Name Dragon Colour Connection
R'zos Varstath Brown Father of R'fan
T'morus Unknown Brown Father of T'ricus & T'dagus
V'dor Xerth Brown Father of Tairedora
V'rirka Unknown Brown Father of V'rifaus
D'merlas Jespath Blue Slender Glorious Man
D'vien Zibith Blue Father of Z'davien
E'bar Unknown Blue Father of E'ben
Fillaus Unknown Blue Mother of V'rifaus
G'rellan Lucoryth Blue Brother of T'berli
Lelethi Scallenth Blue Mother of Dallen
Seila Tamoth Blue Mother of S'kazo
Tamrel Riffith Blue Mother of T'berli
Zarave Foroxth Blue Relative of Z'davien
Haslin Unknown Green Mother of Rafivel
J'borrel Gerdeth Green Half-brother of T'berli
Lysyrra Unknown Green Mother of Issyra & Ryssyra
M'therry Vyndanith Green The Kindly Kaiser
P'chian Sulith Green Wingrider for the Windraiders / whipping boy
Petriav Sipisith Green Mother of V'thien
Taccia Puccith Green Mother of Deccia
Tyenza Brecheth Green Half-sister of T'berli
C'launa Unknown Unknown Uncle of Caulan
L'konia Unknown Unknown Uncle of Kaulhoya


Name Gender Connection


Name Craft Connection
Anderet Cobbler Father of Iskander
Guts Healer Son of Braughan
Paskam Healer Father of Miritte, N'roy, and Bristan
Vanda Healer Mother of V'lada, Grandmother of Mallahan & Granadan
Kaeonae Herdsman Father of Kaulhoya
Shasta Weaver Mother of Setka


Name Gender Connection
Halladen Male Father of V'lada


Name Area Connection
Delassa Baker Mother of D'gulas
Dorlen Baker Father of Dallen
Essaine Baker Mother of Z'rain
Karisse Clerk Mother of Iskander
Annva Cook Mother of Devella
Thalda Cook Mother of D'veld
Tiabarta Cook (Head) Mother of Tigrun
Verelene Cook Mother of V'leto
Ellou Healer's Aide Daughter of Braughan
Soreni Laundry Mother of S'verian & S'vero
Zella Laundry Mother of Zeff
Sarenne Scullery Mother of E'ben
Eltania Unknown Mother of O'sult
Hailoy Unknown Mother of Kaulhoya
Sooty Unknown Wife of Braughan
Veirah Unknown Mother of Mirai


Name Age Connection
Gaitri 10 Daughter of Gridgi
Masharlin Unknown Son of M'sha
Shangi 11 Daughter of Gridgi



On-Camera Death

Name Dragon Colour How'd They Bite It?
Vausse Varaswith Gold Thread-Dead
J'reh Rantoth Bronze Thread-Dead
J'thaum Orlunth Bronze Thread-Dead
L'giln Basrath Bronze Thread-Dead
T'rian Bayleth Bronze Suicide
I'lya Terith Blue Infection

First Fall

Name Dragon Colour Connection
Marvena Queth Gold Former Weyrwoman
Aliona Noliath Gold Former Goldrider
D'lere Opperth Bronze Former Wingleader of Windraiders Wing
L'lau Unknown Bronze Father of F'liau
N'tran Jaspianth Bronze Father of N'than
O'sul Bukath Bronze Father of O'sult
R'zic Lynth Bronze Father of Mirai & Z'rain
T'lenen Saboroth Bronze Half-brother of T'berli, Former W2 of Windraiders
V'kairn Birinth Bronze Father of K'pen
A'mar Grevith Brown Brother of A'rys & half brother of Sayaka
A'tras Korth Brown Father of A'rys & Sayaka
M'hal Samith Brown Lover of Vivaeldi
S'ras Youseth Brown Father of Sirasri
Th'dien Torcodoth Brown Father of V'thien
D'gru Bergith Blue Father of Tigrun
Fineri Unknown Blue Mother of F'liau
F'leto Derith Blue Father of V'leto
J'varas Unknown Blue Father of Jossri
Aisri Placeth Green Mother of Sirasri, Jossri & Sayaka
Hanarita Bashieth Green Mother of N'than
Harlassy Unknown Green Weyrmate of M'sha
Karvena Privinith Green Mother of Karvarin
L'vari Aoideth Green Weyrmate of Tavayna & Father of Tayva
M'tras Sarith Green Brother of A'rys & half brother of Sayaka
Rilane Unknown Green Mother of L'ril
Tairenna Sperlath Green Mother of Tairedora
Thessa Teglath Green Mother of Rathriel
Wineva Unknown Unknown Weyrmate of R'sel


