Name: O'sult
Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


O'sult is a tall lad, already clear of 6 foot and with no guarantee that he's finished growing. He's well muscled, almost sculpted, but he doesn't tend towards the massive power of some - rather the lean, coiled power of a snake. That's not to say that it won't feel like a ton of bricks when he hits you, just that you may not see the direction the hit has come from. He's quick, and light on his feet, with a kind of lean arrogant grace that shows whatever he is doing.

He keeps his dark brown hair cropped close to his head; both because it's cooler in the Istan summer heat and because it means there's less for someone else to grab onto when he gets into another inevitable scrap. His eyes are a piercing blue, and there's a distinct hint of danger in them. The heavy brows that shield them are often drawn together in a disapproving scowl, although his expression is perhaps more worrying when his mouth is drawn to one side in a smirk. He's got a solid, square jaw, and he's taken enough hits on it over the turns to prove that it really *is* as hard as it looks.


O'sult is a guy for whom the phrase "The Best" is all-defining. He *has* to be first, *has* to be top, *has* to win… HAS to be The Best (and he does mentally capitalise that) in everything he does. It doesn't really matter what 'it' is, O'sult needs to be the best at it. It's an overriding, driving obsession. If something, anything, isn't perfect he'll drive himself into exhaustion practising until it is. He'll work harder than anyone else, for longer than anyone else, just so he can say he's better. His levels of dedication and focus are truly incredible, and his pursuit of perfection can be all encompassing.

In another man that sort of drive might be very admirable, and a true asset to those around him. Unfortunately in O'sult it really isn't all that great, because the reason for his drive is so he can beat everyone else. He's not competing against himself, or some high ideal, but other people. It's not enough for him to win, someone else has to be beaten in the process. After all, you can't be The Best unless other people acknowledge it. O'sult needs that praise, that recognition, and he'll happily grind faces into the dirt until he gets it.

To say he has issues with authority might be putting it a little mildly. With levels of arrogance as colossal as those O'sult has it becomes very difficult to earn his respect. The people that he truly, deeply respects can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. There's the possibility of 'forcing' his respect by giving him a good beating… although that will only last until he finds a way to beat you and prove he's better. And once he's proved he's better than you are there's not much chance he'll listen to what you say. Or do as he's told. As a general rule he'll follow orders only for as long as it suits him to do so, and if something more interesting comes up he'll do that instead. Those in authority over him should probably be thankful, then, that so much of his focus goes into perfecting himself rather than anything else.

In O'sult's mind part of being 'The Best' comes from breeding. Talent, after all, is inherited. So he'll make judgements of people from the outset; either they're from good stock (read - Istan kids of Istan riders) and have the potential to be 'Good' (although not as good as he is, obviously), or they're Outsiders that have no talent and will never really amount to anything. It's a very black & white view of the world, and the people in it. It's also a point he'll feel compelled to make with his fists if anyone happens to disagree with him on it.

If you haven't already guessed by this point O'sult is a very physically dominating and, well, violent individual. He's generally of the opinion that people who say "violence can't solve everything" just aren't hitting hard enough. Beating people up is a good way to prove that you are better than they are, after all, and people don't ever try to push you around after you've knocked them to the floor and made them bleed a few times. He's usually very controlled about it as well - there's no losing his temper followed by sudden violence. He'll sound completely cool, completely collected - and then BAM, fist to the face. He's someone to tread very carefully around, because there aren't very many warning signs that violence is on it's way.

For all that he's a very clannish sort of man. Once you're 'family' he'll have your back through thick or thin. No matter what you've done, no matter the consequences, O'sult will stick up for you. His 'family' are automatically in the right simply because he trusts them. Break that trust, of course, betray or backstab him in any way, and, well… see sudden unpredictable violence.

Deep, deep down O'sult has a desperate yearning to be loved and accepted. Someone to complete his world and validate him. Someone to give him all of their love, and all of their attention. He's just never learnt the right way to go about getting it, and lashing out *did* get him attention from the people he wanted it from.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr
Birth Day: 1st day of the 4th month

O'sult's background is, well, pretty standard for a weyrbrat. His father O'sul had a brief fling with one of the staffers, pregnancy resulted, and the two went their separate ways before their child, who was named Orsultan, ever arrived in the world. Eltania was hugely busy, and couldn't simply drop everything for several turns to raise a child - not when there were perfectly good creche-mothers - and O'sul was leading a Wing. So as soon as he was weaned Orsultan went into the creche with the other brats.

Which was where the problems started. Orsultan was a desperately needy child - craving attention and affection, and almost constant reassurance. And in the creche he simply couldn't get the one-on-one attention and bonding that he so desperately needed. When he was younger he kept trying to run to his mother, in the hope that he could just 'be' with her, but all that got him was returned to the creche. As he got older he began to fixate on his father. He'd heard a lot from the people around him about how great O'sul was, and he decided that if he could just get his father's attention then everything would be right with the world.

So he started acting out.

It was small things at first, pushing the other kids over and stuff, but that only brought punishment form the creche mothers - it didn't fetch his father down from the great high weyr where he lived with Bukath. So Orsultan upped the anti. Soon small incidences started becoming bigger ones, simple shoves developed into full-blown fisticuffs. There were no arguments, just sudden displayes of violence. It took a while, but by the time he was 11 it had worked. One of the creche mother's decided enough was enough, and that he needed a man-to-man talk. So she summoned O'sul down to give it to him. Orsultan didn't get what he'd hoped for when he heard O'sul was coming to see him, though. His father sat him down, told him how disappointed he was in him, and asked how he ever expected to become a good dragonrider if he behaved like that. Worse O'sul threatened to send him away from the Weyr entirely.

