Our Pern

The Weyrs

Weyr Weyrleader Weyrwoman
Benden Weyr N'ros & Risorth Velora & Shianth
Fort Weyr R'chul & Jolenth Wirena & Naith
High Reaches Weyr M'ric & Ograith Fianna & Rowath
Igen Weyr Z'ran & Aliterith Riagan & Lianath
Ista Weyr T'berli & Mondagarth Sirasri & Tameketh
Telgar Weyr B'deros & Ducath Eylen & Goriath

Benden Weyr

Benden is the neutral Weyr, staying out of any arguments or conflicts between the other Weyrs of Pern, and tending to sit on the fence when it comes to votes. As such when Ista asked them for their aid in sending riders, Benden was quite fair minded about it, unwilling to risk making an enemy of Ista if they sent too many problem riders. Yes there were a few troublemakers they sent, but they balanced it out with some good quality riders as well, and then of course those who volunteered as well.

Fort Weyr

The First Weyr to be founded, Fort Weyr is the most conservative of all the Weyrs, with a stern adherence to the traditions of dragonriding. Because of their rather pedantic outlook on life, and their tendency to be stuck in their ways, the leadership of Fort is usually quite a lot older, with younger riders not being promoted until they have had a lengthy apprenticeship in the Wings. In light of this, Fort had a number of volunteers for the Istan transfer, mostly from the younger riders, who saw transferring to another Weyr as a chance to make something of themselves.

High Reaches Weyr

High Reaches is a practical Weyr, due in large part to its frigid climate high in the High Reaches mountain range. Although some might say that High Reaches has the easiest go of it in terms of Threadfighting, simply because the cold climate of the mountains killing Thread and the fact that they cover a large percentage of the protectorate, the riders of High Reaches dismiss such claims. They saw the Istan's call for help as an opportunity to get rid of some of their more troublemaking riders, the ones who caused discord in the ranks, but like Telgar they also saw it as a chance to get some of their own in a position of power there. Therefore a number of experienced loyal riders were sent too.

Igen Weyr

Ista's traditional ally, Igen and Ista have often been the two Weyr's most disregarded by the others. Igen was the first to respond to the Istan's cry for help, and they were as generous as they could be, considering that they boasted the smallest capacity as a Weyr. They were even handed with colour distribution and experience, and the Igen riders will likely be the Outsiders who have the greatest empathy and understanding for the Istans. However for now they are still outsiders…

Telgar Weyr

Telgar is a Weyr of practicality and opportunity. As a protectorate that relies heavily on the productivity of the Telgar and Crom mines, it has bred a people who are willing to work hard and take risks to get results. Like High Reaches, Telgar saw Ista's call for help as an opportunity: Not only for getting rid of some of their problem riders, but also having another Weyr which might support Telgar should an issue come up for the Weyrleaders to discuss. As such, Ista got sent some of Telgar's best and brightest in the Transfers, along with some other riders that the Weyr was more than happy to see the back of.

The Major Holds

Hold Lord Holder Lady Holder
Benden Hold
Bitra Hold
Crom Hold
Fort Hold
High Reaches Hold
Igen Hold
Ista Hold
Keroon Hold
Lemos Hold
Nabol Hold
Ruatha Hold
Southern Boll Hold
Telgar Hold

The Minor Holds of the Istan Protectorate



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