Character type: Healer
Rank: Master
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Basic Information

Paskam is a competent healer, probably kept from true greatness by the vague sort of apathy that has plagued him for over twenty turns now. It's not obvious at first — he's a rather quiet man for the most part, occasionally stern but not forbidding, dedicated to his work and to his patients, and obviously quietly fond of his two eldest children when he interacts with them (Bristan in particular) — but after working with him for a while, it becomes more apparent that he's perpetually tired, surrounded by a perpetual aura of sadness that just seems to seep the real edge of enthusiasm right out of him. He never really recovered from losing his wife, or from the guilt of not fully appreciating her when he had her, or (though his youngest daughter Miritte would never believe him) the guilt of being too weak to be the father he should have been to his children in the wake of his wife's death. He knows he blamed Miritte, unfairly, for her mother's death, and that he couldn't look at the living reminder of Noria's infidelity without being consumed by anger and shame of his own for letting it all happen, and he wishes he could take it all back and make things right… but now he can't help but think that he might have let his last chance slip through his fingers.

(Though the Pernese might not recognize it as such, Paskam suffers from severe depression.)

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