Location Ista Weyr
Position Sr. Journeyman Healer
Birthdate 08.422.04.12 (30yo)
Birthplace Benden Healerhall
Played-By Sarah Shahi
Player Panda

Tall, busty, and with legs up to her ears, Nesseley surely would have made a fantastic piece of arm candy for some Lord Holder, but instead she's gone the working girl route like the rest of her family, and she doesn't intend to let it get in the way of her femininity. It's true that she doesn't prefer a lot of fancy, frivolous clothing, especially not when there's a huge chance some bodily fluid is going to end up on her, getting the most use out of wherhide breeches and tough cotton shirts; when she's on the clock, she's all business and all masculine. But off the clock there's always the odd chance you'll catch her dressed down in something more relaxing and ladylike, particularly during a Gather or a hatching.

Her hair is always in some kind of up-do — doesn't do any good to get hairs in your face during Threadfall triage. Her fair, Northern complexion has done alright with the tropical environment, though she is terribly prone to sunburns if she doesn't take precautions.


Nesseley is a woman with a lot of pride and self-confidence. She's the strong, independent woman who don't need no man (truly, since she prefers the company of women), the kind of girl who can pull herself up by her own bootstraps and persevere out of sheer stubbornness, feeling like she has something to prove. She learned early on how to work hard and on her own merit, a habit that started as a deep need to separate herself just enough from her parents and is now brought out as a work ethic that works too hard to be noticed. What she thinks is casual conversation sounds an awful lot like bragging — sometimes it really is. She's a proud pediatrics Healer and she will brook no argument about the importance of what she does. Regarding her speciality, she's incredibly passionate and often defensive, believing that it's every bit as crucial as what her fellow Healers do.

Though she never once dreamed she would work in a Weyr someday, she's grown to love the opportunities that it's given her, taking pride in caring for each snotty little kid that Ista looks after. These are the future dragonriders of the Weyr; who wouldn't take immense pride in caring for them? But her feelings run deeper than that: she loves kids and wants a couple of her own someday, though she hasn't been in too much of a hurry to take the first step toward making that happen. Her choices have always felt extremely limited, and in the Weyr she has the sense that she'll never find someone who *can* settle down, having formed all the wrong ideas about how Weyr life works. In another world, she would be the thirty-something spinster who calls her pets "her fur babies". Her relationship with her fire-lizard isn't too far off that mark.

Common Knowledge
- Her firelizard is hardly anything other than her precious baby. She dotes upon the little creature and shows it more love than she would other people.
- She's a doting, motherly personality, especially to those around the Infirmary. Little snack trays and holiday gifts are frequent with her.
- Surprisingly, Braughan is her favorite person, despite their very many differences in opinion.
- Known for coming into work late after particularly festive events, with her hair all tousled and her makeup a mess.
- Definitely looking for someone who can go the distance but is certainly not opposed to a few flings. Maybe the Weyr is rubbing off on her.


Nesseley was born into a family that numbered more than just her two parents. The people of the Healerhall at Benden were tightly-knit, so she grew up with no shortage of both love and discipline, immured in a lifestyle that was equal parts gruesome and joyful. Her brother Nelvar was born two Turns later and her sister one Turn after that; additionally, her parents fostered several children at the Healerhall. As the oldest among them all Nesseley felt the need to look after them all, especially when her parents would disappear for short periods of time to travel across the Benden protectorate.

Unsurprisingly when she reached the age of apprenticing she chose the same craft in which she'd been raised, feeling no greater pull than that of the Healercraft. Inspired by a desire to help people in need, she flung herself headfirst into her studies, and those around her nurtured her with a fair combination of tough love and mollycoddling. When she did well, she was praised; when she failed, there was disappointment. The only downside to being in the same craft was that she was held to higher expectations than other apprentices coming in, a double-edged sword in itself. Friends outside of other craftborn kids were hard to find. Most of them resented her for having parents, believing that it gave her an edge of favoritism that held her above the others. She found it hard to argue the point.

In spite of what advantages she did have, she walked the tables no earlier than she was meant to; she was no prodigy. When she did finally earn her Journeyman's knots she left the Healerhall, Lemos bound, taking up a post at a minor cothold not far from Lemos Hold. She replaced the former, elderly Healer there and was the only Healer stationed there for a time, performing duties that ranged from sprained ankles to broken bones to midwifery. She was a fresh drink of water in a desert for most of the backwoods Lemosians: several men attempted to court her but she repelled their advances, claiming that she didn't have the time or capacity to commit to anyone, and she wasn't entirely wrong.

Prior to that, her sister had been Searched by the Weyr and subsequently Impressed to a green; her brother Nelvar walked the tables the Turn after her and was relocated to Benden Weyr after expressing a desire to learn dragonhealing. During her time in the Lemos area, she grew to love the down to earth feeling that came from caring for little more than runny noses and bad coughs. In particular she really loved playing midwife, which was what inspired her to take on pediatrics as a speciality.

Nesseley returned to Benden Healerhall just prior to the start of the Ninth Pass to help the territory prepare for the oncoming Threadfalls. The last thing she expected was to hear word that Ista had been hit hard — TOO hard — and was in desperate need of assistance. Seeing no reason not to offer her services, she volunteered to travel down Ista way to lend the Weyr a hand however she could. She had Threadfall training like any other healer, after all. What she didn't expect is that she'd come to love the place like a second home. Now she can't imagine being anywhere else but Ista Weyr, which is good since she's not sure it will be able to stand on its own two feet any time soon.


Father: Nessan, Journeyman Sr. Healer, Benden Healerhall
Mother: Pegara, Master Healer, Benden Healerhall
Brother: Nelvar, Journeyman Sr. Dragonhealer, Benden Weyr (NPC, younger)
Sister: Steffa, green Cesamoth, Benden Weyr (NPC, youngest)
(Foster) Sister: Siriann, Journeyman Jr. Healer, Benden Healerhall
(Foster) Sister: Kianne, Apprentice Healer, Benden Healerhall
(Foster) Brother: Xandell, Apprentice Healer, Benden Healerhall

Weyrmate: Sudaje, Journeyman Dragonhealer, Ista Weyr


Lean and slender for a fire-lizard; Arill flies with incredible speed and daredevil-esque acrobatics. His hide is predominantly steel blue in color, with darker denim blue spots that resemble the pattern of a cheetah hide. He's a real chatterbox who's prone to making all kinds of little noises even while idle, from soft clicks to little chuffs to a few light, singing trills.

Incredibly well-behaved and well-trained for a fire-lizard, Arill listens to whichever command Nesseley gives him without question, though he may need a little extra help in remembering where he's supposed to send his messages or where he can find that one thing she really needs. He knows what rooms he's allowed in and which ones he's not. The one thing she uses him for most is entertaining the kids while she gives them their regular check-ups — there's nothing like a goofy singing fire-lizard to take a youngster's mind off the needlethorn about to poke them in the arm.

He's not easily influenced by other fire-lizards unless they happen to be bronzes or golds, though the latter has significantly more pull over him, particularly in regards to mating. Bronzes can sometimes exert their natural alpha attitude enough to sway him but he's rarely met a wild enough fire-lizard who would do that to him. Most of his usual companions are the trained pets of other Crafters and civilians around the Weyr.

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