Character type: Glorious Powerpartner
Rank: One ½ of a Glorious Powercouple
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


A woman. A woman in the glorious summer of her years — tall and blond and lithe of limb — glorying in it all. She holds herself magnificently, an eloquent blend of impeccable posture and deliberately languorous grace.

It suits her, that confidence and carriage, her eyes all the more compelling for their pride of purpose.

A remarkably light, vivid brown — amber in the sun — those eyes are her most striking feature.

Nilshara, Nilsa as she’s known to friends, was raised to recognize the importance of appearances so she takes care of hers, all the way from the style of her bearing to the precision of her dress. She values herself and it shows.

It suits her, that confidence and carriage. She’s not some blushing maid nor are her looks are gauzy girlish thing. Her figure, her features,

Velvet and smoke. Red wine. Rich. Mature.

Gloriousglorious. Glittering. Lavish. Firm. Strong. Not ephemeral or airy.

A blond that has deepened with maturity, now a rich, textured blend of gold and brown, drenched in honeyed highlights.

Her hair is long and thick and blond— not a bright blond, but a blond that has deepened and textured with


It's easy to imagine the lavish, fast-lane types as neurotic and grasping and frenetic. It’s comforting to think, as they go and see and do, that those are people who are burning their candle on both ends and will not last the night. It’s alarming to realize that some of those people are actually grounded. Grounded in the High Life, focused and self-assured amid the breakneck whirl of people and activity.

Nilshara is one of the latter. She’s an ambitious, driven women in the pragmatic way of one who is accustomed to success and so seeks out more and more occupation. That she pursues her goals in a social way, with parties and drinks and entertainment, is as much a testament to her upbringing as it is to her temperament. Telgar, after all, was a famously fertile protectorate and the Long Interval was kind to the holds and the holds, in turn, were kind to the weyr. She grew up in that time of plenty, of gathers and fests, and it’s become a part of her and how she interacts— because she needs to interact. Anything but a wallflower, she thrives on contact, on society and intimacy. People are her addiction, not wine or smokeweed or caviar.

She’s particularly well spoken and notably educated for a weyrgirl, many of whom only care to acquire a functional sort of literacy before becoming riders or taking on their roles in the lower caverns, but there was a time when preparing for more had seemed prudent for Nilshara, so learn she did, developing a particular interest and eye for the inner workings of the weyr. Though she now knows that she will never been a queenrider, the background and teachings of her candidate days have never left her and served her well in navigating the culture and people of Telgar Weyr. She also picked up a particular appreciation for appearance and decorum from the martial upbringing of candidacy. There it was instilled in her that there’s a great pride to being weyrborn, part of Pern’s elite, dragonrider or no.

All in all, she’s a bit more diplomatic than her weyrmate, which is much as a result of being a woman and a non-rider in a culture like the weyr than anything else. Yet it isn’t a compromise with her, anyone who mistakes it as such or worse, as weakness, will discover their error when they run headlong into the iron of her resolve. She’s proud to be a women who knows what she wants, she’s proud to say that she rarely changes her mind. The ebb and flow of diplomacy is merely a style of speech to her, an appealing set of manners.

Being sent to Ista has been hard for Nilshara, forcing her away from her friends and family and works— her life. From what she’s heard and read, the island weyr must be a rather sorry place to have lost half its fighting force and all but one of its queens. None of the other weyrs had anything even approaching those casualties. Clearly, the local riders really backslid during those centuries of secrecy and isolation. Their lack of gratitude is also galling.

Common Knowledge

Nilsa has very few regrets, as a rule. One of these rare regrets is:

Not having B’deros sent to Ista when they had the chance.


Birthplace: Telgar Weyr

A weyr upbringing can be hard for some kids. It’s the hectic way it pools the children, going from the creche to the foster to the candidate barracks. Some children struggle to assert themselves among their peers, to engage, to get the attention and affection they need. Others thrive.

Nilshara thrived. Vivacious by nature, she came alive when in the thick of things and loved her childhood, her candidacy. There was always something happening, always someone to talk to, something to do. The Pass was close enough in those turns to fill the weyr with excitement and anticipation, but far enough off to not yet demand particular duties or exertion. So Nilsa and her friends had a comfortable, enjoyable existance planning out their lives and heroics, indulging in all the luxuries of being weyrborn at a time the holds were recalling their duties.

Back then it was thought that she would impress gold. Making egg predictions and assumptions was a common pastime at Telgar, as it is in weyrs all over Pern. There were those strapping boys that were declared certain bronze material; the solid, steady lads that were shoo-ins for brown; the greenbait brats that flirted outrageously and the blueboys with stereotypes of their own. But Nilshara was a girl and popular and pretty so they said she was Gold and changed her life.

