Character Type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Nominally heterosexual; he hasn't yet considered expanding his horizons but might be surprised if he does.


Quilionas is a healthy young man, but obviously no workhorse or true athelete – fit in the way of someone who plays sports for leisure, not one who works hard every day out of necessity. He's tall and naturally slender, his musculature lean, with narrow shoulders and hips that make a belt or suspenders an absolute necessity if he wants his pants to fit decently. He's accustomed to dressing nicely in good fabrics that are impeccably tailored, and having to settle for less will be somewhat of an adjustment. He won't seriously complain, though – he's happy enough to wear what's serviceable, though will retain a preference for dressing neatly and in flattering colors and styles whenever possible.

He's also accustomed to being considered a handsome eligible bachelor, because he /is/. With short black hair kept neat and combed back, striking blue eyes, and a pleasing smooth curve to his face, in addition to his friendly demeanor, the eligible gentle-ladies of Ista have him quite high on their list of hoped-for suitors. His jawline is weak, more gentle and attractive than strong and manly, and he'll never look rugged, but he's the sort who has a lot of potential to look exceptionally distinguished as he gets older and begins to grey at the temples.


While Quilionas may not be anywhere close to the top choice for succession of the Istan Lordship (nor was he raised with that particular expectation), he is still Istan Blood, and raised to and among nobility, and so from a young age has been expected to adhere to a certain standard of dress and behavior. Though he's certainly not afraid of a little dirt and sweat, he's been taught that people (unfairly or not) draw certain conclusions about you and your values and upbringing based on appearance, and so whenever possible one should endeavor to look one's best. After all, it's an insult to his parents if people think he was raised in a barn, and so clean clothes and a proper grooming regimen are important! His upbringing placed great value on politeness and decorum, and on being well-spoken and well-educated, and just generally growing into a proper gentleman.

That said, Quilionas is not necessarily the best at adhering to all these lofty expectations. Oh, he's certainly polite, certainly well-spoken, and certainly meticulous about his appearance, but he's also afflicted with an excess of enthusiasm that often makes it hard for him to keep up appearances. He's bubbly, he loves people, loves socializing, and does it with all the confidence and abandon of someone who honestly believes both in his own inherent goodness and the inherent goodness of everyone around him (poor naive soul). He's a scholar, but not the passive sort, not at all – he's incurably curious about everything around him, full of questions, and once a question occurs to him he's just not satisfied until he discovers the answers. He keeps a bound journal, which he jots all his thoughts and discoveries down in complete with little sketches and other assorted supplemental notes, and he has several filled ones archived away back home. While he may not be as athletic as his older brothers, his enthusiasm and curiosity often lead him to jump right into adventure whenever he gets the chance, and he doesn't always exercise good judgment when it comes to these little escapades. He's an optimist, and it's extremely hard to bring him down, or even to seriously insult him – when confronted, he gives the benefit of the doubt because it's easier and because he's just that /nice/, and he'll choose to assume that his attacker is simply mistaken, or didn't mean what they said, or is perhaps just joking with him. It's probably for the best, as while he's had some basic training with potential duels in mind, he's woefully inexperienced with true fisticuffs.

He's not always aware that he sometimes comes across as a little rude and pretentious (or that even his /name/ is a bit pretentious). His interest in the daily habits of a poor cotholder family, for instance, was completely innocent on his part and even potentially helpful to the family (after all, Quilionas has a certain sense of honor that leads him to try to right wrongs when he finds them), but people don't really /like/ being studied as if they're insects by someone who clearly believes his way is the natural way and that /theirs/ is the deviation from norm, and they resented him for it (even moreso because they felt they couldn't protest because of his status). He means well (perhaps “well-meaning” would be a good epitaph for his grave when someone inevitably strangles him to death – if the Pernese had gravestones, that is) but he's definitely got his head in the clouds and it's hard to drag him down. He believes that anything can be fixed, if only you put a little thought into it, and often oversimplifies problems in an effort to do just that. Sometimes being an incurable optimist can work against you.


Birthplace: Ista Hold, 8.433.3.18

Quilionas is a nephew of the current Istan Lord Holder, though he's far enough down the line of succession that he has never expected to actually be seriously considered for the position when his uncle dies. He's the third son of a third son, raised in an environment of indulgent nobility where he never wanted for anything, and yet without the need to vie for position and favor the way his older cousins did. He was expected to make himself useful and maintain the family honor, but not much beyond that – there wasn't anything to inherit, really, and a craft would have been acceptable, though he showed more aptitude with his brain than with his hands. He had an interest in history and a head for nit-picky details and numbers, and his father and uncle recognized his talents and encouraged them from an early age, intending to eventually put him to work as a steward, keeping the Hold's records and balancing the ledgers and whatnot.