He couldn't have that. O'sul's affection, O'sul's approval, was the one thing he craved more than anything else. So he set out to be The Best. The son worthy of his father's love. His sharp focus began to cut down on the fights (although by that point violence had become so natural to him that it was still his first recourse when things weren't going his way), and he started to shape up. He went into Candidacy as soon as he could, thinking that perhaps a dragon might earn his father's notice. The boys were bigger in Candidacy, and he got put on his backside a few times. But those boys went on to Impress. It just drove him to train harder, strive more, to do his hardest to turn himself into The Best.

But the turns, the clutches, came and went with still no dragon. Still no approval from O'sul. The fights started becoming more frequent again, he started to challenge the AWLMs instructing him. By the time he was 16 they had to call O'sul in again. Orsultan got another talking to, another warning, another reminder that he couldn't expect to Impress if he didn't control himself. Once again fired up with a desperate need for his father's approval Orsultan threw himself back into personal training.

Which was all very well, until the First Fall. O'sul's Wing was hit brutally hard, and Bukath and his rider went between never to reappear. The father that Orsultan had so desperately wanted the approval of was gone, and O'sul had been the one person who had ever really been able to control Orsultan's excesses. Orsultan still trains with massive intensity - his father is gone, and he feels that he is the only one that can replace him - but the violent tendencies and the disregard for authority are rearing their heads again. He's not started actively seeking brawls yet, but it's perhaps only a matter of time.

It was, perhaps, lucky that Orsultan managed to keep himself in check long enough to stand at the first Hatching since that disasterous Fall. For it was from Tameketh's first clutch as Senior Queen that Orsultan was to find his dragon. Though not the bronze he'd hoped for and expected, brown Nambrinth is certainly an ideal match for his driven personality. Taking the name of O'sult he and his brown are certain to provide a challenge for their superiors as they enter into Weyrlinghood.



Father: O'sul, bronze Bukath, deceased
Mother: Eltania, support staff
Siblings: Half-siblings possible on either side
Children: None he's aware of

O'sult's Dragon: Brown Nambrinth

Dragon Name: Nambrinth
Colour: Brown
Age: Just Hatched
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Nambrinth's fawn-colored hide is somewhat unusual for a brown dragon, pale tan and very slightly yellow-and-cream-tinged. It appears evenly-colored from a distance, though closer inspection will reveal a small variation in shade: slightly darker down the back fading to slightly paler around the feet. Some may call it plain, but he considers himself a very handsome dragon for his smooth unblemished color — the way a dragon hide /should/ be, he'll tell you — and carries himself with the upright, regal posture of one who has no doubt that he's attractive and important. His face is narrow and angular, with eyes that are slightly more forward-facing than most dragons, and his gaze in unfailingly direct, lending him a rather leonine appearance.

Though ungainly and somewhat big-footed upon first hatching, Nambrinth is a dragon that will rapidly grow into a body built for a good mix of speed and power – lean and sleek, with just enough visible muscle in his shoulders, legs, and chest to let you know he means business. He'll outgrow the worst of his awkwardness on land (or, more likely, learn to compensate for it because he is such a terribly proud dragon), but he'll never be quite as sure-footed as he appears; he'll vastly prefer the sky or sea simply because his lean body and long wings will truly shine there, slicing through air and water alike with ease as he twists, winds, and dives with an ease that few of his brown brothers can match


Dragons in general tend to be fairly calm creatures, and browns in particular have a reputation for level-headedness and dependability. It would be safe to say, then, that Nambrinth is not your typical brown. He'll always be ruled by passion – his love, his anger, his wants and needs, his joy and his frustration… everything he feels seems to consume him utterly in the moment he feels it. Everyone knows that feeling — that moment when you feel something strongly, when your heart pounds and your muscles clench and your brain burns with pure emotion. Nambrinth just feels it more often than most, and has a lot of trouble turning it off. Anything he feels, he feels strongly, and he's not at all shy or restrained in expressing those feelings aloud or, in some cases, physically. His temper, in particular, is a sight to behold, and as a hatchling he'll have a tendency towards throwing overdramatic temper-tantrums when he doesn't get his way, or when something offends his delicate sensibilities. He's an immensely proud dragon, easily offended, and he can't bear to be corrected or make a mistake or appear foolish, and it'll be a cold, distant day before he admits fault or apologizes. When he courts a female, which he'll do frequently, he'll be all declarations or devotion and macho shows of strength to impress her, and it will be hard to doubt his sincerity because he is absolutely sincere – he really thinks he's in love, and though his draconic memory means he'll eventually forget his loved one and move on to another, each time will seem fresh and new to his aching heart.

Even though his pride and temper may get in the way, all Nambrinth really wants is to be the best he can be. If he insists on putting himself in charge – as he will do nearly every time the opportunity presents itself – it's because he honestly believes he's the dragon best-suited to lead. He may be insufferably arrogant, but he's honest and believes strongly in honor, at least – he'd not step up simply to make himself look better. He is a talented leader in many ways. He'll be especially keen in the air, an excellent tactician, and will have a way of barking orders that makes the reluctant obey without even thinking, but his overconfidence could also cause him to lead others into disaster. Unfortunately for a brown, he'll always be resistant to taking orders himself, which will surely keep him in conflict with his bronze brothers in the wing hierarchy

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