Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Basic Information

Some children have wonderful childhoods. Nialan was not one of these. Her early turns were happy, she has vague memories of being loved and of her parents and older brother, but that all came to an end when she was five or six turns old. A virulent winter disease swept through her hold, contained simply because they were snowed in and unable to leave for help. By the time it thawed the cothold was wasted and only Nialan was left alive. Of course soon enough a new family moved into the cothold, and Nialan was displaced. They had no desire to foster her and so they sent her off to the main hold with a trader caravan. She remained with the kind traders until she reached 12 turns old and was Searched, even though food was lean and many people died from lack of food in the bitter winter seasons travelling the mountains, as well as predators and holdless raids.

It shaped Nialan into a tough young woman, one who knew that if she wanted someone to look after her it was going to have to be herself. Her turbulent teen turns, first with the traders and then at the Weyr which brought its own troubles, fostered an anger inside her, a strong aggressive streak that led to fights, passionate arguments and a wildly unpredictable personality. Fort refused to let her stand for a number of clutches which made her angrier and angrier until one Hatching she defied them and ran out onto the Sands, Weyrlingmasters hot on her heels. It paid off however when acerbic blue Thiuth immediately charged to her defense.

This attitude of charging through life has not left the pair, both of them being reckless, stubborn and intensely focused on themselves rather than the good of Weyr or wing. She is however incredibly talented at fighting thread, channeling her aggression, anger and resentment into the destructive aspects of threadfighting. Few riders or dragons are as passionate, as reckless, as devil-may-care as these two. Because although Nialan wishes to live, survival is as much a part of her makeup as anger, she cannot help but charge in like a beserker, channeling her issues into this, finally, a purpose for her life.

She refuses to let anyone close to her, pretending not to care, or distaste, or even hatred, anything to keep people at bay. She pretends to be fine with being 'the bitch', with people thinking her crazy or psychopathic. She cannot forget the feeling of losing her family, or the countless trader deaths and she would do anything, anything not to feel that again.

Perserverance will pay off however, if you weather the storm. Those who stick out her fury and defenses will find someone a little broken within, someone who, once she allows someone close will defend them with anything she has. T'tavri is one who has managed to secure her loyalty, and even a little bit of her love. He is her leader, and she was relieved when he immediately chose to come to Ista. She knows that it isn't for her…but she knows that her own move down south did help his decision.

Recent History

Nialan knew once the Weyrleader announced they would be sending riders to Ista that she would be going. She was right and with Thiuth she prepared to leave her home, the only relief coming from Q'vrel volunteering to go as well. She knows he will be seeking power, and she's perfectly content to be by his side as he does, and besides…she can show these milksop Istans just how they should be fighting.



All Dead


T'tavri, Rider of Bronze Kaliath, friend and her secret mancrush.


K'ron, Rider of Blue Gryth, Former Weyrling Classmate and all round do-gooder.
S'keldri, Rider of Green Fidianth, Former Weyrling Classmate and all round shit.

Nialan's Dragon: Blue Thiuth

Dragon Name: Thiuth
Colour: Blue
Age: 14
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr


Thiuth always looks like he's a bit grubby, a bit disheveled, and he has a habit of waking up and somehow being dusty even without trying. His hide is faded, like someone left it out in the sun a little too long, and there is a splash of darker blue on his nose like someone threw a bucket of blue paint at his face. He's long and lanky limbed, always looking like he hasn't been eating enough, but no matter how much he drinks or eats..he remains the same skinny shape.


This blue is as acidic as his rider, although he doesn't quite have the rage issues she has. He has his own issues with resentment, tending to remember every perceived slight ever and bringing them up at the bitchiest of times. He's opinionated and has no issues with sharing those opinions loudly and with everyone, and with as much anger and snarky, bitter wit as possible. His humour is dark, and often alienates, which he just shrugs off. He enjoys it when his rider lets loose with wine and he encourages her to do so, believing that it helps them to let out all the bad stuff. He's more aware of his riders problems than she is, and he endeavors to help her as long as it doesn't interfere with his own vices. Namely being greens, food or his riders excesses when she indulges.

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