It wasn’t anything so concrete as a rank, but it was a pervasive as rumor. Her candidate fellows, brown and bronze hopefuls particularly, regarded her in a different light. Even the adults of the weyr gave her actions and opinions a consideration many of her agemates would never know. All this because she fit, because she was beautiful and confident and fit the traditional narrative and assumptions of her society. So, whether she or they were aware of it or not, they groomed her even more into the mold.

It’s a bit paradoxical. One might wonder which came first, the dragon or the egg — Nilsa’s confidence or the approval of her peers. To do her credit, it can be definitively said that she had always been outgoing and assertive as a child and that it was those traits that helped catch the public interest in the first place. But then, treated over the turns as a promising gold-to-be, those traits were focused and polished by attention and expectation. As someone whose input was always met with respect she unthinkingly learned to give it freely and well. As someone viewed as future leader she learned to see opportunity and take it.

It all happened so completely and gradually that by the time she aged out of candidacy, never to become a goldrider, it was too late for her and for Telgar. She was what they had made of her. With or without a dragon, life went on and so did she. Nilshara didn’t require a golden lifemate to validate her life and actions over the past two decades, she had lived them and she was them.

She found occupation in the Lower Caverns to be not at all dislike candidate life. If anything, there was an even more complex mix of people, all with their own hopes and dreams and drives. There were politics there, and purpose, and she thrived in both.

But her world could never completely become the caverns, not after living so long and so fully on the rider side of things. Many of her friends had become riders and Nilshara was not a forgettable person, not after being a fulcrum of the barracks for so long, so she kept a lively social life— especially considering that many of the brown and bronze hopefuls who had paid her court now had actual brown and bronze dragons of their own. Through them she kept a finger on the pulse of the weyrleadership. It was a leadership she was no longer in the running for, but it had too long been her life for her interest to have died… or her influence.

It was after a couple of turns of this, of working under the headwomen and generally living and enjoying life that… she found someone to live and enjoy it with. A’lund had been friend from her candidate days. A bronze hopeful, they had run in the same crowd, knew the same people, played the same games. They’d been intimate off and on in a way typical to weyrfolk, both before his impression and after. In all honesty, there had been many boys in the barracks, and many (boys and otherwise) that had paid Nilshara and her gold prospects particular attention. So while she had liked Arlund and noticed Arlund and slept with Arlund it took maturity and experience time for her to realize exactly what she wanted and what had in him.

They were compatible. In their likes, in their dislikes, in their values and needs. It wasn’t inherently romantic, two people who found they were conveniently similar deciding to move in together, but as weyrborn they weren’t looking for romance anyway. In fact, as weyrborn, committing at all was something of an oddity, but they’ve been together for over a decade now, welded by time and affection into a true partnership, a powercouple.

A’lund and Nilshara grew together at Telgar: him, an up-and-coming bronzerider; her, carving out a place and name for herself in the caverns. She could be headwoman one day, he could be weyrleader— so they worked and they played.. and made play of their work. Both social creatures, they made a name for themselves entertaining at their weyr, gathering the best and brightest, facilitating meetings and introductions and influencing, influencing everyone they drew into their orbit.

Their parties were popular, exciting, political— just like them.

By the time of Thread came they had jointly made such a grand nuisance of themselves to their rivals that it was a wonder they weren’t sent packing the moment Ista called for aide. That the weyrleadership didn’t try to force the issue was testament to the way they had entrenched themselves in popularity… the very thing that was making them inconvenient.

The second call finally did it. It came shortly after A’lund had won and finished a term as weyrleader, interrupting the streak of Bronzerider B’deros. When M’drasen approached Telgar requesting support B’deros seized upon the opportunity to rid himself of a dangerous rival and his equally troublesome weyrmate.

Now Nilshara is adjusting to life on the island, the hardest thing has been realizing just how unwelcome she is in the Lower Caverns. While the riders have to accept and make room for A’lund by merit of his dragon’s bronze hide, the aunties that run the weyr from its kitchens and and laundries are under no such obligation. So far they have staunchly refused to let Nilshara into their realm.



Father: Greenrider A’phallus
Mother: Awomb

2-3 Golden cherubs being raised in Telgar


Many, many dear friends…


Weyrmate: A'lund of bronze Dalgariath


Oh, surely not.
(Yes, definitely.)

Bronzerider B’deros of Telgar, weyrleader


Name: Glory
Color: Gold
Age: 10



Common Knowledge

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