for happiness and support. R'fali is the only exception, because he has always been there. His love is a part of him, it’s not placing affection and trust in someone so wholly unconnected with him. As such he will be extremely resistant to participating in Flights once he is old enough. He declares that he simply wants no distractions while on his quest to be a hero of Pern, when really, what he fears, is the heartbreak he can’t fight with fire or claw. Slowly he may form a close attachment to a green or two, and he will restrict his participations to those he knows, and can at least trust a little. Though he will be resentful in loss.

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