Queens Wing

The Queens Wing is the wing that flies at the lowest altitude and is therefore usually the safest. It is primarily made up of Goldriders, the Candidate and Weyrling masters, pregnant blue and green riders and also riders that are too injured to cope with the flaming and between skipping of the higher wings, but can still fly Fall.

The Wing is led by the Weyrwoman, the Senior Goldrider of the Weyr. She is Seconded by junior goldriders when the Weyr has them. Because Gold's do not chew Firestone to breathe flame, the goldriders use flame throwers.

The Queens Wing is also responsible for mid-air rescues, catching injured dragons before they can crash, or supporting them until they can land safely. Thus they drill just as extensively as the other wings, so that should they be called upon, they will be prepared.

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