Name Dragon Colour Connection
Agali Cerith Gold Former Weyrwoman
B'roba Feth Bronze Sire of the 8.408.2.15 clutch with Agali / Cerith
C'susk Vebbath Bronze Sire of the 8.438.4.3 & 8.440.12.2 clutches with Aliona / Noliath
F'lec Ovorth Bronze Sire of the 8.402.6.7 & 8.410.13.3 clutches with Agali / Cerith
G'hern Sisinth Bronze Sire of the 8.425.5.13 clutch with Aliona / Noliath
P'layn Aunpolth Bronze Sire of the 8.431.7.13 clutch with Marvena / Queth
W'lan Ossath Bronze Sire of the 8.427.9.5 & 8.439.3.2 clutches with Marvena / Queth
G'dap Paedeth Blue Father of D'gulas
D'venkel Lidth Green Father of D'veld
Kailia Unknown Green Sister of Kaulhoya
Nariss Unknown Green Mother of Nareyn


Name Craft Connection
Ballorayn Smith Father of Nareyn
Beloran Smith Father of B'les
Lesella Tailor Mother of B'les
Jorkazo Tanner Father of S'kazo


On Camera Death

Name Area How'd they bite it
Eidey Head of Kitchens Old age / In her sleep


Name Area Connection
Kaleski Cook Mother of K'pen
Koima Crecheworker Mother of D'koi

Inactive PC's


Name Dragon Colour Writer
B'les Vultath Bronze Jim
K'nai Yuzurith Bronze Amy
K'pen Sefrith Bronze Maddy
L'han Orowenth Bronze Willow
R'vart Armath Bronze Jim
S'ryll Vastolth Bronze Tricia
S'verian Oteth Bronze Vani
T'gran Lorcanth Bronze Kelli
N'than Masiefth Brown Steph
R'sel Mimminith Brown Annabelle
K'she Ionath Brown Haley
N'khara Radakath Brown Willow
O'sult Nambrinth Brown Jim
S'kazo Eritath Brown Amy
S'vero Pazrielth Brown Willow
Y'rov Gekkoth Brown Mya
A'rys Tobith Blue Jim
Arlafinne Helvonth Blue Willow
C'pon Marceth Blue Amy
Jahk Riddyth Blue Steph
Lyren Serith Blue Vani
Makani Raltiath Blue Kelli
N'juk Kabridith Blue Jamie
N'krel Shrelth Blue Vani
Q'warn Horusith Blue Vani
Shairi Jurinth Blue Haley
Sorley Kasheth Blue Willow
Aleya Nishikith Green Haley
Faralyn Saywinth Green Kelli
F'lynx Nirith Green Vani
G'dan Wuffryth Green Vani
J'tar Igribith Green Jim
Gridgi Avaterith Green Vani
Katora Saoirth Green Haley
N'darav Haevath Green Willow
Tairedora Astemiath Green Steph
V'lada Plawinth Green Willow
Z'tair Ivaripeth Green Amy


Name Dragon Colour Class Writer


Name Gender Writer
Baxes Male Willow
Issyra Female Tricia
Kaulhoya Male Lysa
Madamez Male Kylie
Miannae Female Kylie
Mirai Female Amy
Nayolan Male Willow
Rafivel Male Willow
Ryssyra Female Tricia
Setka Male Multi
Tylo Female Willow
Zaravay Male Willow


Name Craft Writer
C'tark Dragonhealer Steph
Jossri Healer Willow
Lokkun Healer Multi
Rissam Harper Kate


Name Rank Male Author
Gillander Guard Captain Male Willow
Sander Weyrbrat Male Willow
Yehren Head of Laundry Male Amy
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