Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


Even if he never anticipated being a dragonrider, Q’tay has embraced it and the lifestyle associated with it, complimenting the labor-intensive care of his dragon with vigorous exercise that keeps him looking good. He’s well known for using any oils and creams that will keep him at his absolute freshest, especially anything that has a pleasant scent to it; even at just 25 he feels like a bit of an old maid. He tries hard to pull off a look of effortless and fresh out of bed, leaving his dark brown hair mussed up and his chin covered in a coat somewhere between fresh stubble and thick beard.

When he’s not required to be in his uniform, his wardrobe borders on pants that are just this side of too snug and shirts that may as well not have any fabric at all for how poorly they cover him. Not even Ista’s cooler “winter” months can dissuade him from putting his assets on display if he can help it.



If there is one thing of which Q’tay is certain, it’s that the world should revolve around him. When the spotlight is on him, he’s as happy as a clam, but when it’s not it’s a problem that needs to be fixed quickly. He can’t stand the thought of someone being more popular than he is, even if it’s for a moment, and he won’t hesitate to turn things around, even if that means acting out. Negative attention is still attention, after all; there’s no such thing as bad press. But when things don’t turn out how he likes, it can be expected that he’ll throw a little tantrum about it, usually by pouting in his weyr or making passive-aggressive, falsely cheerful comments to the responsible parties. Apologies are one of his weaker areas.

Even his friends will wonder if they are truly his friends at all with the way he delivers backhanded compliments and sarcastic snipes with ease. Friendships seem to be about as permanent as his relationships in bed, so anyone who wants to make a pal out of him will need to be in it for the long haul, able to snipe right back at him and take his words with grace. He really does mean well, he’s just never figured out how to act with humility or sympathy.

This is a man who is unashamedly selfish about demanding attention and will stop at nothing to get what he wants once he’s set his eyes on it. For the most part all he wants is the attention of a few handsome men, which Mereoth typically provides for him with her frequent mating flights, and the other gaps can be filled in with gaudy trinkets, overly romantic notions, and a cadre of gal pals with whom he can share Weyr gossip. Though he stood for Impression for altogether the wrong reasons, he has embraced being a dragonrider with a joie de vivre that stands tall even in the face of tragedy and political chaos at Ista. Whatever stereotypes exist about greenriders do not serve as barriers for him but as encouragement, paving a road of pleasure and excitement for him that he’s all too happy to travel.

Politics have no place in his life. They’re boring and take too much attention away from him, so he steers clear of all mention of Outsider this or Ista that. It’s not that he has no love for his home nor would he think twice about defending it, but as he sees it things are well beyond his control and no amount of meddling will fix it. Whether he likes it or not, he recognizes that Ista suffered a great deal during their first Threadfalls and needed the help, though he certainly wishes there were more cohesion between the two sides. Honestly, as long as there’s a fresh pool of hot men for him to gawp at, he’s more than satisfied.

His mood swings are intense whenever Mereoth is in heat, able to flip between cheerful and nasty in a matter of seconds, and each mood is both explosive and infectious. He has the ability to bring up or bring down an entire room without any thoughts as to the consequences behind it.

Common Knowledge
- For men, the Weyr bicycle; for women, probably the bitchiest best friend you'll ever have.
- Infamous around the Infirmary. He likes his sex rough and isn't particularly mindful of the consequences.
- Has a pretty intense crush on L'rac. That's not really a secret and hasn't been since the two met as Candidates.


Birthdate: 8.428.02.15

Quintay was born in the salty air of Ista Seahold, where his father made a living hauling in fishing nets and his mother put her hands to work in the kitchens. His siblings, two younger sisters, played a demure and quiet contrast to his brash, bold attitude. Before he was ten he had earned a name for himself as a notorious brat, reputed for screaming and throwing tantrums in the middle of the hold if he wasn’t getting his way. Try as they might, no amount of punishment seemed to curb his temperamental attitude; if anything, it only made things worse. Quickly he decided that he was being subjected to abuse and sought to run away from the cruel, tyrannical parents who kept him swabbing decks and mending fishhooks. It was a plan that didn’t even get as far as the hold gates. Much as he hated to be the butt of so much punishment, he had no idea where he would go or what he would even do, puzzled and frightened by the world outside of the Seahold. He’d never traveled beyond the road, not even when his father went off to Gather.

