Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Basic Information

Q'rai started off as a kid who'd had a rough start in life, or at least rough teenage years. His early days were happy enough, with a loving mother, a hard working father, and a brother who was the golden child, and who Q'rai longed to emulate. In fact everything was perfect until one day a part of their small mine collapsed, killing his mother and Camrain, his brother. Suddenly it was just him and his father, and it quickly became clear which son Camraid wished had died in the collapse.

Ridicule, punishment, blows and cruel words, were the hallmarks of the next few turns of Q'rai's life, with Camraid finding fault with everything he did, no matter how hard he worked. Soon his preferred punishment was locking him in the mines for the night, to 'make him work harder' and 'smarten him up'. It led to Q'rai's crippling fear of the dark and of tight enclosed spaces, especially underground.

It was lucky for him that a Searchrider stopped by, while taking another young man to the Weyr on Search. In the end the rider Searched Q'rai too, though sometimes he wondered if it was out of pity, seeing the vivid black eye the young man sported, and hearing his fathers scorn at the idea of his son ever amounting to anything, let alone dragonriding.

Arriving at the Weyr Q'rai quickly found himself taken under the wing of an older Weyrbred boy Keheral, who made sure he knew everything he needed to, and how to feel at home in the Weyr. They formed a lasting friendship even before the clutch hatched.

Of course the rest is history, with Keheral impressing brown Serekith and Q'rai green Calath.

Impression has done wonders for Q'rai, as has Calath's staunch love, and he has grown into a fine young man. He's comfortable in his skin, having embraced the Weyr attitudes on body image and intimate relations, but he does tend to focus on one lover at a time. Only when that dalliance is completely done will he move on to another. His brand of humour is dry sarcasm, which can rub people the wrong way, as does his tendency to always look for the negatives, the flaw in a plan. Manys a time that he annoyed his wingleader by pointing out a problem with their 'awesome' flight plan, and even though it was a positive thing for the error to be addressed, his persistent negativity and the fact he brings things up in front of everyone alienated his superior.

Despite all his problems, past and faults however, Q'rai is a kind soul, more of a lover than a fighter. His early problems have made him quick to take insult, and when he feels threatened, or like someone is targeting him or one of his friends, he tends to react passionately, and wildly, making him a little erratic and a bit of a wildcard. His bromance with K'heral is his one constant.

Recent History

Having annoyed his Wingleader with his ways, and erratic behaviour, Q'rai was nominated for a Transfer to Ista. Terrified about going, about leaving this place that has become his home, he was relieved to hear that K'heral, upon hearing that Q'rai was being sent, had volunteered, choosing to go with his friend and 'brother' to a new Weyr.



Camraid, father, cot holder in Nabol Hold territory
Querida, mother, deceased
Camrain, brother, deceased


K'heral, rider of brown Serekith, big brother figure/leader/friend

Q'rai's Dragon: Green Calath

Dragon Name: Calath
Colour: Green
Age: 12
Weyr of Origin: High Reaches Weyr


Calath isn't the prettiest green, but there is something inherently sweet about her, something soft. It might be the tree green of her hide, looking rather like felt, begging for a touch. Or it might be the toned but smooth shape of her, built like an athlete, for speed and agility and strength. Or it might be the funny light green lines down her hide, like a child has attempted finger painting and it stuck. She's not the prettiest, but she's certainly nice enough to look at, and always welcoming to talk to.


Some people and dragons care about power. Calath cares about people, be they dragon or human alike. She loves chatting with everyone and anyone who will talk back, and she always remembers every fact she hears about someone. Other facts…well they fly out of her head faster than thread through air, but that's what she has her rider for right? And Serekith. So she's decent at the naturalness of fighting thread, but often forgets what manouver the wingleader called, or if she remembers it she can't remember what she was supposed to do in it. She trusts in Serekith and Q'rai however, and somehow one or the other is always there to bail her out of any great difficulty.

She's completely awkward with male dragons who shower her with attentions, getting bashful and saying random things in response to their questions. Serekith is the male she feels most comfortable with, coloured by her riders adoration of K'heral. They are family, in her mind, and in Q'rai's, and that makes them easy to relax around.

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