Character Type: Healer
Rank: Junior Apprentice
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Pafarden is a bit of a rowdy fellow, social and enthusiastic, always ready with a big grin and his distinctive laugh: a lovely sound, deeper than one might expect from such a skinny, youthful-looking guy. His best friend Zechalu has conceded that Paf is better-looking than he is, with his "cute" nose and long lashes and loose chestnut curls, but they're both (silently) aware that Paf lacks Zech's talents in other respects. He's a nice guy, but not overly smart and often a bit too rowdy for his chosen profession — Master Paskam has told him that if he spent half the time studying that he spent pulling pranks, he'd be a senior apprentice by now.

The truth is, though, that Paf has a lot of trouble with the more intricate aspects of his craft, and sometimes he does study very, very hard without real results — something he doesn't share with the journeymen and masters (he'd rather laugh and pretend to be a slacker than admit that he's dumb), but his apprentice cotmates know. He's not a very good learner, though he does somewhat better when his training is hands-on, and the senior staff isn't sure that he's ever going to get promoted. It's a sad thing when such a well-intentioned, well-liked young fellow washes out of the craft, but it happens to healers more often than most crafts.

Since the First 'Fall, Pafarden has been torn. His family gave him a lot of grief for becoming a healer instead of standing for candidacy, and they still do — some of it quite venomous since they lost others to Thread in those early days — and though he's not really interested in being a rider (afraid of it in some respects, even) and always thought he could help out more as a healer, this pressure, combined with his lack of progress in his craft, often makes him second-guess himself and wonder if maybe it's not his duty to be a rider, after all? At least then his dragon is really the most important part of the pair, right? Even if he's an awful rider, at least the dragon can still flame a few clumps, right?

If he can just manage to squeak by on all his exams and not get kicked out, Pafarden might actually do well working with children. He confesses to being a clown — at least acting like a healer-clown cheers up the littlest patients!

Journeyman Braughan never seems to get his name right, either: Pafalulu, Puffalump, Pafardip — Pafarden has learned to answer to all of these, because Braughan doesn't take "that's not my name" as an excuse.

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