Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Q’warn is definitely not the most masculine of men. He has a slender build with delicate touches. His skin is pale and smooth. He hasn’t yet mastered the art of growing facial hair and prefers to keep his face smooth. He’s not as strong as some of the other riders his age. His strength comes from his speed and wiry muscle.

The young bluerider’s eyes are easily the first thing other people notice. He has beautiful, pale green eyes like a young leaf waving in the wind. Other than his eyes, he has no special attributes that set him apart as handsome or beautiful. It’s the blending of all his different attributes that make him attractive.

Q’warn is tall for his age. He’s constantly hoping he’s reached the last of his growth spurts. The last growth spurt was four months ago and he’s starting to believe it was the last one. He honestly can’t afford any more new clothes.


Q’warn always seems to be easygoing and happy. There’s no sense in alienating people, especially when you might be able to use them in the future. He’s almost got an easy smile on his face. He might genuinely like the people he befriends, but it never goes deeper than that. He’s got no problem betraying someone to better himself.

The young bluerider has never been in love or felt any strong emotion. The lust inside of a flight doesn’t really count. It’s only momentary and very fleeting. He’s begun to think that he is incapable of strong emotion.

Neither his mother or his father suffered from Q’warn’s unique problem. He’s not sure where it came from, but he is a compulsive thief. Sometimes he doesn’t even notice he’s done anything, but he’ll find objects in his pockets that obviously are not his.


Birthplace: Benden Weyr, 8.436.2.12

Qalawarn was born into Benden Weyr as the son of an unattractive kitchen worker and a very intoxicated greenrider. He grew up as a son of the creche. He had no mother or father other than the crecheworkers. He wasn’t unhappy, but he grew up with an unspoken desire lingering in his heart. He didn’t have the words to give form to this desire. He just always felt discontented with life in general.

Politics in the weyr start early and not even the creche children are immune. There’s always a little jockeying for the small power that children have over each other. As a child of unknown descent, Qalawarn ranked on the lowest of the ranks. He had no protection from pranks or tricks. He quickly learned that if you have no inherent power, you can always latch on to someone else’s power. He made the right friends and hung out with the right people.

By the time he reached the age of candidacy, he was well liked among his peers and even some of the older candidates. He stayed in the program for nearly two years before he Impressed to brilliant blue Horusith. The little blue was so straightforward that it was difficult for Q’warn to keep his own secrets. Near the end of his weyrlinghood, an innocent comment from Horusith led the weyrlingmasters to discover a hidden stash of stolen treasure. Q’warn had decided a long time ago that returning stolen objects simply made more problems for him. He normally has several different caches of stolen property hidden in different spots. He was reprimanded with a stern lecture and bread and water rations.

After the discovery, Q’warn found himself on the outside looking in. Most of his “friends” had deserted him. No one wanted to be seen near him. It was no surprise to anyone that Q’warn was one of the first riders sent to Ista Weyr after their cry for help.










Q'warn's Dragon: Blue Horusith

Dragon Name: Horusith
Colour: Blue
Age: 2
Weyr of Origin: Benden
Wing: Stormriders


As looks go Horusith seems to be a gold in the body of a blue. He is a beautiful dragon. Not handsome, not even cute. Beautiful, or even pretty. His form is long and sleek with a slightly feminine sort of grace to it. Every movement, every posture is elegant and he makes even taking a nap look like a work of art. He’s just that pretty. It doesn’t hurt that he has a perpetual sun-kissed appearance. He is a deep, royal blue that lightens dramatically over the top of him to a sky blue that carries hints of golden overtones. No amount of dirt can hide what a stunning creature he is. Just the way a gold should be. Except that he’s a blue, remember, and it can be hazardous to one’s health to be too in touch with your feminine side.


Horusith doesn’t mind though. He is a laid back boy that’s as cheerful and bright as his appearance makes him look. Everyone is met with a relaxed, draconic grin and insults or personal attacks don’t really stick. What’s the point in getting worked up over things, anyway? Its easier to joke about it and let it go, even at his own expense. He’s very comfortable with himself and doesn’t mind that he gets made fun of for being too girly.

And he really is a bit of a lady on the inside as well. He adores pretty things and has a hoarding problem when it comes to things that glitter and shine. If his lifemate isn’t careful they will be overrun with his collection and will have to teach Horusith to value quality over quantity if they want any living space of their own. At least Horusith is a neat dragon, perhaps a little obsessively so. Disorder is one of the few things that actually cause him stress as does being dirty in any way, so his lifemate better learn real quick to be as pristine as possible.

The one area where Horusith truly shines as a male is when it comes to mating flights. He is quick and strong in the air, but above all he has a true and passionate love for females. He seems to understand them a little better, perhaps because he is so attuned with them. He’ll make friends easily with greens, perhaps even with golds if they allow it and he will have an honest respect for them. Perhaps this is what gives him a bit of an edge in flights, but whatever it is his chosen had better be prepared for him to take part in as many as he
possibly can.

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