Writer: Rendrian
Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingsecond
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: All about those ladies!


A goofy-looking child, R’bor changed into a surprisingly beautiful young man. Thin, tall, and tan, he’s still covered in Threadscores due to his habit of showboating for women (or at least what Hircoth will allow). More than once, this has seen him grounded. His nose would be beautiful and straight were it not for how many times it had been broken in fistfights, an injustice he’s paid back each time. Short and messy brown hair tops his head that no manner of grooming can tame, so R’bor doesn’t even try anymore. He’s accepted that as part of his style and has adapted to it.


Without knowing him well, R’bor would at first seem to be a complete asshole. He acts like a damn fool only out to get laid and dick around, but when it’s crunch time, R’bor is right there, shoulder to shoulder with everyone else, and might even be out in front if he gets the chance. If a friend of his is insulted and he hears about it, then R’bor will go after the perpetrator with both fists. He is a firm believer in the phrase, “bros before hoes” and lives it daily, even if some of said hoes are technically his bros by the way of being wingmates. Even though he does try to get in various ladies’ pants, he’s rarely lucky, but that never stops him from trying.

From childhood, R’bor was the type to tell shitty and worn-out inside jokes that should have been retired on their first run if ever told at all. Starting from his first successful pairing with a woman, he’s made a habit of collecting women’s undergarments when he could get away with it, which he usually could. Men’s underwear was always overlooked. Outsiders have their ups and downs, especially the greens, and especially when they fly. The guys mostly are the downs. His attitude never gained him much favor with any leadership, no matter at what stage of life. With the ascension of T’berli to the Weyrleadership, he’s hoping that his luck might just change. T’berli’s his bro, his bestie, the best thing since sliced bread!


Birthday: 10.11

Born and raised in the Weyr, there was never really anything all that special about Ravabor. His parents were riders in the Pass and he would eventually Impress in the Pass to a strong and very opinionated brown. Ravabor never showed any real craft aptitude and figured that, should he not Impress, he’d likely work groundcrews instead. Thankfully (maybe at least for him) Hircoth derailed those plans entirely. Weyrlinghood was a wild ride as the new pair’s wills collided, sometimes violently, and only the dire threat of being held back entirely made them shape up. Or rather, made Hircoth make R’bor shape up. The brown essentially pegged his rider down and gave him what for, telling him that he’d rather go back into his egg than stay back like some foolhardy green. R’bor actually feared his dragon, then, and fell in line due to the worry that he’d wake up one morning a pancake.

The pair graduated with their class and went into their wing without much pomp. Thankfully, graduation seemed to stabilize R’bor’s flighty and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, made him realize that they were actually about to fight Thread and might even die. Sadly, he also realized that there were pretty women in his wing who may need protection. First Fall served as a bit of an eye-opener, thank goodness, though R’bor still took chances where Hircoth would allow him to. Groundings were frequent thanks to such antics and injuries but soon enough the brown pair would be back up in the air at it again. That pattern seems to be his fated life course. That was until T'berli rose to Weyrleadership, took hold of the Red Tide wing, and made him his freaking Wingsecond!

R'bor's Dragon: Brown Hircoth

Dragon Name: Hircoth
Colour: Brown
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Red Tide


There is nothing small about Hircoth, nothing in the least bit. From his broad shoulders and thick neck to his wide wings and long tail, this brown takes up almost more space than necessary. He’s tall to boot, on step with small bronzes. As far as coloration goes, he’ s mostly a light, almost apricot all over, though Hircoth has darker spottings of color on his left forepaw, right rear paw, and varied stripes throughout. His wings are paler still and quite large, though since he is a massive brown, they and their muscles need to be as big as possible to support him. From the moment he hatched, Hircoth’s been all muscle, too, something which meant that his diet consisted of large amounts of meat that only R’bor’s sternest control kept in check until the dragon could do it himself. Even some days his rider will catch him eyeing another morsel after he’s full.

Dragons aren’t ones for facial expressions, but Hircoth does occasionally use displays of his fangs to accompany the color change in his eyes. R’bor has learned over the Turns to determine just what a happy snarl looks like and, while it’s no less creepy, it’s still somewhat relieving to know that he’s not about to be bitten. He does have a sort of “game face” though, an expression that is unique to pre-Threadfall. It’s terrifying and thrilling to see if one ever got the chance.


Ruthless and headstrong from the moment he was hatched, Hircoth is aggressive in anything that even vaguely considers combat or competition. Feeding time? He’s first. Flights? You bet your saggy ass he’s going to be after that. In Weyrlinghood, he showed a stunning and relieving solid focus on Threadfall training with an unwavering air of solemnity that proved to be honest and unshakable- Threadfall was no joke to the brown and he would be an asset to whatever wing he was placed in. This proved more or less true. While Hircoth showed loyalty and respect enough to bronzes and ranking elder browns, blues and greens always received nothing but scorn from him, save for greens during and right after a flight. If blues and greens in his wing had concerns about anything, they’d best take it to literally any other dragon than Hircoth unless they wanted a vicious browbeating. He’s a good advisor, just not at all who you want to look up to.

When it comes to his superiors, however, or dragons who have clearly proven themselves in battle, Hircoth’s attitude is vastly different. Elder and battlescarred dragons have certainly been known to receive respect from Hircoth in tone as well as action. There have been proven cases, though, that even Hircoth will agree to, where dragons that he didn’t particularly like changed his mind by performing admirably in Threadfall, though of course those have been very few. Even blues and greens, though so far these have been only Istan stock, have worked their way into Hircoth’s respect just as they earned their ranks before M’drasen took over. He grew up with these dragons, has seen them perform in Thread and knows what they’re capable of. In the same way, some bronzes and browns have, shamefully, shown their dungholes to him and subsequently have lose their favor in his eyes. Zogeth, of course, is one of those, the cheating piece of shit, and after the past Turn there are greens that Hircoth will listen to before that sneaky bastard (unless he pulls rank, of course). As far as Mondagarth goes, Hircoth finds him to be a true brother-in-arms. The browns tend to think alike and, as such, Hircoth believes that the other will lead the Weyr well.

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