So he tried to stay content with his lot in life. It couldn’t be said that he calmed down so much as he learned to work the system, learning when it was better to smile and when it was better to scream until everyone around him buckled. His parents feared that he would never draw a wife if he kept acting out like that — which was just as well since he never gained any interest in girls. For their sake (read: to keep them quiet) he entertained a few young girls, but their time together would end up the same: both of them clucking away like two hens, gossiping about Hold business and chatting about cute boys. Only a few of these girls were repulsed by his sexuality. It didn’t take long for these scorned ladies to send word to his parents. His father took it the hardest, raised prudish and Holdborn, and he tried to haze the “sissiness” out of him by putting him to work on the fishing dinghys.

His plan backfired completely. Aboard the ship Quintay met another young Apprentice, Karion, with whom he developed a deep friendship, something that eventually turned to love. It was a completely one-sided arrangement, however, as Karion had no interest in boys, but Quintay convinced himself that in time he could change his mind. He followed at Karion’s heels like a lost little puppy, playing at being his friend while trying to subtly encourage him to try something more. All that he managed was to get a kiss out of him, pretending that he was helping Karion out with wooing a few hold girls.

And then the Ista searchdragons came with word of a clutch. Karion immediately attracted the attention of a Searchdragon. Horrified, Quintay begged and pleaded with his parents to let him go to the Weyr. It didn’t seem like much of a solution to his parents, having heard of a few rumors about life at Ista Weyr, but becoming a dragonrider ought to have been better than turning into a deviant layabout. He loved being at the Weyr, but he never expected that he would Impress. The only goal he had was to woo Karion further, a task that became nigh impossible when Karion Impressed and turned his full attention to his new hatchling. That was a bond in which Quintay couldn’t interfere.

Defeated, he had all but given up, but chose to stay on at the Weyr to avoid returning to life at sea. The lax environment of the Weyr fostered his lifestyle and nurtured him, making him feel like he’d finally found a place where he could be himself. While he did have to work the kitchens, it was scores better than being at sea, and he had plenty of time to earn himself a reputation as a loose young man. He chased any man that looked his way for more than a minute. Among them was Laerac, a boy born to the Weyr, who quickly became his replacement Karion.

It didn’t come as a surprise when he Impressed Mereoth from the next clutch. The green was every bit as sassy and flirtatious as he was, and though she was an unexpected part of his life he couldn’t help but embrace that unconditional love. He worked hard to prove that he wasn’t just a hot piece of eye candy (though he certainly didn’t mind the title) and excelled as a weyrling, nothing that was hard to accomplish in the Thread-free interval. The fact that Laerac had Impressed out of the same clutch boosted his confidence in spades, as Q’tay felt he had to prove that he was a hell of a catch. The two of them made a pact to celebrate the loss of their celibacy, and it was that day that Q’tay fell in love.


L'rac - Delicious, gorgeous, one of a kind bed partner. One day he'll be my weyrmate.

Q’tay’s Dragon: Green Mereoth

Dragon Name: Mereoth
Colour: Green
Age: 10
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Mereoth (MERRY-oth) is a sleek, almost voluptuous green, with long limbs and a figure that most women would dare to dream of: where her chest and hips are full-figured, her waist is slender, giving her a gait that could be described as a sashay. Whether on the ground or in the air, she possesses an otherworldly grace and agility that is a definite note of pride among her color. Her hide is a pale, celadon green with darker, cheetah-like spots that begin at the top of her head and end at the very tip of her tail.


She came from her shell in search of the spotlight and she continues that to this day. She still believes that the world owes her attention, yearning to turn eyes toward her with every step and every breath she takes, acting out in ways that she thinks will earn her the compliments that she desires. She needs praise like people need air. It’s impossible to have told her too many times that she’s a gorgeous looking green, especially with such poor short-term memory, and she won’t hesitate to go out of her way to make sure that you know how beautiful she’s looking today. Faranth help you if you fail to notice that she’s been freshly oiled or that her hide looks simply radiant in the sun.

Like her rider, she truly means well in her interactions with people, but she lacks the sort of social thinking that keeps her fro​m​ saying what’s really on her mind. Blunt and to the point, she won’t hesitate to point out that someone looks especially frumpy or needs a bit of work. It’s all about helping them, of course; she can’t help it if you can’t take a little constructive criticism.

She mates very often, up to six times in a single Turn, though she’s well known for flirting and cuddling up to any dragon that will give her the attention she desires. She does have her favorites (usually dragons to whose riders Q’tay has attached himself)​, of course.​

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