Character Type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual (But leans more towards male company than female)


Coming from a Holdborn family, things might well have been easier for Q’tasin if he had not been born so damn /pretty/.

As a young boy he was impossibly cute, all wild sun-bleached fair hair and tanned golden brown skin, and his advent into teen years hasn’t done any harm to his looks. In fact he’s grown up quite well, taller, broader shoulders, muscles in his arms and chest. He’s no delicate flower, he’s a boy from a farming hold, he had to work, and all those years ploughing and hoeing have done their work. He’s got a turn round tan, skin that doesn’t seem to burn, but simply turns more and more golden brown, offset by hair that has darkened with passing turns but is still fair, and dark blond gold.

His mouth is quicker to smile than frown, nose impish and eyebrows that are prone to quirk in a cheeky expression. It’s his eyes however that are his best feature, sea blue green and bright in his bronzed face.


Q’tasin has always been one of those gentle artistic types, finding pleasure in just playing a soft tune on guitar or harp, or in sketching scenes on tattered little pieces of hide, cobbled together with bits of string so he doesn’t lose them. He likes drawing people, animals, scenes with meaning, not boring landscapes. If Q’tasin is not working, you can guarantee he is somewhere sketching or quietly mucking about on his beloved but battered old guitar.

He’s a child of a Neratian farming hold, near the tip of the peninsula, and they just had the one old Harper, who taught him all he knew. There was no real opportunity for him to go off and become a Harper himself, simply because his family didn’t really have the coin or means to send him off, and they needed the hands with planting and harvesting. He grew up not begrudging his family their need of him, and just lived his life from day to day, not really expecting much to change. So he’s a very easy going young man, steady and strong. You’ll not find him playing mind games, or heart games with anyone. He’s not ambitious, or at least he would like to do well for himself, he’d like to rise in the ranks, but he’s not going to curry favour for it…or injure someone else’s chances to get there. If he’s good enough someone will see his merit and then he’ll be rewarded.

Sexuality is the one area of himself that he is desperately unsure of. All his turns at the Hold of his birth he knew that boys wanting other boys wasn’t quite right, and while his parents were gently supportive of him, he didn’t want to worry them by living a lifestyle that would bring censure or trouble their way. So he shut down any thoughts of men or women, and while he enjoys romantic tales, and is gentlemanly to all, and longs for romance for himself…he has no idea what to do about it. So he ignores it…trying to reassure himself he doesn’t need it…when really…he aches and pines for it.


Birthplace: White Sickle Hold, Nerat, 8.435.13.10

Q’tasin was born Quertasin of a small farming hold at the tip of the Neratian peninsula. His parents were both farmers, as had been their fathers and mothers before them for as long as anyone could remember. No one really left his hold…they just grew up, married someone and continued farming the land they always had. He was the second son, but his childhood was a happy one, with friends, and a family who loved him deeply.

As he grew older though people in the Hold began to notice he was a little different, prone to daydreaming or ending up at the top of the Hold at the end of the day to draw or play some music. Young men also started to notice his eyes on them, not in an alarming way but…just lingering a little too long. So whispers began that Quertasin was one of ‘those’ and while only some of the whispers were unkind, he tried to keep them from his mind, and from his family

It was a simple life, a farmer by day, aiding the Harper in the evenings, and he was quite content with it until one day a green dragon landed on the roof of the Hold in Search, in Search for Candidates for an Istan clutch. One with a great golden egg.

He’s not sure how the rider and dragon came to be down at the paddocks where he worked, although he suspects people might have murmured to him about Quertasin’s odd ways. But the green certainly took to him and he was Searched. His parents, though sad about it, insisted he go…a dragonrider was too good an opportunity to pass up!…and he left for Ista Weyr, where after rigorous training and assessment stood on the Hatching Sands….and Impressed to the flirty blue Pheradith.

Q'tasin's Dragon: Blue Pheradith

Dragon Name: Pheradith
Colour: Blue
Age: <1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: SunRunners
Wing: None yet


Behold, this blue is possibly one of the most beautiful dragons ever hatched. His proportions are perfect, aesthetically flawless, dimensions exact and size most excellent of a swift, strong blue. His hide is gorgeous, a ripple of blues of every shade, so with every movement of his body you’re unsure what kind of blue he really is. There is a shimmer to him, like a metal blue, or blue glass, and people will always itch to touch him, even if they hesitate, unsure of whether or not they should. His face is sculpted, wide eyes, elegant headknobs, graceful limbs, and a flowing prance to his movements that draw eyes from near and far. His mind voice is a deep croon, sensual and very pleasing to both human and draconic ears.

One might almost say he’s too perfect to look at. Some might long for some kind of flaw, any kind of flaw just to make that kind of beauty real, rather than the unreality of such unceasing beauty.


Fortunately for everyone Pheradith’s personality more than makes up for his seemingly flawless appearance. He’s vain the moment he steps from his egg, fastidious about his appearance and a real tyrant when it comes to bathing and oiling. His rider will be held to standards that boggle the mind, and the time the blue expects to be put into his appearance is something that will cause his rider a great deal of stress, discomfort and hard work. He must be clean; his hide will only gleam best when it is oiled just right and no one can ever say that Pheradith does not look his best. And when he is old enough, every mark and scar and blemish on his hide from fighting thread will be each mourned like a dearly beloved thread had passed on.

And if things don’t go his way? Be prepared for a hell of a tantrum until you give in and beg for mercy.

Threadfighting is not high on this blue’s priority list. Oh he can fight a mean fight if he wants to, and that petty streak can come in pretty handy when he is avenging a wound on his person, but it’s not his principle purpose. His one true love will always be himself, but just underneath that are the green ladies. He adores greens, and is a master at flattering and composing odes to their loveliness, as long as none of them are considered more desirable than he. He wants all of the greens, which means that when he is old enough he will want to chase every single one he can, fancying himself madly besotted each time. Of course, should they scorn him, he is vindictive in his retribution. Scathing asides, mutterings about weight, a question about whether their nose looks crooked, huh he never noticed before, no wonder he didn’t want to win.

The golden rule of Pheradith is this…he never loses, he chooses not to win.

Behind all of this fluff and frippery however Pheradith has a rather keen mind. Of course it is focused on entirely the wrong things, but he is clever, and shrewd, and above all…he is ambitious. He envies the bronzes and the golds their high place, their ability to stand there and seemingly control his life. He doesn’t like that at all. So he uses his charm and handsome face to ingratiate himself with the leadership, while establishing a little posse of his own.

One day, Pheradith thinks, one day…he could be a wingsecond, or even wingleader or Weyrsecond. He just has to butter up the right people…and be a stud with the ladies. Everyone wants someone popular in power right?

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