Like both of his more athletic (and ambitious) older brothers, he got a good education beyond what lower-born Hold children typically get – mostly more in-depth training in history and politics and economics, more of an emphasis on good handwriting and better communication — the sort of thing that wouldn't be truly useful to the average Pernese but could come in handy to a Lord Holder and his ilk. Quilionas himself studied with a harper archivist to further his learning on record-keeping, and spent time shadowing his father in his duties, and in their downtime he and his brothers rode runners and played cards and rowed longboats and all the other sorts of activities that noble young men are expected to do.

He did not expect to be Searched. His family was proud enough; no Lord Holder would permit his chosen heir to go to the Weyr, but Ista's family has never begrudged their younger sons to the Weyr, contributing several dragonriders over the course of their long history, and it's a respectable and noble profession (even if the holdfolk don't completely understand weyrfolk and find their ways a bit queer). Quilionas accepted eagerly, perhaps without realizing how utterly unprepared he is for such a physically-demanding and dangerous lifestyle – but then, he's never been able to turn down a chance to do something new and amazing.



Father: Saronas, Steward
Mother: Turili
Younger brother: L'rori, rider of bronze Rowlieth
Two older brothers
Two sisters
A multitude of cousins


Dragon Name: Arlith
Colour: Blue
Age: Less than 1 turn
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:


Hatched small, and unfortunately staying small his entire life, Arlith will never be a dragon built for strength. In fact, at hatching there may be some initial worries about malnourishment within the egg, but it will soon become apparent that this blue is just meant to be scrawny. His frame is long and skinny, with a deep tuck-up and shoulderblades and hips that shift visibly beneath his hide with every stalking step. His wings are long and thin, his tail whiplike, and his neckridges rather sharp. His face is long and narrow, too, with sharp features – prominent cheekbones and protruding eyeridges that give him a hint of a wizened old man appearance. Only his legs don't really match the rest of him – they're rather short compared to the rest of his body, and when he's young he'll find it hard to keep his wingtips from dragging the ground or tripping his short little legs up. Being short (and feeling clumsy due to his early difficulties) may be something he's self-conscious about for most of his life.

As if to make up for his physical short-comings, however, nature has given him a rather striking hide. He's deep, dark midnight blue all over, almost as dark as a blue dragon can possibly be, save for a pale blue streak on his chin, and another pale blue patch – this one a splotch that resembles a many-pointed (if irregular) star – in the center of his chest.


“Ugly.” “Dud.” Maybe, when he was curled up within his egg, Arlith could hear or sense what was being said about it, and took it to heart about himself. Or maybe he was always meant to be an insecure dragon. Whatever the reason, this blue will always be plagued by something of an inferiority complex. He doesn't feel as handsome as his brothers, as strong, as smart, as brave. He'll always be comparing himself, always striving to match them but unlikely to ever be able to do so – not because he's not really as good, but because he's simply too down on himself to ever really see his own strengths for what they are. His insecurity will set up a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy – because he thinks he's stupid and clumsy, he'll hesitate to act or speak even when he knows exactly what to do, and so others will always seem smarter and more sure to him. Fear of failing may cause him to stumble or misspeak, which only reinforces his belief in his own inadequacy. It's a shame, too, because he's actually a very smart dragon. One could even argue that his lack of courage stems directly from being intelligent enough to actually think to question his duty as a dragon in a way that other dragons usually don't. He's very aware of how dangerous flying can be, and /betweening/, and flaming, and though he tries hard to hide it simply because his peers don't seem so worried about it, it will take a lot of practice before he truly feels comfortable with any new information or maneuvers. Once he has it down, though, he'll perform well – assuming his rider can keep him from second-guessing himself at critical moments.

Arlith will spend his life overcompensating for his perceived lacks, trying to cover his fear and misery with either a cool, aloof act, or shows of false bravado, neither of which are very convincing. He'll be prone to fits of brooding and depression when he fails at something, and may be prickly and resentful of his more successful peers during these times. Catch him in a good mood, though, when things are going right, and you may find that, underneath his crippling self-esteem issues, he's actually a rather sweet, polite dragon who wouldn't hurt a vtol. Praise him sincerely, and it's like turning on the sun – suddenly he's a new dragon entirely, with bright eyes and clear excitement in his voice and normally-slumped posture.

For a while, anyway.

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